It's bloody crazy huh? That's why I didn't just rebook the activities and accommodation for Tasmania...Come October there's no telling if I'll be able to go down there. I'm still hopeful for Scandinavia in July, but it's more wishful thinking than anything. It's all messed up.

Where are you off to in September? Not that fucking joint with the shit beer again? Lol.


Here's some TP for ya...You're welcome..


if all goes well I will be off to Ibiza. Woot woot. Who knows though, I am not getting my hopes up too high.

Hehe, I have bags of the stuff now :OD

Ibiza huh? Sounds too lively for me mate...A party animal like you can handle it though.

Hehe, I go to the quiet side, the kids love dem beaches

I hope you get to go...I wanna see pics of the Boom in his Speedos. Don't fucking hold out on us!

Speedos... Fuck that, I'm going full on mankini!! 🤣🤣

Now you're talking. I know you have plenty of TP, so here's some Spam to get you through coronavirus lockdown and to hone your mankini body.


You're welcome.

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