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Yesterday marked 7 days before the beginning of our vacation. Faith and I were flying south to Tasmania for a week off. Did you pick the operative word? Yep, well done...Were. That's right folks, the G-dog's vacation has been cancelled. Thanks COVID-19 you filthy bastard.

Today Faith and I made the decision to cancel our trip and within minutes the cancellation process was underway.

I say cancelled, although in reality I ended up rescheduling the flights for the middle of October. Everything else was cancelled and refunded: Activities, hire car and accommodation which I'll re-book a little closer to the trip. As I called each business we had booked with I was pleasantly surprised about how understanding they were... Although it cost me $600 to reschedule the flights with Virgin Australia, which sucked.

We decided to cancel the trip as the virus situation is forcing tougher measures daily and getting quarantined in Tasmania, or here in South Australia on our return was not something we wanted to risk. We were also travelling with Faith's mum, a recent cancer survivor, and it didn't make a lot of sense to put her in harms way needlessly. We're disappointed but, at the same time, were happy to see the businesses we'd booked with accommodate us with refunds.

Whilst going about the cancellations I decided to check the Singapore Airlines website for our flights to Copenhagen and Finland in July...I doesn't look good. They have canceled the flights we are on through to 26th May so far and it doesn't take much imagination to see them taking it further into June and beyond. Considering we are supposed to fly on the 6th July...Well, quite possibly we will not be. Virus, you selfish bastard!

I was pretty disappointed and on top of the crap the virus-propaganda-machine is piling on it was the last thing I needed to happen. I think it's for the best though, Tasmania at least, as it was highly likely we'd fly down there this Sunday and everything would be closed. That would really suck!

I got one piece of good news though...I'm able to work from home officially from tomorrow.

That's right, my company are permitting certain staff to work from home and I jumped at the chance to get away from the office. I deal with clients a lot however plan to facetime and phone call which, in this virus-plagued world, probably suits the clients well also. So, I spent the afternoon getting set up and after a brief stint at the office Tuesday morning I'll be off home to work...Probably in my boxer shorts with my two cats pestering me the whole time! Lol.

This virus situation is permeating every aspect of life for most and whilst a lot of it is probably hype and media-sensationalism there is a real-world aspect to it whether we want to admit it or not. I'm glad to be able to stay home and work and to be honest will be no-less productive...Sure, I might spend more time on the phone with my team than normal, but this social-distancing may help to mitigate the risk. Or not. Only time will tell.

They say easy come, easy go right? Well, this vacation, like all others, didn't come easy...It came through hard work and effort and I'm kind of annoyed I will have to wait several more months for it now...Faith and I work hard, long hours, and put a lot of energy and effort into our work...We need our vacation time...Oh well, We'll play the virus's game for now...And hope come October we are good to go. Something to look forward to instead of doom and gloom I guess.

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Like you say; you don't want to arrive only to find everything closed.
Still a pain to book everything, then cancel it all.

Yeah kinda sucked. We need a little time off...Away from home. Still, it will happen in October and despite this trip being for my 50th (last week) we'll make it about Faith's birthday and our wedding anniversary which on the same day, and when we will be away in October. (27 years married.) It'll be good, and I'll get to do my world war 2 fighter plane flight.

Howdy again sir galenkp! That's encouraging that you didn't run into major hassles when you went to cancel those things. Lets hope in a few months all will be safe and clear sailing!

Time will tell...Not looking good for my Europe trip though. Oh well, let's see how it goes.

I wonder why We did not get some...

Virtual Shitter Wipes....?

Skin soft.... With Vitamin E.... Lmao
@galenkp help a brother out.... LoL

Ma'am, that's tough but the right move. Gutting when you have to do something like that. I am starting to fear for my holiday in September things are getting that bad

It's bloody crazy huh? That's why I didn't just rebook the activities and accommodation for Tasmania...Come October there's no telling if I'll be able to go down there. I'm still hopeful for Scandinavia in July, but it's more wishful thinking than anything. It's all messed up.

Where are you off to in September? Not that fucking joint with the shit beer again? Lol.


Here's some TP for ya...You're welcome..


if all goes well I will be off to Ibiza. Woot woot. Who knows though, I am not getting my hopes up too high.

Hehe, I have bags of the stuff now :OD

Ibiza huh? Sounds too lively for me mate...A party animal like you can handle it though.

Hehe, I go to the quiet side, the kids love dem beaches

I hope you get to go...I wanna see pics of the Boom in his Speedos. Don't fucking hold out on us!

Speedos... Fuck that, I'm going full on mankini!! 🤣🤣

Now you're talking. I know you have plenty of TP, so here's some Spam to get you through coronavirus lockdown and to hone your mankini body.


You're welcome.

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Yeah, a lot of the measures being taken (some necessary, some maybe not) are messing with a ton of things. Maybe with all the steps they are taking this will clear up quickly and we can get back to business as (mostly) usual.

Bummer about your trip though.

I agree, some are necessary and some not, but I suppose they're doing the best they can. At least I want to think they are.

Here's some TP, it's a rare commodity these days. Lol.



Thanks. I might come to need it. :)

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Well, that sucks. I thought you might have been affected by this. I know a few people who had planned on seeing relatives overseas, etc.

I had to change the date of a flight once and it wasn’t cheap, so I feel your pain there.

The only thing I could think of, if you still have that time scheduled to be away from work, is to find somewhere within SA to go camping / visit. Sure, it’s not exotic but it would give you a chance to get away from it all. Just a thought.

It sucks ass...Nah, I'm going to work through now...Am now working from home so it's all good.

Thanks for commenting...Here's some


And some TP


It’s good to see your sense of humour is still intact. :)

Haha, yeah...I was grumpy as fuck earlier...What can I do though you know? Just gotta roll with it.

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I hear you. We worked 9 years to take this year off. A year of stress and uncertainty so far.

Yes, it hasn't been the best of starts...And I was boasting that I had it on good authority that 2020 was going to kick ass...Well, it's doing that for sure...Kicking everybody's ass!

I hope things are ok up your way.

Just waiting to get to UK. Touch and go. In Delhi at moment. At least UK is our other home. Sorry about your plans mate. At least you can camp. And remember people do it tougher, and all the cancelled dreams this year. Xxx

Yeah, it could be worse...I've got a pretty decent life going so it's all good.

4 virtual rolls for ya both...I hear them poms have been cleaning out the shelves of TP.


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This is why I got a trip on the ferry last night when a spot suddenly became available as I wanted to get to the main land. And thinking that the ferry could be stopped from carry people or only very few at a time for who knows how long. The ferry has been very much booked out for some time. Just having to work with the cards we are dealt.

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Yep, smart...So you're on the mainland now? I was reluctant to head to Tassie and get stuck there...It's a long swim back.

Yes I am in Melbourne as of this morning. It may not be an issue but the way gov is restricting so much I think it is very likely travel between Tas and mainland could get very difficult at some point. Even between states may become a problem I am not ruling anything like that out at this time. And I very much want to get to my mum's place in Brisbane soon to help her out as she is living by her self. Just helping a friend in Melbourne get his 4wd engine fitted and up and running first though if I think I need to make a dash to Brisbane I am off😁

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Yeah man, easy to drive state to state, except driving Bass Strait isn't going to end well huh? Lol.

I think it's smart man, and your mum will probably appreciate it. It's tough at the moment, but I believe will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Be well my brother, and watch your back.

I think Dick Smith was the only person to drive between Tas and the mainland in a mini moke lol. Thanks and yes mum will definitely be appreciative of me being around for a time. I agree mate very likely that things will get worse before it gets better. Thanks and stay safe both of you.

I think you have made the right decision to put travel to Tas off for now.

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Yep, weather will be better in Tassie in October anyway probably. Coming into spring and all...And no bastard virus hopefully.

Good day @galenkp, sorry to hear about your vacation plans being dumped on by this BS virus. Better to be safe, a little pissed off now than to regret it later by being locked into a place NOT called home, or worst, having Mum get sick.
Wise decision.

Ya Work @ Home Selfish Bastard.....LMAO

My @pooky-jax is now Officially Working @ home.....

Ya Lucky Skunks....

If there is such a thing...? Lucky Skunks i mean.... I guess if a skunk almost gets run over, but survives he feels lucky....?!?


Do You think a skunk can smell his own farts....?!?

What the Hell was i saying...? Can Ya tell I am mentally exhausted..... So glad i finally made it home.....
2.....Shelter...... in...... Place.

Locked & Loaded.....

Oh yea, I was sayin.... Ya lucky Bastards and Bitches...!!!

I still gotta drive thru a filthy virus ridden zombie horde of sub humanity....

my 4 hour trip home today was Strangely Apocalyptic.....

And that makes Me want Ice Cream..... Told U My Brain is Fried.

(src-Fandango Movie Trailers)

I'll admit it, sometimes I have trouble following your replies. Lol.

You should see the look of pain, and hear the grunts and groans as I type them up....

Sign in to Hive was smooth.

I will leave my last post on Steem following your lead..... With a farewell, and some links.

2 maro tho.... I am out. G'night bro....!!!

Night brah, see ya in HIVE from tomorrow.


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J's working from home tomorrow too. We're having a drink to "celebrate" (it's something he's been thinking about/'trying to work towards doing for ages, and "it only took the apocalypse to make it happen" XD)

I was also previously getting a lot of questions about homeschooling too and while I tried to help I also had to point out that we're as screwed as everyone else as we don't do school at home and if we're restricted in where we can go it makes it hard for us too XD

A lot of places are pretty understanding given the insanity of what's going on, glad cancelling and rebooking and all was straightforward, sucks about the cost incurred doing so and that you had to postpone the holiday. My parents had to do a similar thing with their cruise, but I think they've postponed it to next year, and now they're not sure if they're going to come over here for a holiday or not as who knows what's going to happen in the near future.

I'm sure the holiday will still be spectacular when you finally get to go on it, and in the meantime enjoy working from home, think of all the steeming (or wherever we end up, as somewhat more suited a name as "hive" is it just doesn't verb as pleasantly XD) you'll be able to do now that you don't have commute ;D

Yep, it's all spiralling out of control but we are glad we took the decision to postpone Tassie. I think Europe won't happen, but we'll either get refunded and re-book, or postpone into next year, so it will happen eventually.

I'm enjoying working from home. Have to drop into one of the offices tomorrow for a 1 hour meeting and again Thursday, but other tan that it's build lego at home work from home. Lol.

Look after yourselves over there.

(Yes, hive could be an interesting thing...Sort of like hitting the reset button huh?)

My dad was supposed to be booking flights for the UK, but he's decided to wait awhile.

I do wonder if it's really going to be any worse than the flu is each year. Apparently that causes between 291,000 to 646,000 deaths, depending on the severity, with an average death rate of 0.1%. Currently Covid19 is at 0.4% death rate, but we haven't had as many infections... yet. According to this, from the first case logged, these pandemics usually run their course in about a year to 1.5 years. This has been going a bit over a year.

It's going to be an interesting year for sure. It should also be interesting to see just how much work can be accomplished remotely in this digital age. Will it keep our economy ticking over?

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