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RE: Where on Wednesday thirty six: Oh be...HIVE

in OCD4 years ago

Super quickie finally looked at and...I don't know about anyone else but it looks like all the content is there so my very first hive post will be a very inauspicious progblog (it should go on my blog on Friday at some point but might not hit any blockchains til the weekend while I wait for things to be done) like nothing happened XD

Oh crap I better come up with a new divider as I guess it's time for steemaroo to retire.

My only real annoyance is the steem logo was sooooooooo easy to draw and subtley insert into things, the hive one is going to be a bit more effort XD


I was under the impression it was all happening on Friday, but Europe time, so late Friday? Anyway, it will happen when it happens I guess. I don't have additional work to do, dividers and the like although was thinking of amending my signature somewhat. We'll see.

The countdown timer on the hiveio post said 13hrs when I looked at it earlier (so it should be less now XD) so tonight or I guess tomorrow if you're not going to stay up for it (by my calculation I should still be awake but will probably still not do anything til tomorrow).

Dividers can be as simple as


really which is what I usually use in novel length stuff that I've published online. I'm just extra and like making more work for myself x_x XD

My little upgoat post sig and the heartfyn comment sig are staying though XP

I've since seen that timer so yep, so looks like 1230am Saturday morning CST (Adelaide time). I'll be sleeping...Need my beauty sleep you know. :)

I never used dividers much but use the single line one here and there.

As above. And below. :)

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