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Hello again, fortunately and thank God I have managed to complete the required achievements and today with a lot of effort I bring you my achievement4, it cost me a lot to learn the way of using the labels, but I managed to understand it a lot which is the objective of this logo, I hope you like it and comply with the application of formatting, as the theme is free, I bring you a recipe for chocolate cake and homemade coffee that I often make for my children and grandchildren. Start!

Chocolate and coffee cake

First we will organize the ingredients we need which are not many, but the recipe is for a kilo of wheat. Bone is a large portion cake as my family is.

1kl wheat flour.
400gr Sugar.
8 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
150gr butter
Prepared coffee
1 pinch of salt.
100g cocoa powder


We start by adding to a container the eggs, the sugar, the butter and the oil, we have to beat until the sugar is diluted and there are no pimples in sight, ( _ do not beat the mezcla_ ) we gradually add the flour and the pinch of salt, as the mixture takes consistency we add the coffee, we also add the 100g of cocoa powder, we alternate until we complete the flour and cocoa ... we test the consistency and we take it to the point with the coffee, until we achieve a homogeneous mixture. When you finish adding no sobe batamos, you are ready. Now we grease our mold with oil or butter so that the mixture does not stick, empty the mold, preheat the oven to 180°
to see if the cake is after 40 minutes, we prick it with a long spaghetti and if it comes out clean, it is already

Ways to bake

Maria BathNormal
It consists of placing a tray underneath with water so that the cake is not baked directlybaked directly
It is usually softer, but may take longer to cookBaked on time

Once ready we can bathe it or moisten it already cold with a mixture in warm water so that it is better diluted, cocoa sugar.


For the mixture on top, we can prepare a mixture with Cornstarch, butter, coffee and sugar, mix everything and stir constantly until it thickens, let it cool and pour it on top of the cake.

I hope you like my recipe, anything I can give you more details, just leave me the comment here.

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Hi, @shenu,

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