Crazy Price of Ginger Due to Corona Virus and How Ginger Improves Immunity

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The Corona virus outbreak made our people in Indonesia become enthusiastic about ginger drinks and other herbal drinks. This is because ginger is known to increase endurance and natural remedy for coughs and fevers.

But long before the day before the outbreak of the Corona virus, I was used to drinking ginger tea or infused water.


I feel the effect that my body's immunity is increasing and not easily catching the flu even though people around me have the flu.


Ginger Tea with lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

The thing that I remember most from ginger is that at that time I experienced a severe cough, did not heal even though I bought a doctor's medicine. But after several days of consuming ginger tea without sugar, my cough became cured. That's why until now I always believed that ginger is a strong and magical spice!

Ginger Prices Up 100 Percent!


In Indonesia, the price of ginger goes crazy! Usually only around 30.000 IDR / 2 USD per kg, now it becomes 60.000 IDR / 4 USD per kg.


That is why it is important for us to grow our own herbs such as ginger and turmeric even if only with a pot.


This is my ginger plant which is more than a month old. It takes extra time indeed to be able to harvest more.

Ginger roots are also more prone to rot in areas with more rain like in my area.

Delicious, and Easy Recipe for Ginger Drink to Boost Immunity


You don't need to think about how to make a delicious and healthy ginger drink. Because the way to make it is very easy, like you make tea in general.


Add cloves and cinnamon to enrich the flavor. For sweetness, you can use coconut sugar or brown sugar.

You can read full recipe in my post HERE

In addition to being served warm, we can also serve ginger as a cold drink that is as infused water.


Usually, I mix ginger, cucumber, lemon and cinnamon in my infused water.


In addition to immunity, this mixture is to keep blood sugar stable and is good for preventing diabetes.

Super delicious drinks !!!


Mix ginger, cinnamon, with coffee, and serve with young coconut flesh.



Read full recipe in my post HERE

You wouldn't expect it! I guarantee this drink will make you fall in love forever!

How is it in your area? Are the prices of ginger and other herbs experiencing crazy price increases in your area? Please share your feedback in the comment below.

All Texts, and Pictures are My Own Properties.

Enjoy My Post and Have A Great Day!


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What a great advice my Dear! Very impressive post as usual! We all need this wonderful remedy right now 💚🌿💚


Stay healthy, dear :)

A lovely post with beautiful pictures and a great message. I have been a big ginger fan myself for a couple of years now. I still need to work some more on my health though. Especially in times like these people will start realizing how healthy they are. Spending more time indoor ( which starts to happen more and more ) makes most people ill, as it's very unnatural.

I can't really tell how much prices have gone up here in The Netherlands ( as I have only been here for three weeks or so, my house is in Portugal ) but the fear is tangible ( especially online )

Keep spreading positivity and natural health, meanwhile I will do my best to do the same

The positive thing from the attack of a disease/virus is that humans begin to realize a healthy lifestyle and start consuming vitamins daily from herbs :)

Stay healthy and blessed :)

I eat a lot of ginger. It tastes great and is quite healthy. If youbcannot afford it, you can grow ginger using ginger and invest in your gardening future.

Yes, we can use them for stir-fried veggies too :)

Agree with you, and I use that way to growy ginger plant.

Saatnya kembali ke herbal ,lebih alami 😁

iyes bener sekali

How is the price of garlic there? Garlic might be more effective at keeping your immune system strong.

in Indonesia, the price of garlic is always expensive, so when there is a corona virus, the price increase is not so big amount compared to the increase in ginger.

Here it is almost 4 USD per KG for garlic price.

Akibat dari virus Corona, 14 hari sekolah diliburkan di Indonesia.

yup, khususnya kota kota besar yang sudah mulai banyak penderitanya, seperti di Jkt, bahkan kemungkinan bisa lebih dari 14 hari jika keadaan belum membaik

Kita doakan yang terbaik untuk kesehatan bersama

Amin, mudah mudahan...

Thanks dear. Hope you and your family stay healthy in there.

Those brews look like quality medicine! Nice job. - @fenngen

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Delicious ways to use ginger all around! I love it's spicy flavor. Luckily I just got two big roots a few weeks ago at the farmers market, though I should save some to grow. We have turmeric in the ground, but need to add ginger, as well!

Sayangnya, baru sekarang kita sadar betapa kayanya Indonesia dengan obat herbal. Mau nanam sekarang, pas panen harganya sudah jatuh. Tapi minimal untuk kita gunakan sendiri. Sangat berguna @anggreklestari.

Kalau tanaman rempah rempah atau untuk obat herbal, memang gak pernah rugi untuk ditanam sendiri di rumah karena pasti akan dipakai juga. ehehe

Sejak Corona, barulah orang heboh untuk minum jamu. ehehe

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