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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCD4 years ago

Hey @livinguktaiwan

I saw this post because of a "memo spam" msg from @creativeblue... I put that in inverted commas because this is the first time I've received such a memo and actually clicked the link... and then your post moved me enough to actually warrant a comment... So before I start MY rant, shoutout to both of you... good job! \m/

I heard about @likwid some time back and thought it was a great idea... made a mental note of it, because I can see myself using such a service in the future. However, the person behind it is obviously an asshole, and as such won't ever use it purely out of principle now.

Sorry to hear about your experience, the only advice I can offer is that you should simply ignore it, and move along. The community will hopefully react in the same manner as they did to another clown, @transisto, and his @sadkitten account. STEEM(it) has many good whales, but unfortunately it's also full of entitled idiots that got lucky by getting into STEEM early, amassed a large stake, and now have an unwarranted god complex. Fortunately/hopefully the community will react to these fools and they'll simply fade away.

Once again, sorry to hear about your run-in with the kindergarten posse... Fuck them!


Being "random"? That is not being random. That is choosing a shit reason to downvote people and acting on it.

It’s amongst the weird things he does. So, I’ve conceded to random. Lol

"Weird" is a nice way of saying "being a jerk".

Dear @braaiboy

I can see myself using such a service in the future. However, the person behind it is obviously an asshole, and as such won't ever use it purely out of principle now.

I actually had very similar impression. I just heard about @likwid several days ago and I was considering using it's service. But I don't think I will ever do that.

ps. I've noticed that you didn't post anything in 3 weeks. Hope you didn't give up on Steemit yourself.

Cheers, Piotr

Hey @crypto.piotr,

Nope... haven't given up at all... Dec & Jan are traditionally just slow months (business and video-making wise), so I don't have too much to post about and share... but will def. be back at it again from Feb.

Hi @braaiboy

Thanks for prompt reply.

I've noticed that you resteemed @taverngames post lately. Did you try out this game for yourself?

Also would it be okey if I take few minutes of your time and tell you little bit about curation trail I'm working currently with few other guys from @project.hope? Perhaps our efforts would be something you would like to support.

Is there any way I could DM you? Via discord or telegram?


Hi again @braaiboy

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Ha... wealthy and mighty whales!!!

Thanks for your comment @braaiboy, I really appreciate it. Luckily it seems like the good whales outnumber the bad ones otherwise this place would be a nightmare and we'd all be walked over and abused by the bad guys who think they can do as they please.

I'm hoping this will all pass over very soon, thanks again!

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