Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ November 11th, 2021 ] - Season 5 : New Professors & Rule Changes

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Thank you to everyone that submitted an application to become a Crypto Professor.

We have now been through all the applications and are happy to announce the appointment of three new Professors.

Season 5 of the Steemit Crypto Academy will be starting next week, but in the meantime the ten Introductory courses are still available for anyone at the Beginners level who has completed at least Level 4 of the Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community.

The New Crypto Professors

For Season 5 we have selected the following people to join the team of Crypto Professors…

These new Professors will be joining @dilchamo (Sri Lanka), @fredquantum (Nigeria), @imagen (Venezuela), @kouba01 (Tunisia), @lenonmc21 (Venezuela), @nane15 (Venezuela), @pelon53 (Venezuela), @reddileep (Sri Lanka), @reminiscence01 (Nigeria), @sapwood (India) and @wahyunahrul (Indonesia).

@allbert, @awesononso and @yohan2on are stepping down from their role as Crypto Professors.

If you have been selected as a new Crypto Professor please would you confirm your acceptance of the role in a comment below, and also include your Discord and Telegram contact details.

Season 5 Rule Changes

For Season 5, the Reputation requirements for each level are remaining the same, but the minimum Steem Power requirements are changing…

LevelReputationSteem Power
Introductory50150 SP
Beginners55300 SP
Intermediate60600 SP
Advanced65900 SP

There will also be, for the new season, some changes to the voting system.

Homework posts with a grade of at least 5 out of 10 will receive a percentage vote at the following rates...

Voting will primarily be done by @steemcurator02 (4 million SP). However if @steemcurator02 exceeds its voting power at any time, votes may be given by @steemcurator01 or @booming instead.

Each week, each Professor will also be selecting their ‘Top 3’ homework posts. These posts will receive an additional 10% bonus vote from @steemcurator01.

For Season 5 only people actively, and successfully, participating in #club5050 will be eligible to take part in the Crypto Academy homework tasks.

To take part in #club5050 you must be powering up at least 50% of your earnings, and over the previous 30 days, any cash-outs or transfers must be matched by equal or greater power-ups.

You must also not be powering down, nor using any vote buying or bid-bot services, nor delegating to any ‘investment services’ or bid-bots.

PLEASE NOTE - we reserve the right to reduce the vote of anyone not following the rules of #club5050 correctly, so make sure you are familiar with the requirements and check your balances with

Introductory Courses

The ten fixed Introductory Courses continue to be available for anyone who has completed at least Level 4 of the Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community with the required Reputation (50) and Steem Power (150 SP)...

Season 5 of the Steemit Crypto Academy will begin next week. There may be further changes to the voting and the rules as the season progresses, so follow @steemitblog to keep up to date.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much for selecting me for the role of cryptoacademy professor.

Congratulations, to other two newly selected professor. @sachin08 and @shemul21.

Discord:- utsavsaxena11#1929

 2 years ago 

Congratulations brother.You are a gem and i feel proud for you.

Thanks & Congratulations.

Congratulations buddy

Thank You for selecting me for the role of professor.

Yes, I accept the role.
And Many congratulations to all new selected professors @shemul21 and @utsavsaxena.

My Discord - A1_Sachin#3036

Thanks & Congratulations

I told you brother. Btw congratulations ❤️

Thank you ❤️

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much and congratulations ♥️♥️


 2 years ago (edited)

Yes, I accept the role.

So many thanks for selecting me for the role of Professor. I'm really excited to get this role. Congratulations to all newly selected professors @sachin08 and @utsavsaxena. And thanks to all Steemians.

My Discord ID - Shemul21#7668

 2 years ago (edited)

Congratulations @shemul21👍
Finally I get to be under your tutilage for the season 5😂✌️💯

Thanks a lot, man.

Hi bro @shemul21
Add me as your crypto student, I've sent request on fb and my discord is shohana#7389 add me for attending your classes.
Thanks to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for selecting you as crypto professor.

Thank you so much @steemitblog for this update, I am waiting in anticipation of next week when the season 5 will begin.

Congratulations to the newly appointed professors,

@sachin08 [ India ]

@shemul21 [ Bangladesh ]

@utsavsaxena11 [ India ]

And to the professors that have stepped down, you guys really did great. I appreciate all your efforts.
(@allbert, @awesononso and @yohan2on)

Season 5 is going to be awesome and with its new rules, well, let's see how it goes. I pray I will be able to fit in.

Thank you once more for the update.

Thanks mam

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much

 2 years ago (edited)

Felicitaciones para los nuevos Profesores en la academia. y para todos muchos existos para la próxima temporada de la academia. un saludos para todos .

@sachin08 [ India ]
@shemul21 [ Bangladesh ]
@utsavsaxena11 [ India ]

un gran saludo desde venezuela

para los profesores que se van excelente trabajo en la academia. @Yohan2on eres el mejor. saludos

Gracias por la apreciación

Congratulations To new selected professors, I wish for the best.

@sachin08 🎖
@shemul21 🎖
@utsavsaxena11 🎖

We are very glad to see the Academy resuming again. Congratulations to all the newly selected professors and to the professors that stepped down from their roles, you are great, and your sacrifices during the duration of service are well appreciated. Thanks to @steemitblog for this update.

Thank you, Sir

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all the professors.
I think club100 initiative should be promoted through higher upvotes.

#club100 will be rewarded on posts outside of the Crypto Academy.

 2 years ago (edited)

So users who are in the CryptoAcademy, and simultaneously also a part of #club75 #club100 won't be given extra votes on their assignment tasks?
cc @steemcurator01

 2 years ago 

I think they would be given extra upvotes on the tasks performed other than those in crypto academy . But than the rewards earned on posts performed in crypto academy shouldn't be considered for determining eligibility for club100 as that post payout would be utilized as per club50.

I totally agree with that steemcurator01, that for #club100 it is better to be outside the cryptoacademy #club100

Congratulations! To new selected professors, I wish for the best.

@sachin08 🎖
@shemul21 🎖
@utsavsaxena11 🎖

 2 years ago (edited)

Felicidades a las nuevas personas que van a formar parte del equipo de Profesores de la CriptoAcademia! Enhorabuena!



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