Compilation of Achievements Tasks 1-6: by @ahsanjawed || June 30, 2021

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Hello And Welcome to my Compilation of All Achievements Tasks Post

The most important day has arrived on this platform of the Newcomers' Community, and it has been almost a month since I have been on this platform of steemit that has taught me how to perform in it through its achievements, and believe me when I say that I learned a lot because achievements are not easy to achieve. I am completely satisfied with having completed this stage of this community, and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me.I can't hide since I learnt how to accomplish these things from them, as well as the great method they taught me to grasp the many systems they presented to me.

Source Giphy

Here are My Achievements List

Thank You So Much to Every One Specially @cryptokannon To Make Such Informative Posts.


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Hello dear @ahsanjawed, I am pleased to inform you that you have been successfully verified for this task. You are now a pro newcomer verified.

Thank you for completing all your achievement tasks.
Best regards: @ngoenyi
 5 months ago 

Thank-you so much.

Hello dear @ahsanjawed, I can't find your achievement 5 task 1 link among the links you compiled. The one you called your achievement 5 task 1 is your achievement task 4.
Please check your work again and make the correction.

Thank you!!!

 5 months ago 

Ohh I see,
Thank-you for Correcting

 5 months ago 

Nice bro keep it up

 5 months ago 

Keep it up buddy.

 5 months ago 

Hi, @ahsanjawed,

Your post has been supported by @damithudaya from the Steem Greeter Team.


 5 months ago 

Thank you

ahsan bhai kindly give me some tips about steemit. i am new here and want to learn to become pronewcommer.

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