Hi Newcomers! Please read this 😊

in Newcomers' Community3 months ago

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to Newcomers Community.


We would be grateful if you could please only post your Achievement Tasks post in this community and please refrain from posting any other post in here.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Any other post will be muted by our moderators.

 2 months ago 

what achievements are they referring to? I would like to understand, I am also a newcomer

 2 months ago 

do you have discord? I have many doubts :(

Hi @jenniferlessio yes join us at steemingcurators discord server say hi to me there https://discord.com/invite/K7aM3Zz

 3 months ago 

Alright ma'am @cryptokannon , correction taken,

It's nice as you have bring it to the notice of those ignorant of the rule;

I believe people should have gone through the guidelines or rules governing a community before posting their contents,but with these,i believe it will give them more knowlegde on the neccessary things to do;

I must commend you over work well done

Nice well noted 👍

 2 months ago 

Hi, I've just made my second achievement, but I have a question: are you the only person who certifies the achievements? Anticipated thanks for your answer.

Hi @joalsaro thank you for participating in the program.
We have a team of curators in the steem greeters team that will curate and certifies each task.
They are different people for each task. So you will get to meet different curators to check and curate your achievements task along the way.
Nice to have you in the Newcomers Community and glad you taking part in the program. See you around 😊

 2 months ago 

Thank you, my friend @cryptokannon! I'll do my best. Promised. See you!

This is nice. Every newbies should see this and anyone inviting people should guide them not to post other contents apart from their acheivements. It's very much important. Thanks for this @cryptokannon.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for letting us know

I think this initiative gives the community the focus needed!

 3 months ago (edited)

Hello @cryptokannon
My task on achievement 6 had already been crossed 7 days
But, You don't have a look
Here is my

 2 months ago (edited)

Ok, I can see this has been passed by yohan2on. There are two to three pending tasks in Achievement 5 that I have been following up since yesterday, I will get them passed today if they respond.

Thank you.

hello please i am New Here i need so guide on how to upload my profile picture and what is the limit of post i can make in a day

Hello there!
I can see you havent uploaded the profile picture yet.
Have you been taught how to upload it so far?

yes thanks but i want to know how to earn more on this platfporm

 3 months ago 

If we see different types of posts in the newcomer's community, then of course it doesn't look good. It looks like rubbish. Your initiative will now make this community look much nicer.

Hi, please let introduce my self I'm @elmahmudi and i would like convey my warm regards to @cmp2020 @cryptokannon @kiwiscanfly @mariita52 and all others members of this steemit community, its been an honour for me to rejoin will all of you.

I @elmahmudi would like to apply for steem greeters support from you. hereby i attach my introduction link below


my best regards

 2 months ago 

Hello @cryptokannon

I done achievement 2 don 5 days ago. But you Don't have any look.
Achievement 2 : Basic Security on Steem

 2 months ago 

Muy importante esta información, era una de mis preguntas, no sabía si debía publicar aquí otras cosas a parte de los logros, pero al leer esto me doy por enterada, muchas gracias.

Hello @cryptokannon I have posted my achievement 3 post...
Please check and support me...

Your support is must need.
Please keep me following.
Thanks 💕

Hello! I'm also a newbie. Any help about the achievements is very much appreciated

 2 months ago 

@cryptokannon, Done posting my 2nd Achievement (Click here to view), but no one hasn't seen this yet. Currently working on the 3rd Achievement.

 2 months ago 

Hola. Soy nueva. No he realizado mi presentación. ¿Puedo hacerlo de una vez en esta comunidad?

@catalino yes please do so 😊
cc @edlili24

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