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My name is Nchanji Joel, I am a Cameroonian from the Northwest region. I am a student of FONAB Polytechnic, doing Design and construction.

So I am passionate about drawing, precisely Building plans and building structures. My passion for drawing was what pushed me to designing from Secondary school.
I love traveling a lot. Not a politics person though a fun of hearing politics conversation.
Am a music lover. I love listening to music, seeing people play and I love to play too. I express my love for music through playing the bass guitar. The bass guitar an awesome instruments, generally known as the heartbeat of an orchestra. Playing this instrument makes me to overpower emotionally. I also dedicate time to attend and watch musical concerts, that makes me happy and excited.

I love doing hard work, so for this, most of my weekends I spend them at the building site, which also in return widens my knowledge in designing buildings.

Am looking forward to learning more from people on this platform, getting more knowledge because writing is fun.
I have been introduced to this platform by my friends @tjean and @saxopedia who are guiding and mentoring me in my steem journey. They have told me a lot about the steem platform.

Through Steem I hope to share my passions of music and plan drawing.

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Hello ,
Welcome to Steemit and this wonderful community most especially and wish you will enjoy Steemit !

You can follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news on steemit platfrom and follow @steem-cameroon for more information about new contests and events in steem Cameroon community since you are a Cameroonian .

And I will also like to invite you to join the on going Never ending season 3 of the diary game "A Better Life With Steem' project " #betterlife , you can find information from here
Wish you a great future with Steemit !

Please feel free to ask anything and have a nice time on steemit!

Thanks very much

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You are welcome Blaise.

Keep updating and follow the community rules

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Welcome home bro

Thanks 🙏

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Hi, @joelbazz.

Welcome to the steem blockchain.
You can follow the #betterlife #thediarygame project
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit for upcoming contests and challenges

Please also check out Newcomers Achievement Program by @cryptokannon (English version).
You are welcome to post any content in Steemit Nursery.

Once more you are welcome to the home of fun. @fombae

Yea! Thanks

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Welcome to steemit. Here am sure you are going to find many other communties which will have what that really interest you. Will recommend you for music to join @musicforsteem and for other interesting stuff @steemcameroon

Okay. Thanks Bro

Hello @joelbazz,

Welcome to the steemit. There is a community of STEM-lovers on the Steem blockchain. If you are passionate on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines, the "Zero to Infinity" community can be of interest to you. You can join "SteemitCryptoAcademy" for gaining crypto knowledge. Also, don't forget to follow @steemitblog for the latest updates.

Thank You.