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RE: Achieviement 1 by @sofian88 task : introduce your self

in Newcomers' Community2 years ago

Hi @sofian88

Welcome to Steemit world my friend ! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Its a place where you create quality content, sharing your daily life work through #thediarygame and get rewarded for it. Have a good time here sharing your stories with us!

Apart from all this , There are several communities on Steemit that might intrigue you or match your interests, you can join them . You can check from here. List of Steemit Communities Categorized by Their Subjects

Please follow @steemitblog to get new updates and to Participate in more intresting challenges to earn more rewards!

If any query you can ask me any time.

Thank You .

 2 years ago 

thanks my friend, I'll try to learn and start following your good advice, it's nice to learn from great people like you @dharamps

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