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RE: Application for Greeter Helper : By @janemorane

in Newcomers' Community3 years ago

Hy @janemorane wishing you best of luck, but as I was reading Greeter helper's requirements in which their demand was I think pro NewComer that means a user should have completed it's all Achievements ! Is it???

 3 years ago 

Yes it is a requirement but I am an old user and joined in 2018 with 66+ reputation and 1700+ SP, and I fulfil all the requirements to be a greeter helper.
Thanks 😊

 3 years ago 

@janemorane yes I knew about your power you are deserving candidate no doubt..
But I am also old user I joined it 2018 but I skipped it at that time now came back from the gap of 3 years .. and in last 4 days I have also achived 5.2 Achivements and 5.3 is under pending.. Me too thinking for submission of this application but I have only 124 sp😐

 3 years ago 

For this you need 500+ SP and 60+ reputation dear 😊

 3 years ago (edited)

That's impossible for me atleast 2,3 months 😁 by the way a steemit user name jawad101 has less sp and less reputation I think somewhere in 56 but he became Greeter helper
Anyways my prayers are with you
IN SHAA ALLAH you will be the next Greeter helper's and soon we will see you achieving CR's Role🌺😊

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much 😊

 3 years ago 

Always welcome stay blessed Dear 😊

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