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What is SteemDb?

SteemDb is a block explorer and database for the Steem Blockchain. To visit this site, you need to open in order to navigate to the steemdb's home web page. In this home page, it shows the live chart of Steem/Bitcoin price on the markets. This is not the only feature on this tool as I will share with you the various features I discovered on Steemdb.


Features within SteemDb

30-Day MVest Distribution

Beneath the live chart is also information on the stake distribution by the blockchain. This specifies the percentage distribution to authors, curation, interest as well as witnesses. Mind you, these values are in Mega Vests(MV) hence, placing your cursor on the value of interest will bring out the exact value on either on of them.


Recent Blockchain Activity

This is found right beneath the '30-Day MVest Distribution'. Here you can access all the various recent activities within this blockchain. It is live and it provides updates on every single ongoing activity (votes, comments, transfers, comment options, claiming of account balance and so on). This is splendid.



On top of the homepage, you would find the 'accounts' section.


In this section you'll find the tabulated form of user accounts on this blockchain. It is well sorted in order of preference and can be filtered according to richlist, post, social and reputation.


The richlist also has a clickable drop-down arrow which draws out a drop-down menu when clicked. These sub sections (vest, sbd, steem, and power down) enables this richlist to be sorted out in descending order based on the filtered item.



Here we are able to view the highest earning posts for the day within the steemit ecosystem. It is sorted and arranged in descending order of the most earnings.



The witnesses section shows us the various witnesses we can find within this blockchain and it is arranged in order of votes. It also inculcates vital categories like history which shows all the relevant historical information associated with the various witnesses.



Another feature in steemdb is the 'lab' tool. Here users get to know of all the various experimental projects that are not yet embeded in steemdb. This also serves as the testing grounds for project we might see on steemdb in the foreseeable future.


Benefits of Steemdb

  1. It creates live blocks of current operations which is quite precise and straightforward.
  2. It provides the relevant details of account holding the most reputations, steem, posts and so on.
  3. It provides a chart on the top witnesses on the chain and their histories as well.
  4. It provides a lab of experimental projects which may be seen on steemdb in the foreseeable future.
  5. The home page provides a live chart on the steem/bitcoin price.
  6. It allows users to search and find various account in the search toolbar at the top right hand side.

To the attention of @cryptokannon. Thank you for this task which has enlightened me on steemdb.

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Good work

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You have been upvoted by @yohan2on a Steem Greeter from the STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

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