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RE: Achievement 4 mentor by @cryptokannon : Applying Markdown

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This is super cool @cryptokannon. My new recruits will learn a lot from it. Resteemed


Nice! Glad it helps. Don't forget to tell your recruits about our Pro Minnow Program and Steem Greet community here 😃

 7 months ago 

Thanks @cryptokannon. I have been on Steemit since 2018. Although I left about 5 months ago, I was not fully here. Am I expected to also do the Pro Minnow program?

@focusnow I think you have sufficient knowledge of how steem works already and don't need for the Pro Minnow Program. We appreciate it if you could help spread the words about this program to the people that you bring into steemit and we also have a program for existing steemian that have been in steem for over 6 months but their all-time author rewards still below 500SP, you can check this with the tools


Details about the 500SP Minnowsupport Program

We will think of how to compensate you based on how many newusers you can bring into the program. Thank you.

 7 months ago 

@cryptokannon. I am not just going to bring in many ordinary users, I will bring in people that will make small investments on this platform. I originally planned to do that on Hive, but there was zero support. So I decided to come back to the platform I left few months ago. The organization and newbie support I saw here in the last few days is phenomenal. So my small group of friends started signing up yesterday. I have forwarded to them the achievement posts from achievement 1 to 4. I also reblogged them to my page. I will follow up their training in our WhatsApp group. I will set a target to onboard 7 persons each week. Whatever support we will get from you in the future to build our community here will be appreciated. I will be messaging you about our progress through discord. Thanks

 3 months ago 

Wow! I would really love to be part of this

 3 months ago (edited)

@cryptokannon Hello, pls how do i check my authur reward

Hi @izraelinspired you can check here with this tool
scroll down to post and click on any of the active posts then see "summary" tab.

 3 months ago 

Ok thanks.