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good afternoon friends i come to realize my achievement 4 let's start


the consoles of my childhood :

nintendo 64
play station 2
nintendo will

one of the consoles that mark my childhood was the nintendo 64 i had this console of very young and gave me hours and hours of fun, where i enjoyed for hours playing the games of zelda and nintendo 64 in addition to mario cars among others

then i got a play station 2 and ufs the hours i spent playing on this console frame my childhood was a boom in terms of gameplay and graphics for something earned the nickname of the black beast and is that its catalog was full of great jewels of the video games shadow of the colossus, god of war and tekken 5 a great generation on consoles

then i got a nintendo wii and the truth is that if i had fun with this video game console its mechanics were entertaining and encouraged exercise and sport the will sports were great to play tennis or bowling, even being able to play baseball and take it out of the stadium with our controller that simulated a baseball bat was very great a console that marked an era.

the video game consoles were part of me in the children gave me hours of fun with my younger brother and today i do not play or use them as before but from time to time it is not bad to play a game, with family and friends. video game consoles are a great means of entertainment that provide a lot of fun

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