Achievement 1: Introducing my self on steemit

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Hello Steem World!

I am Nkeng Blaise Ndah from Bamenda, Cameroon and I am 23 years old.

20200721_134727 copy.jpg

I am a holder of B-tech( Bachelors degree ) in Software Engineering and computing from National Polytechnic Bamenda, Department of Engineering.
I am a native of Pinyin clan, Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon and the second child in our family


I am a web developer and I am presently working as a backend web developer at Y’G (Yems Group) in Bamenda Cameroon. I am so passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. As a developer, I’m passionate about creating truly beautiful, efficient digital products to make people’s experience with technology memorable


I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I’m not comfortable with settling, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness

I play the Saxophone and it inspires me. Playing this instrument gets me going every time and everyday.


Music moved on from being a small part of my life to a passion. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of why I am passionate about music and playing the Sax is: it is relaxinf to me,it takes me to a whole new world where there are no worries or assignments or deadlines! It holds my attention and is probably the only thing I can concentrate on without getting distracted in 5 minutes



I’m a people-person. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and I like making people feel comfortable in my presence. I find this skill is especially helpful when kicking off projects with people.

Am happy for having joining this amazing platform through my Boss and My Mentor @mr-greens of @thegreens who has assisted in training me to become a steemian citizen that I am presently.

@crypokannon I am very grateful for this opportunity.


Green greetings @saxopedia and welcome. it gladdens our hearts to have a Cameroonian sax and IT specialist on board the platform. Please do well to follow @steemitblog for updates and opportunities on the blockchain.
Steemit is the future and we are glad you are part of that future.
Hope you will be joining #SteemitNjangi?
Please feel free to contact for any questions and clarifications.

 7 months ago 

thanks @greens

if im part of steemit today is because of you and i am really grateful for that
and about the #steemitNjangi, it well be a pleasure for to be a part of it.

Welcome! I really enjoyed reading your introduction, hope you have a nice time here!

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thanks and thank you for reading all through my introduction because i know only few persons will do that.
about having a nice time here, i think i'm already having an awesome time here and all thanks goes to @mr-greens for having introducing me to this platform.

i hope we keep the AWESOMENESS together as a steemian.

We are in this together Sax and together, we will have the best of times on Steem!

Hi dear friend! You are most welcome on steemit! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Have a good time here!

 7 months ago 

Thanks sir,
I'm very happy to be part of this community

Hi @saxopedia Nkeng Blaise Ndah
I can see that you're an extrovert person. A great addition to a social platforms like steemit. Checkout @musicforsteem as you're into music. Maybe you can play your sax to us in the weekly contest.

Welcome to Steem Community and Congratulations on completing your task on Achievement 1: Introduction through Verification. Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 2 : Basic Security
See you soon! 😊

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 7 months ago 

oh thanks @cryptokannon.
i am happy to b part of this community. yes i am!
And as for @musicforsteem, i have already join and created my account.

im really hoping to use this medium and train aspiring saxophonist. oh yes i will do that on weekly basis and that's because i believe that: When One Teach, Two Learn

thanks again.

 7 months ago 

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You are very welcome to steemit my friend🙌🏻

 7 months ago 

thanks my new friend

Welcome @saxopedia happy steeming hope to see more post from you!

 7 months ago 

Anticipate greatness my friend....

Welcome Sax. #Music4Steem on my mind!

 7 months ago (edited)

Thats right sir.
Already created a Dapp channel and i will love to teach aspiring upcoming saxophonist how to play the instrument.


hoping to get started in a weeks time.
every one should stay connected.
#music4Steem on my mind...


Welcome to Steem.

Hope you will be joining in @musicforsteem