Achievement 01-My first (@amiladinesh) introduction for steemit.Thank you (@cryptokanno)

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Hello my dear friends. I am glad to be associated with youamiladinesh.jpgMy name is Amila dinesh kumara. I live in Anuradhapura. I am 31 years old to the this 20th of August.😊. I am businessman by profession distributed stocks of iron products for agriculture. My mother name is wimala shanthi and she always does housework. My dad name is dharmarathne and he was a skilled industrial craftsman. I have a sister. the 26 -years-old is a sports coach and represent a member of a provincial political party.


My wife is apeksha dilrukshi. She is an employee of a spectacles sales company by profession. She has been a grate comfort to my life. We both live in love.

I loved art since I was a child. drama and theater, cinema, its my favorite subject of my life. I studied drama for a long time and obtained a Diploma in writer ship and mass communication from the University of Sri jayewardhanapura.

My hobby is collecting memories of natural places and travel by the Srilanka.


I love making short films. currently, four short films on various themes have been created and uploaded to the YouTube network. Although I'm not clever at it. I'm in the habit of gathering experience by experimenting with I know. 😊😊😊😊

I hope to share ideas with my user while exploring new information in the future.

Thanks to both of you. @cryptokanno/ @bestifinder


Hola @amiladinesh que bueno verte por acá por Steemit.
En este maravilloso ecosistema tendrás la oportunidad de compartir tus contenidos siempre que sean originales y de calidad, cosa que al principio no es tan fácil.
Por eso te quiero presentar mi ayuda en este peregrinaje de crecimiento en la plataforma.

  1. Cuando redactes un escrito verifica que posea entre 300 a 500 palabras, recordando siempre usar la tag de tu país de residencia, por ejemplo #argentina
  2. Existen comunidades que gustosamente te recibirán y ayudaran a crecer en este ecosistema. (Te comparto algunas)
    Recien llegados: En esta aprenderás a ser mejor cada día en Steemit, y serás motivado a cumplir diversos logros que te guiaran a ser uno con tu cuenta de usuario.

Recreative Steem Es un espacio seguro y abierto en el que todos tienen la oportunidad de expresarse libremente según la capacidad y talentos que sienta como su pasión en la vida.

Además puedes usar tu creatividad en la iniciativa the diary game esta en su tercera temporada.

Por ultimo pero no menos importante, revisa con cierta frecuencia la cuenta @steemitblog donde estarás actualizándote de cada novedad que surja en la plataforma.

Espero puedas crecer y estoy completamente a la orden para asesorarte y ayudar en este maravilloso mundo.

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Hello, you must put as first tag #achievement1
Hello @amiladinesh I inform you that you have passed your first achievement and therefore you can start the second achievement.
Here are the parameters of the second achievement. ACHIEVEMENT 2

hello @graceleon :)
Invalid achievement tag :) btw i have mentioned lets hope the user corrects it :)

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Hi, @amiladinesh,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.

 6 months ago (edited)

Hi.... thank you so much.

 6 months ago 

Welcome to the steemit platform. Congratulations on going so far here.

 6 months ago 

Thank a lot akki..😊😊😊😊✌✌✌

 6 months ago 


Welcome to Steemit.

I invite you to Complete your Achievement Tasks in #Newcomer’s Community which was published by @cryptokannon.

There areSteemit Crypto Academy Introductory Courses that you also can take part.

Read Notice to Newcomers for more Information.

As a New Steemit Member You can apply For Support Program too.

There are many communities on steemit that you can subscribe. Here are some communities that you can join on steemit.

  1. SteemWomenclub
  2. Steem Library
  3. SteemFoods
  4. Steemit Nursery
  5. steeming community

I invite you to Browse the steemit platform for more communities and join them.

Happy Journey on Steemit

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Most well come my dearest friend & brother @amiladinesh....🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕❤️❤️😍😍😍 congratulations & go ahead ...!!!!🌷🌷🌷

 6 months ago 

thank you so much for your guidelines.❤❤❤❤💖💖

Kindly correct the Achievement Tag ! Actually Greeter and Greeter helpers Usually missed out those achievements who don't have tag over it !


Thanks for spotting it mate @hanssanabid

Your Welcome ! :)

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