Where on Wednesday thirty six: Oh be...HIVE

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It's happened y'all...Steem is forking and HIVE is happening. I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about blockchains and crypto, but I do know steem was derailed somewhat by some shenanigans recently which has brought about this fork.

There's a silver lining to every storm-cloud though and in steems' case I think it was, and is, the way the community rallied around itself, like a she-wolf protecting her pups, and refused to simply fade into the night, forced there by the sun. I believe that will continue of HIVE, and possibly also on steem concurrently...Who knows huh?

Anyway, HIVE is going to perform some interwebs magic this week. The words bibbety bobbety boo will be uttered and on March 20th https://hive.blog/ will come into being like some sort of Harry Potter creation. I believe it'll look the same including a snapshot of your steem, SBD and SP dropped right into your HIVE account along with your steem posts so...Thanks HIVE magicians.

This means steem and HIVE will run completely separately from each other and people have the choice to post on steem or post on HIVE of post on both even! oh the choices!

I'm looking forward to HIVE as it runs inline with my decentralized-oriented ethos, although there could be some merit to post on both...Reaching different audiences may be a good thing.

I've been on steem since the middle of 2017...1009 days to be exact and have posted over 1.5 times for each one of those days...You'd think I'd have nothing to say but nope...Still got more to say so let's see how HIVE plays out huh?

Will HIVE have any monetary value? I don't care...I think it'll be good for many reasons no the least of which is this:

The spirit of Steem and the goal of decentralization has always been to move away from a single point of authority, and to capitalize on and encourage the potential that has gathered in our community. Hive is drawing on the huge range of talent in our ecosystem to accelerate development, improve communication, and return to a focus on ease of use, onboarding, and marketing. The desire to move towards better decentralization and to connect people via blockchain has never been lost, and it's what makes Hive so needed now.
Lifted from the post linked in my first paragraph.

Will y'all still be around? Probably. Maybe. Maybe not. Will it be like starting again? Probably. Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm not really concerned about all that...It gives me a place to drop my words, to explore my creativity, engage with some cool-ass people like you and to have some fun...Seems legit.

So, this is possibly my last #whereonwednesday post on steem...My 36th version. My conundrum is do I start from 1 again on HIVE or take up from 37? What a dilemma.

Speaking of dilemma...The world is facing the biggest pandemic for 100 years so they're saying now...I'm working from home which is where this #whereonwednesday post is coming from.

I'm sorry, I simply don't have the ability to write a post of substance about the blockchain...But felt a little excited about the HIVE announcement and whilst the world itself is within the grip of a correction with the pandemic, steem and HIVE seem to be mirroring that on the blockchain. I thought it was worth a mention.

Hey, I hope y'all stay safe out there, look after one another and manage not to go stir-crazy if you're locked down.

Later y'all.

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I'm moving over to Hive. No interest in whatever twisted abomination Steem will become.

Yep, I think that's what will happen, most will leave steem. Oh well, that's what happens when people play silly games...They win silly prizes.

I'm looking forward to the Hive change😀

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Could be good. Might also work well to post on both too. We'll see huh? All good in Melbourne or have you headed north?

The whole change is going to take some doing on my part. The people I've made contact with and enjoy their material, where will they be, Steemit, Hive, can a post be duplicated on both, I have so many questions, and I guess over time they will all be answered.

They will be two separate blockchains so there's not reason you can't post the same thing on each...Both are your accounts. You'll find most leave steem I think. It will all shake out over time I suppose.


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Very exciting with the initiative of HIVE, waiting something more.

Yes, it's the light at the end of the tunnel so many were looking for huh? It's exciting. Something positive to look forward to.


Yes, Hoping something better. Thanks for ENGAGE :D

I'll be there mate...You'll be there...So, it has to be awesome! Lol.

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Some heavy changes taking place lately my friend, but we are always looking at the positives in any "dark" event. After the Covid thing is over, many people will realise that they can work from home permanently and there will be less cars on the roads.

As far as the Hive thing goes, in for a penny, in for a pound, as all that each of us has to do is to make it work for us. All of our eggs are no longer in only one basket methinks.

There's a lot going on for sure, but humans are reasonable at enduring and bouncing back...At least collectively, if not always individually. Maybe we'll remember 2020 as the year a correction that needed to happen actually did. The same for HIVE of course...We will adapt and move forward...Hopefully.

Be well.

You are right and I also think that a correction was due sooner or later.
Amazing how the finances crashed across the world and how many people are now sitting at home due to the virus.
According to the UN today millions can die.
Especially us old folks. Not that it bothers me as I continue with my daily posts and life goes on.
Blessings and take care my friend!

We are all going to die, that's a given...Of course most don't try to accelerate that moment, and justifiably so. How we live should receive far more focus and effort than the fact that we are going to die.

The virus situation, and it's associated financial and emotional stresses, is a terrible situation, but like all bad situations lessons can be learned. It remains to be seen if they are learned, and by how many.

Thank you for replying.


Agreed with you mate, but nature has been trying to teach mankind for ages and it seems that we will never grasp the value of the real way how to live.
Instead we chase "prosperity", comfort and "progress". In the process damaging all around us.

We shall soon see if anyone has even bothered with any lessons in this virus situation and if they did, then they will most likely apply it in the wrong way Lol.
Such is life!

Blessings and thank you for the kind gift!

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I'll be seeing you on HIVE then, mate 😄! I've been on Steem less than a year now, and already it's been changing up on me. So much for certainty, eh? I'll mostly be on HIVE, but I'll keep dabbling a bit with Steem here and there.

See ya on hive mate! 😁

I'll probably go to hive as well. It's a shame this couldn't have been worked out. Strange though, for years I've been listening to the devs and others cry about funding and money for Steem and the need for more publicity. Then voila, there it is, someone with money and ability to help publicize. They complained about not giving up their Steem name and going to Tron, but the first thing they do is split the name even faster. It seems what they really want is a large fairy godmother to gift them a bunch of money and magically make it more popular. I don't know much about it all, but seems there may be a problem getting Hive listed on all the exchanges, the same battle we've been fighting with Steem for 2 years or more just as we made headway, starting over? Maybe they have a magic way to change the name or have the fork auto-listed, but sounds like the platform is going backwards, not forwards because the witnesses don't want a boss. I also like the idea of de-centralization, but not if the platform can't survive. Will be following to see where it goes.

It's early days so we'll have to see how it plays out. I don't disagree with your comments although the Tron guy acted callously and irresponsibly, albeit with his own interests in mind, so maybe in his eyes...He acted appropriately. I don't know.

Let's see how it plays out. I'll be there, but will also be around on steem, at least initially, as I've put a lot of effort there, and am loathe to simply let it go.

I'm hoping things will calm down some after this. Both here and in the real world. Although the calming in the real world will take longer I think.

And by here, I mean Hive not Steem.

Yep, HIVE...Not long now. I'll see ya there.

Yes, virus fallout will affect us for a long time.

Super quickie finally looked at hive.blog and...I don't know about anyone else but it looks like all the content is there so my very first hive post will be a very inauspicious progblog (it should go on my blog on Friday at some point but might not hit any blockchains til the weekend while I wait for things to be done) like nothing happened XD

Oh crap I better come up with a new divider as I guess it's time for steemaroo to retire.

My only real annoyance is the steem logo was sooooooooo easy to draw and subtley insert into things, the hive one is going to be a bit more effort XD

I was under the impression it was all happening on Friday, but Europe time, so late Friday? Anyway, it will happen when it happens I guess. I don't have additional work to do, dividers and the like although was thinking of amending my signature somewhat. We'll see.

The countdown timer on the hiveio post said 13hrs when I looked at it earlier (so it should be less now XD) so tonight or I guess tomorrow if you're not going to stay up for it (by my calculation I should still be awake but will probably still not do anything til tomorrow).

Dividers can be as simple as


really which is what I usually use in novel length stuff that I've published online. I'm just extra and like making more work for myself x_x XD

My little upgoat post sig and the heartfyn comment sig are staying though XP

I've since seen that timer so yep, so looks like 1230am Saturday morning CST (Adelaide time). I'll be sleeping...Need my beauty sleep you know. :)

I never used dividers much but use the single line one here and there.

As above. And below. :)

It should be interesting to see what steemit turns into and what vision Mr. Sun has for it.

Yes, he's talked about many visions, all documented, so it will interesting to see if they materialise.

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