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RE: Easy come...Easy go

in OCD2 years ago

This is why I got a trip on the ferry last night when a spot suddenly became available as I wanted to get to the main land. And thinking that the ferry could be stopped from carry people or only very few at a time for who knows how long. The ferry has been very much booked out for some time. Just having to work with the cards we are dealt.

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Yep, smart...So you're on the mainland now? I was reluctant to head to Tassie and get stuck there...It's a long swim back.

Yes I am in Melbourne as of this morning. It may not be an issue but the way gov is restricting so much I think it is very likely travel between Tas and mainland could get very difficult at some point. Even between states may become a problem I am not ruling anything like that out at this time. And I very much want to get to my mum's place in Brisbane soon to help her out as she is living by her self. Just helping a friend in Melbourne get his 4wd engine fitted and up and running first though if I think I need to make a dash to Brisbane I am off😁

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Yeah man, easy to drive state to state, except driving Bass Strait isn't going to end well huh? Lol.

I think it's smart man, and your mum will probably appreciate it. It's tough at the moment, but I believe will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Be well my brother, and watch your back.

I think Dick Smith was the only person to drive between Tas and the mainland in a mini moke lol. Thanks and yes mum will definitely be appreciative of me being around for a time. I agree mate very likely that things will get worse before it gets better. Thanks and stay safe both of you.

I think you have made the right decision to put travel to Tas off for now.

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Yep, weather will be better in Tassie in October anyway probably. Coming into spring and all...And no bastard virus hopefully.