Application for Greeter Helper : By @janemorane

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Hello @cryptokannon

I am janemorane from Peshawar, Pakistan. I am 18 years old young enthusiast, working hard for the growth of the community and want to serve the community by getting similar opportunities!

Here is my Achievement#1 post to know more about me.

Languages I Understand and help in Newcomer's Community.

I read and understand English , Urdu and Pushtu very well and I can help newcomers, guide them according to the language they understand. Meanwhile I can also help other people from different places by using google translator to translate and understand their message, and then respond them accordingly.

What written languages that you will be able to help in the Newcomers Achievement Program?

Summary on the Achievements!

Achievement #2

I will be looking for the newcomer to fully understand the security of its account and how important it is to actually keep all the keys safe. I will also check if the person totally understand how to transfer between accounts and powering up its steem accordingly. I will check if all the picture/screenshots are its own and it has its username in the screenshots.

Achievement #3

I will be looking to the content the user provide and the originality of the post and If the user totally understand types of plagiarism and the type of quality content created.

Achievement #4

Here I will be focusing on the person's ability to manage all the markdowns and use them according to the need and make their presentation better at time. Images will be my main quota of checking.

Achievement #5

In this task i will be focusing on the understanding of the user on all the criteria required. I will be expecting from the user to fulfill all the asked questions and to know his understanding on all the steemit tools and their method of using.

Achievement #6

I will be focusing on if the user fully understand about how the voting on steemit works and the author and curation rewards are distributed. I may also help them see if they understand about the curation trail and how it works.


Being an old user on steemit I have always tried my best to guide newcomers according to the rules and regulations of steemit. I have gave clear advice to all the new users making mistakes and have questions in their mind. I tried to respond all the newcomers on discord as they contact me and want my help according to which I never dishearten anyone and guide them according to their understanding. If there is any way I can serve the Community I will be happy to take the responsibility.

I am thankful to @cryptokannon for giving this opportunity to all the users.

Looking Forward for your Kind response!


 3 years ago (edited)


You are one of the great stamens and you are really working hard. It would be great if you could work as a Greater Helper. Because there are boys here to verify the boys but there is no girl to verify the girls so you can do it better than boy. I am ready to support you in every way. I am glad that you have taken this step forward. May Allah bless you. Amen.

 3 years ago 

Hy @janemorane wishing you best of luck, but as I was reading Greeter helper's requirements in which their demand was I think pro NewComer that means a user should have completed it's all Achievements ! Is it???

 3 years ago 

Yes it is a requirement but I am an old user and joined in 2018 with 66+ reputation and 1700+ SP, and I fulfil all the requirements to be a greeter helper.
Thanks 😊

 3 years ago 

@janemorane yes I knew about your power you are deserving candidate no doubt..
But I am also old user I joined it 2018 but I skipped it at that time now came back from the gap of 3 years .. and in last 4 days I have also achived 5.2 Achivements and 5.3 is under pending.. Me too thinking for submission of this application but I have only 124 sp😐

 3 years ago 

For this you need 500+ SP and 60+ reputation dear 😊

 3 years ago (edited)

That's impossible for me atleast 2,3 months 😁 by the way a steemit user name jawad101 has less sp and less reputation I think somewhere in 56 but he became Greeter helper
Anyways my prayers are with you
IN SHAA ALLAH you will be the next Greeter helper's and soon we will see you achieving CR's Role🌺😊

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much 😊

 3 years ago 

Always welcome stay blessed Dear 😊

Respected @janemorane
You are one of the great steemian and you are really working very will be great if you work as greeter helper becasue we need woman greet helper ..becasue female can help to verify pakistani female as Country Cr my 100% support for you

Country representative pakistan

 3 years ago 

I think you are one of the best person. To learn from and when it comes to newcomers I believe that you can do great job.

I support you 100%. For. The role

 3 years ago 

@janemorane best of luck. You are deserving candidate for greeter helper. I fully support you.

May our prayers be with you, Allah Pak make you the best of luck

 3 years ago 

You are doing a great job, we are with you. You are a very hard working woman. Our prayers are always with you

 3 years ago 

Hello, dear Janemorane, you are a very good and cheerful person and you have a very good manners with all of us Stamens and you work hard.

 3 years ago 

You are really a big stamen. And you are working very hard. You are doing very well whatever you are doing. May Allah give you more promotions.

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