Hello Friend!

I'm going to make a recommendation: take lots of vitamin C daily. Not only when you feel down or sick.

You will strengthen your immune system, so you will greatly avoid getting a cold again. What will also result in less chance of lowering your daily average.

Keep trying, you can.

Thanks Juan! Yes I do have vitamin C every day regardless but I think if you're going to get ill, you're going to get ill hey? 😁

Maybe I'll just inject orange juice into my body haha

Thanks for the words of encouragement

I think if you're going to get ill, you're going to get ill hey?

You can really decrease your chance of getting sick.

With orange juice you provide vitamin C to your body. Good technique. There are also other fruits rich in vitamin C. Here in Venezuela we eat a lot of "Mangos".

Just don't forget the advice our friend "Sportacus" gives us: "healthy sweets".

Hmmm may have to add mangos to the list! Thanks for the tip!

Glad you are recovered, Nicky. I shan't be commenting on the spreadsheets. Ahem....

Great charity and an awful disease. Sadly, because of the age profile of the village, we see a lot of it here. Close friends of mine who live in Windsor, moved his parents to the UK because they'd get better care there. I know the toll it took. Similarly, a school friend, now in Aus, had an awfully long good bye with her Mum whom I remember as a wonderful, vibrant woman.

Will be sharing your page on my social media. I hope that will get you some support from them. Good on you.

I was having a long chat with my mum yesterday about it and could see its still very raw, 9 years on. It's a very unforgiving condition and Nana knew something wasn't right with her.

Thank you for sharing on your social media, I'm going to be building up the steem pot with the liquid payouts on these update posts and will go to the charity as well.

As for the spreadsheets, come on Fiona, you know they are awesome 😜

For the short time my dad was in the old age home, and after my mum died, his best mate was they guy who lived next door and who's wife had it. Awful.

Anyhow, I've also shared on FB where Michael and Julia will see it and hopefully they'll also share.

Spreadsheets have their uses, I'll concede :P

It really is awful and my thoughts go out to everyone who has suffered from it. Every story I hear is so sad.

Thank you for the spreading the word. I have no expectations with the amount I'm trying to raise. I have only ever managed to get to about 1/3 of what I put as the target of £2,020.20 in previous marathons so it could be a long shot but never say never hey.

Now that's a great challenge! I'm liking that! I'm 33 days behind you right now, but I think I'm going to jump in. I'll be on my bike though! I need to catch up!

Haha awesome stuff man! Yea it's still a long way to cycle too hey! My brother said the same thing as he cycles so might jump in on the action as well. Staying healthy is going to be the tricky thing I think!

That's a great challenge!

And you're not that far behind.

And you should try ice baths, they work a treat!

@tipu curate

Thanks man! I managed to play catch up these last couple of days, I think I might be back to the red line again in a couple of weeks if I can stay fit!

I tried an ice bath once and thought that was the end... Horrendous haha 😂

But I may make more use of the foam roller I have

2020Ks is a lot of running, I think my natural amount would put me around 1500Ks in the year.

Ice baths for half yr body, not too bad, I say ice baths, I really mean cold with as much ice as I had in the freezer, which isn't quite the same thing.

I should use my foam roller more often, but I don't enjoy the pain!

Yea it's definitely a lot more than I first anticipated! Considering I've only run maybe a max of 400 miles in training for a marathon before in 2012, it's pretty much 3x what I've run/hiked!

I did try a really cold bath one time and couldn't even get my legs under haha!

One of my physio friends recommends not rolling back and forth across the muscle but to find the belly of the muscle and then just hold the position for 5 minutes and "relax" into it... Relax in to it... Swear these guys are sordid 🙂

I've just checked what I've done so far on Strava - averge of 25Ks ish a week, and that would only have me at 1300 by the end of the year!

2020 is a lot of KM in a year.

That 2020 goal isn't for me, I think it might even be detrimental to my primary goal of getting my 5K time down.

I might try that with the foam roller!

Damn, why did you need to remind me 😂

I also would love to do a sub 20 minutes 5km run if possible but not whilst doing this challenge, the faster runs I find make me more prone to injury so it's just purely about distance in this challenge.

If I get across that line then I could focus on that time target!

You do have to be careful with running faster, I tend to take 20 minutes to get up to pace, so a very long warm up.

I just find that longer runs wear my legs down, I think I'm better off with intervals. Had the treadmill up to 17KPH today for my final 400 metres, quite happy with that!

Although it's still 3-4KPH slower than the marathon world record.

Yea that is a long warm up. Is that after a few stretches or do you just go straight in to it?

I could probably jog for a lot longer at a slower pace as I have done with marathons but I do have another goal of running one under 4 hours... Failed 5 times so far but am gearing up for one in 2021 with a couple of friends hopefully!

Good job on the final speed there! Intervals can be good fun but yes, when you realise that you're slower than world record holders even for a short burst vs their 42kms... You really appreciate just how fit these athletes are!

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