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Hello Newcomers!
Welcome to Steemit and we hope that you will like it here and looking forward to learning the world of crypto with other steemian.
Please take a look at this booster package 📢 Steemit Crypto Academy 150SP Booster 🚀(Revised Edition) that we have for newcomers so you may join the Steemit Crypto Academy soon

Your post gets downvote..

Some of you might be wondering and worry about the downvotes that you're getting from random accounts on Steemit. Please do not worry if the account that downvoting your post is:

  • has little steem power(SP) such as 2 SP as this will not affect your post payout.
  • has a low reputation (25 or below) as this will not affect your account reputation.

For example, these are the list of accounts that have been downvoting people's posts and they are harmless..

downvoteacc.pngSteemit account such as this one is harmless

You only have to worry when some account with a significantly high number of reputation than you, for example over 60 reputations and also huge steem power, over 5000SP or more and this will have some effect on your post payout and also reputation.
If you happen to be in this situation, let us know but please bear in mind that we can't do anything about it if some other user happens to do this as we can only suggest them to stop and they still have the right to decide if they will want to listen or still continue their hostile act.

Please keep on doing your Newcomers Achievement Program tasks and let us know if you have any issues in the comment section. Thank you and welcome to Steemit!

Have fun learning and socializing!

Steem Greeters Team.

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I have issue, I've done my introductory post since days ago and it's never been verified, and I need it verified in time so as to participate in the ongoing cryptoacademy


That's the link to the achievement2 post. Can I go on writing the achievement 3, and 4 at a time after this 2 is verified?

 last month 

Ditto. Been seeking help for my Achievement 1 :(

 last month 

Me either



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Thank you

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Thank you

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It's great to have a post like this is a post that
I love seeing him thank you. 👍

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Been having this issue a lot. Made about five post that has had downvotes or no votes at all.
Been asking questions as to what i should do.Because i try to stick to the rules and make posts at the little times i have got.
Maybe i will get a few hints here to help.

 last month 

Thank you for this post. Now I don't have to worry about random accounts downvoting my posts.

 last month 

Hi @cryptokannon
i have completed all achievement
let me know can i apply for Greeter or Greeter Helper
Thank You

 last month 
Thank you for your correct guidance. I have a problem with achievement 6. It was not voted or verified. I wait to finish with the last task. What are you suggesting?
 last month 

Hello @cryptokannon I have made achievement 2 post but it's not verified is there any mistake please check and if it's able to verify please verify my achievement 2 post link is here https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@kunwal/achievement-2-kunwal-task-basic-security-on-steem

 last month 

Thanks for clarification @cryptokannon.
I also have pending Achievement 2 task, which has not been checked. I guess there are a lot of posts pending in this regard. However, I hope that our achievement tasks are checked soon 😊
My Achievement 2 Post

 last month 

Good day Ma
Please I applied for the 150SP Booster and I haven’t gotten any response till now. Please is there any task for me to do so as to get the 150SP Booster.
Thanks @cryptokannon

 last month 

Thank you for clearing this

 last month 

Hello @cryptokannon, I want to really appreciate you for what you are doing here on steemit, may God bless you.
Please my Achievement 3 has not been verified. Please I need your help. Thank you very much

Ok so where do I start?

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Nice post

 last month 

Thank you.

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Helo @cryptokannon, this is very important to know, thanks for reporting, i have seen this frequently.

 last month 

Hello, I loved your publication, it really has excellent content

 last month 

Please @cryptokannon help me to verify my Achievement 4 post.

Thank you so much for your kind gestures.

Please help me in verifying my 1st achievement . Blow the link of my
I will be thankful to you

Thanks for the information. It is important to keep calm.

 last month 

Yeah, getting a downvote can get pretty scary. Someone would think they did something really bad. Thanks for the comfort.

 last month 

Thanks for posting this.

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I got a downvote. Ever since that I stopped posting on steemit for a while. I'm submitting the details as I saw this post.

Screenshot (67).png
post link

Screenshot (64).png

I didn't do anything wrong and also there is no reason for that guy to give a downvote and also no one is even supporting the post.
@troustiem @cryptokannon

 last month 

Please this is the entry to my achievement 1 i really need help for it to be verified this is my second time doing achievement 1 and no signs of verification
Please i really need for it to be verified so that i can proceed to do my achievement 2 with a free mind.ttps://steemit.com/hive-172186/@amyjay/achievement-1-task-introduce-yourself-by-amyjay

 last month 

hello @cryptokannon

i have completed all achievement
let me know can i apply for Greeter or Greeter Helper @cryptokannon

 last month 

Sangat bermanfaat besar saudara ku

 29 days ago 

Hi thank you for your efforts, but pls I need help oo I posted my first achievement content on introduction of my self since last 6 days I've not been verified yet.
Am a Ghanaian and my steemit name is @gandaff

 29 days ago 

Hi thank you for your efforts, but pls I need help oo I posted my first achievement content on introduction of my self since last 6 days I've not been verified yet.
Am a Ghanaian and my steemit name is @gandaff

 29 days ago (edited)

How are you ma'am I hope you are well ma'am my асhievement 3 has been verified today it will be 7 days but I have not received a vote yet and I am an active member please I hope you will definitely help me and Will vote for me
۔And I have also sent you the link of my achievement 3 below۔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

 29 days ago 

Hi @cryptokannon,
Kindly find my achievements 1-3 below for verification.

Excelente post, te felicito continúa publicando tus contenidos y hazte a conocer en la comunidad de steemit.

Acá te dejo una recomendación para hacer una mejor publicidad para que puedas dar lo mejor de ti para embellecer tu post..


Exitos 👍🏻😉

Thanks! extremely useful!

 28 days ago 

I have been having problems getting my introduction post Achievement 1 verified. After a week I edited parts of it and updated my verification picture as I thought maybe I made a mistake. But it still hasn't gotten any attention.

I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me get verified.

Thank you!

 28 days ago 

I post dairy but i do much more better how i learn and earn money plz guide me

 27 days ago 

Impressive Dear Respected.

Thanks for this post. My achievements #1 and #2 post have not been verified for many days now. @rubee2as1

 27 days ago 

"Introduction My Self"

please verifi !

Ma @cryptokannon. Hope you are doing alright,
I posted my achievement 1 post about 1-2weeks ago but it still hasn't been verified yet.

After which I then posted my achievement 2

But none have been verified. Pls help me, I really want to keep Steeming but don't know what to do again. Should I post my achievement 3? or wait for achievement 1 and 2 to be verified?

 26 days ago 

helo mam @cryptokannon
please have a look verify my post i have tired again again posting my post


 26 days ago 

Please ma @cryptokannon my achievement5.1 haven't been verified for over 7days now, and I have reposted I will really appreciate if it will be going a due consideration. Here is the link https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@zealyakub/achievement-5-task-1-by-zealyakub-review-steemworld-org Thank you

 26 days ago (edited)

Hi,@cryptokannon this is my fifth post about achievement 3, is there no one from the newcomers members who wants to check and correct mine clearly? if anyone else sees this , it can be frustrating for them to have posted several times without any clear correction.



I hope I can get some clarity on this and I ask for justice from you as chairman.@cryptokannon

 23 days ago 

Hola @Cryptokannon, hace días atrás realicé mi logro 5 Tarea 1 y por favor no ha sido revisado ni verificado, se que son muchos los logros que entran en cola, espero tu pronta respuesta, gracias, aqui te dejo el enlace del mismo.


 21 days ago 

Buen día, saludos.
Me pueden enviar información del programa de logros. Soy nueva y llevo solo EL LORO 1. Me Ayudan por favor.
#affable #onepercent #venezuela

 21 days ago 

hola saludos desde la perla del caribe, Venezuela. es grato saber que nosotros los que estamos dando los primeros pasos en esta maravillosa plataforma Steemit, nosotros los que nos estamos iniciando valoramos los aportes que se nos dan... gracias por tu apoyo y recomendaciones.

 17 days ago 

Hello @cryptokannon
Please let me help in verifying newcomers.
There’re so many newcomers coming in these day and it feels like there’s so much pressure on you, the reps, and the greeters. I could help.

I have completed all my achievement tasks. I am currently doing active steem newcomers recruitment on my campus. Here’s a link to the last one I did on campus:


My achievement compilation post

 14 days ago 

Ok gracias estare muy atento saludos😄

Hi @cryptokannon! I post my first achievement a 8 days ago but it hasn't been verified yet. Here is the link:
Hola @cryptokannon! Publiqué mi primer logro hace 8 días, pero aún no se ha verificado. Aqui esta el link: