SEC-S17W4: "Express Your Love For National Flag."

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Dear friends,

I am Jyoti from India and I'm here going to participate in this SEC 17 Week 4 contest : organised by Steem For Bangladesh community. My mother land is India I love our country and our flag very much and respect it more than my life.



Express Your Love For National Flag

Is there any history behind the formation of your national flag? If so, what happened?

The Indian national flag is a powerful symbol of national pride and is one of the most revered national symbols. It is a powerful symbol that represents the country's struggle for independence, its unity, diversity and the aspirations of its people. The journey of the flag from its inception to its current prominence is a testament to the country's history and the values it stands for.


In 1931, a resolution was passed to adopt the tricolor as our national flag. The flag had three stripes of saffron, white and green, with Mahatma Gandhi's spinning wheel in the middle.

On July 22, 1947, the Constituent Assembly adopted the Indian flag with three scrolls and the Ashoka Chakra in the middle. As a result, the tricolor of the Congress party became the tricolor of independent India.

The National Flag of India was designed by Bingali Venkaiah. He was one of the freedom fighter of India. The Indian flag was adopted on July 22, 1947 shortly before India's independence from the British Empire.

What do the different colors or symbols on your national flag represent?

The national flag, called Tricolor (Tiranga in Hindi), has three colors and the Ashoka Chakra in the middle. The three colors represent:


Saffron Color - Courage and sacrifice
White - truth, peace and purity
Green color - prosperity

Ar the top the flag is affron color, and is a symbol of courage and sacrifice. White: White color represents honesty, peace and purity. Green: The color green represents faith and bravery.

The Ashoka Chakra represents the laws of dharma. Ashoka Chakra was chosen as a representation of Dharma. The size of the Ashoka Chakra is not defined in the flag code. Ashoka Chakra should have 24 evenly spaced spokes. Ashoka Chakra is navy blue with flag white.

The length and breath ratio of the national flag of India is 3:2. The three strips of flag should be equal in width and length. The Asoka Chakra is In the middle with 24 spokes.

How does your national flag represent your country on the world stage?

Our flag is honored when our players win medals in Olympic games, our flag is honored when we become champions in Cricket World Cup and our flag is hoisted when our players win in other competitions like Asian Games, Commonwealth Games.


The national flag can be hoisted in educational institutions (schools, colleges, sports camps, scout camps, etc.) to promote respect for the flag. Pledge also takes place during the flag hoisting ceremony in schools.
A public, a private organization or a member of an educational institution may hoist/display the National Flag on all days and occasions.

We are proud the one of the first flags hoisted on Mont Everest On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norge climbed Mount Everest and hoisted the Indian flag on Mount Everest along with the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the national flag of Nepal.

Huge Indian flag hoisted at India-Pakistan Attari border. The country's largest flag is 110 meters long, 24 meters wide and weighs 55 tonnes.During the Indo-Soviet joint space mission in April 1984, India's national flag flew into space as a symbol on the spacesuit worn by Cosmonaut Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma.

I am proud to announce in this post that our national flag has been flown on the moon last year as well.


Share your love for your national flag through any creative means of art, craft, drawing, painting, or special video.

I thought I would make a Gif animation for this contest and decided to design it in Canva Designer which we all use a lot. here I am going to explain how i designed the Gif. First I selected the presentation and then opened a blank blank page.


On left sift side there are many tools for designing suchs as text, upload, draw, photos, elements , designs etc . I clicked the elements tool.



Then after clicking on elements it has search bar. After searching for brush stroke in it, it gave a lot of options. I have selected two brush strokes out of them.

I have given orange color for one brush stoke using color option tool just above the page.

I also gave the brush stroke below a green color and selected both of them and animated them to move from left to right in the animation option.


After that I clicked on Elements again and searched for India Flag or Ashok Chakra in the search bar. It had many Ashok Chakra options. Some of them were paid version and some were free. I selected the black Ashok Chakra which was free and gave it blue color.



Then I selected the wheel and went to the animation option to animate it to spin around the flag. After all the work done I played it once and the zip came in good shape and it was beautiful to look at I think you will like this digital art too.

Untitled design (1).gif

I would like to invite



@simaroy to participate in this useful contest and win.


Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650 Telegram :-



The national flag is every pride of every nation and I believe when it comes to the national flag of India, so much of history and fact will definitely be attached to the flag

Yes, there too much of sacrifice behind our national flag. Thank you for reading

 last month 

Honorable @jyoti-thelight mam,,,

A national flag is very dear and a matter of pride to the Nagatik of all countries. Because it indicates the uniqueness of a country and presents the country to the outside world. No country earns its national flag easily, it requires bloody sacrifice and struggle. And many thanks to Bingali Venkaiah sir who drew the national flag of your country. Through the colors he used in his drawings, he expressed courage, sacrifice, truth, purity, and self-sufficiency in agriculture, and the circle in the middle represented the law of the land. Your country is a role model all over the world, your success in every field is noticeable. Thank you so much for submitting such a beautiful post about the country's flag and helping us know about your country's flag. Keep the good work.

• Best Regards

I am glad that our country is role model of the world , thank you for reading and passing a positive fedback

 last month 

Thank you very much for displaying your country's flag in front of us.

Wow I had learnt more details about our national flag from your post mam. And also you had made a beautiful gift by using canvas application the step by step explanation is very useful for others to create there country flag thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us

Thank you for the good compliments, have a nice day

 last month 

Dear @jyoti-thelight
course a country's national flag represents the country as a whole, and each country's flag has a history of emotional and sacrifice involved in its acquisition, which you've beautifully illustrated in your post.

I am glad that you like my illustraion. Thank you verymuch

 last month 

We know that India is a very big country and an independent sovereign country. We also know that the flag of every country carries the identity of that country as well as the identity of some great people of that country. And the colors used in the flag also have a great mystery. Many contributions are hidden in the use of each part and each color of each country's flag. And they all carry meaning.
We know that Mahatma Gandhi contributed a lot to India's independence and people of India keep a symbol of him on their national flag to remember his contribution.
Above all the description of your post was very nice.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read such a beautiful post. 💞💞

Yes, Mahatma Gandhi was the great person who's sacrifice also behind our independence and our nationlad flag. Thank you for reading.

 last month 

You are most welcome.
Take love dear 💞

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