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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCD4 years ago

Dear @livinguktaiwan

Happy Chinese New Year to you :)

I've read recent post by @likwid a moment ago and I've noticed your conversation with user behind this project.

It's obvious that you were very polite and received response ... I would consider being simply rude.

Funny enough - I was actually considering using likwid services, but they have lost my interest and I think there is no space on steem blockchain for users with their attitude.

ps. I just upvoted your post with my account and @project.hope (around 300k sp) to show my little support. Don't let pepople like @transisto bring you down and discourage you from being active on STEEM blockchain. We've lost enough users already because of downvote abuse and I hope we won't lose another one.
Yours, Piotr


I went to that likwid link you posted and I was like why your brought me to this page that is giving attractive service to liquify Steem and stuff... until I saw your comments there that showed you don't recomment that service because of the actions of likwid...

but that service looked attractive but who is to say I can rely on someone to do that job giving them beneficiary benefit of 100% , amounts to centralisation and we crypto enthusiasts are against centralisation.

So stupid that people misuse their downvoting power, I wanted to downvote a person
s story coz it was awful... but I did not want to discourage with downvote, although I get downvotes on nice posts I do all the time...

I think this downvite stuff should be removed...not fun, it's used as we know just like that, not responsible. it's stupid for sure.

Downvotes do have their place here, and if used correctly can be for the benefit of the platform. Sadly, there are always some who abuses the power given to them

Thank you for your support @cyrpto.piotr, I would have been very upset a year ago to be bullied like this, but I've seen more and more of these type behaviour around recently to not get upset now. I've gone past my initial anger and annoyance stage and am not letting this affect me. I'm going to be hanging around, so don't worry!!

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