Newcomer Guidelines for Verification and Curation

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Dear Newcomer...

I am writing this post because there are many things I want to convey, as a greeter my duty is to validate newcomer achievement tasks and identify fake accounts that will be farming on the steemit platform

First of all I would like to convey that the account verification process must follow the guidelines for writing achievements that have been summarized by @cryptokannon and several translations written by other steemian

The following is a guide that you can read and understand to write an Achievement task to get a verified label

English version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version

Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Turkish version

Yeni Katılan Türk Kullanıcılar İçin - Kazanım Görevleri ( Achievement Tasks ) Türkçe Versiyonu Hazır!

Bangladesh version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources[বাংলায় ট্রান্সলেশন]

Bahasa Indonesia version

Kumpulan Panduan Tugas Achivement dan Materi Tugas Pencapaian Bagi Pendatang Baru

@ripon0630 has written a post for newcomers to follow as a guide achievement 1

Here I want inform to newcomers to be able to respond to comments from greeters as soon as possible by following the instructions given in the comments. Reply to the comment after you have fulfilled the greeter's request

I hope the user who informed you about steemit can comment on your post to validate the achievement 1 post "that he was the one who invited you to join steemit"

If you know steemit from social media platforms like Youtube, twitter, Instagram or others, please include your active social media link (eg your Facebook) in your achievement1 post and you must post the achievement1 link on your facebook profile to prove that facebook is yours. and not in locked status so that the greeter can immediately identify you

Please mention a greeter if your Achievement post has been missed from our view after 7 day

Greeters Team | Language
@adeljose | Spanish
@cryptokannon | English
@goodybest | English
@heriadi | Indonesia, English
@inspiracion | Spanish
@juichi | English, Tagalog
@ngoenyi | English
@radjasalman | Indonesia
@ripon0630 | English, Bengali
@tocho2 | Spanish
@wilmer1988 | Spanish

Newcomers Community are only allowed to post Achievements 1 to 6 and Compilation Tasks, publishing spam posts is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to write Achievement posts more than once, if your post needs improvement you can edit the post many times. we will clean up the community by mute irrelevant posts

Newcomers will get support with the steemit curation account @steemcurator09 which is operated by Team Newcomer. The newcomer team will explore posts from verified newcomers and account ages from 0 -3 months in all communities as well as outside the community to provide support and guidance to newcomers

You are welcome to read the Newcomer team's curation guidelines

NOTE : Achievements post that have been verified or other posts from newcomers are not guaranteed to get votes from @steemcurator09

Team Newcomer| Curator Day
@inspiracion | Monday
@radjasalman | Tuesday
@nadeesew | Wednesday
@chiabertrand | Thursday
@ripon0630 | Friday
@heriadi| Saturday
@juichi |Sunday

So many guidelines for newcomers regarding verification of achievement and curation tasks from the Newcomer Team, I hope you can be active in writing posts free of plagiarism and commenting on other users' posts with comments that match the post theme, thank you

Best Regard

Greeter team/Team newcomer

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Please visit my post so the stream can confirm me

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Peace be upon you
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Whatever you wrote, go right and right forward. We are with you. Be happy. Thank you

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Please visit my post so the stream can confirm me

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Thank you very much for this clear guidance.

Dear @heriadi
I am a new steemit member my name is Suman, the instructions are good I understand but should give a little chance for newbies. Then the newcomers will not break down, they will be more motivated to work.

but should give a bit of a chance to beginners

What do you mean?

we always provide opportunities and guide newcomers, because those who participate in achievement tasks will understand how to operate steemit by direct application

I was posting in 2 groups without realizing it, as a newbie, I didn't understand their instructions. I've had a lot of work to close my two ads and now my ability to post ads is reduced so please be kind to the newbies.

You must obey the rules of each community and respect the community guidelines, that's why we invite new users to learn in the newcomer community through the newcomer Achievement program

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Greetings ! I have give the same proposal to newbies while instructing them. I always visit this community to guide Steemians. I mentioned that must add your active social media links in your post. And the result was good. That person immediately added the links. Because it's easy to observe the person is he athentic of fake? This is good initiative for verification of Steemians.
Thank you for this update.

you're welcome

 last year 

Hi sir @heriadi,
I had posted my Achievement 2 almost 2 years ago, but it didn't get upvoted or verified. I have been away from steemit for some time, but I want to restart my journey here. Can you help me in this regard to get my Achievement 2 verified so I can continue further please?
Best Regards

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