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RE: Crazy Price of Ginger Due to Corona Virus and How Ginger Improves Immunity

in OCD6 months ago

A lovely post with beautiful pictures and a great message. I have been a big ginger fan myself for a couple of years now. I still need to work some more on my health though. Especially in times like these people will start realizing how healthy they are. Spending more time indoor ( which starts to happen more and more ) makes most people ill, as it's very unnatural.

I can't really tell how much prices have gone up here in The Netherlands ( as I have only been here for three weeks or so, my house is in Portugal ) but the fear is tangible ( especially online )

Keep spreading positivity and natural health, meanwhile I will do my best to do the same


The positive thing from the attack of a disease/virus is that humans begin to realize a healthy lifestyle and start consuming vitamins daily from herbs :)

Stay healthy and blessed :)

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