CONTEST : July Promo-Steem Contest | Write About Your Toothpaste In Everyday Life || 25 Steem Prize

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Greetings Everyone,
Announcing July Promo-Steem Contest for this week. This week you have to write a blog about your toothpaste that can be your favorite one you using in everyday life. Add some original photographs with the blog. I'm going to give you some hints that you can focus and write a beautiful blog to win steem.

Simply this week the contest theme is Your toothpaste Presentation of contest blog on your hand. Best performers will win steem.

Hope you people will enjoy participating this contest of SteemShip Community.

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Hints/ Focus On These Areas :

  • Your toothpaste brand or name, how long you or your family using this toothpaste.
  • Elements of your toothpaste or flavor of it, Does it has active salt formula or some other qualities like dentists approved or some other Government approval it may have.
  • How many times do you brush your teeth with your toothpaste.
  • How does feeling your mouth? Does it has any side effect or cautions
  • Price of your toothpaste
  • Do you recommend this toothpaste to your friends and relative?
  • Does your toothpaste give gum protection?
  • Does your toothpaste fight with germs?
  • Does your toothpaste help overcoming bad breath?

These were just to help you to write a successful contest entries, 3-4 original photographs of your toothpaste and you can pose when brushing teeth can make the blog more charming and awesome. You can use your creative mind to make the blog superb or more awesome.

Good Luck!!

Simple Contest Rules To Follow:

  • Plagiarism Strictly Prohibited, your content should be #steemexclusive and it means your content or post only for steemit, don't share it anywhere else.

  • Do not mention steemcurator01, steemcurator02, steemcurator07

  • Follow @steemitblog @stephenkendal and @shohana1

  • No language restriction, you can write on your native language, we can read using translator.

  • The title of your post could be : July Promo-Steem Contest | Blog About My Toothpaste In Everyday Life | | Your Desired Text

  • SUBSCRIBE and Make sure to put your entry in SteemShip community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post or else your entry won't be count.

  • Tag minimum 3 of your friends on your entry post to invite them for this contest, Supports other participants by upvoting and comment on their post (Give Support Minimum 1 entry and comment on that post and you can follow the tag #steemship

  • This contest is open for anyone who have interests in this.

  • Try to be more creative and unique.

  • Must write at least 250 words with original photographs

  • Must use these tags #steem-toothpaste #steemship your country name like Bangladesh for me, yours would be Venezuela Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia or something else.

  • Make sure you Comment the Link of your Entry under contest Post. MUST FOLLOW THIS

  • Resteem this contest post that more people can reach out and join our discord server for regular community updates.

  • Share your post to social media (Facebook, twitter, reddit, LinkedIn or others)

  • Only one entry per person


Key To Win

  • Read rules carefully and do not miss any.
  • Use tags according to the rule.
  • Use Your Own Concept, Be Real, Be You
  • Be honest!



This contest will be running till the Thursday (July 9 at 11:59 pm Bangladesh time Get Bangladesh Time Here

Total Prize 25 Steem

1st Winner = 6 steem
2nd Winner= 5 steem
3rd Winner = 4 steem
4th Winner= 3 steem
5th Winner= 2 steem
Consolation Prize= Total 5 steem ( 1 steem each )

Winners will be rewarded at July 10 - Saturday

This contest is sponsored By Sir @stephenkendal

Thank You So Much


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Promote my contest please!

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Shared on twitter.

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 last year 

It is a very nice contest.I will try to participate in this contest.

 last year 

Thanks vai, good luck

 last year 

welcome. apu.❤️

 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 01

 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 02

 last year 


Hi here is my entry

 last year (edited)

link doesn't working

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 03


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nice contest sister

 last year 

Thanks vai, wish to see your participation, good luck

insah allah

My entry is Here

 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 04

Buenas noches, acá les dejo mi participación.

Y aquí esta en Twitter


 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 06

 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 07

 last year 

Thank you so much for your participation
Good luck
Entry : 08

Good morning. Excellent topic to promote dental health. I will be participating.

 last year 

Will waiting to see your contest entry, good luck 💖💕❤️

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