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Hello everyone it is a pleasure to belong to this platform, I introduce myself, my name is shenu a funny girl of 23 years, I am venezuela, I study Telecommunications Engineering and work as an administrator in a super market in the city, although they have nothing to do with it, I got this job because of the issue of class suspensions due to the pandemic and a way to help my family.


My Hobbies

I was little I like to sing, I belonged to a children's singing contest that was held in my city, an experience that I will never forget I like to listen to music, enjoy with my friends and family special moments. My favorite place is the beach.

I like to have peace of mind, that's why I don't like to be in a hurry, injustices and lies I consider in bad taste.



My experience in cryptocurrencies is little, although I have heard of them, but I am willing to learn about this topic that is gradually reaching our lives and day to day. I consider that this platform helps me a lot to be able to understand the subject.


The posts that would interest me would be music, entertaining and fun topics such as stories, movies. Post where I can have more knowledge and learn more about topics that I do not know. While I would be posting about my day to day, about food, music and sharing stories of my life.

I found Steemit because of my sister danhe who was telling me about this great platform and thanks also to rodhan that reason me to be part of it.

I hope to be able to understand all its tool, about cryptocurrencies, contribute every granite so that the platform grows and belong in the communities it offers.

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Hi, @shenu,

Your post has been supported by @dilchamo from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Hola amiga @shenu Bienvenida a esta hermosa plataforma..!

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