|| The Diary Game Season 3 || 12/04/22 Our First Novenario

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Happy Monday morning my dear stemmians. Im starting to love this Diary Game because of this feature I can write all the events that happened in my everyday life. It could be good or either bad, and we must accept lifes challenges.


And yesterday It was a blessed Sunday for me and my kids, specially to my fellow ka barangay. Because last night was the start of our Novena mass for our patron saint, Santa Lucia or Saint Lucy. Every year they held a mass that will start at December fourth to December 13th. The mass last year starts at 7 in the evening but this year they made it earlier 6:30 pm (18:30) It was a good time for us because the church is a bit far, we don't have a spare money to ride a trycycle.



We arrived at 6:30 (18:30) the mass hasn't started but we can't go inside because it's full already. Even outside you will see its already crowded, I really don't want to come early because Ria is so naughty. At first she was quiet but she started to get along after she saw some playmate. She started to walk I couldn't caught any good angle and to make her stop i brought her a cotton candy.



My legs and thighs are getting painful so we decided to find a place so we can just sit for a while. Then I did a click to let you see the banderitas or gayak my fellow ka barangay did. Two years ago before the pandemic locks us at our house we have a happy fiesta because they held an amateur singing contest. But this year I think the samahan ng kabataan at matandaan have no funds and they didn't find a sponsor for the event. The first prize was 8000 pesos, The second prize was 5000 pesos and the third was 3000 Except for the consolation prizes. We hardly feel that money is slowly losing, there's also a live band before the start of the singing contest. But last night it was a simple and quiet barrio. There's also a peryaan or a mini carnival but as the years went the priest stop the peryaan because he thinks that others are just wasting their money in gambling. Even my husband and his brother lost thousands in a color game and the priest has a good reason about this.

The communion is is starting but because of too much people me and kids decided not to go. Then after the communion the closing prayer and the priest blessings. I told my kid's that since we held the mass outside we need now to go inside to see Saint Lucy. But there's a line






We're almost there, we just want to hold Saint Lucy because we can't promise to complete the ten novena mass. Before we attend the mass my eldest daughter just got home about 4pm (16:00) they have a practice for their math dance. And she told me that they also have a practice for this day. Hubby told me that if we can complete the 10 Novena mass we can wish and it might came true. But it always need to work hard, thanks for reading and lets all have a productive week.

Thank you so much everyJuan
Love, @usagigallardo15

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Ang pagdadarasalnay walang piling lugar, kahit nasa bahay ka lang dahil ang tunay na Diyos ay nasa lahat na lugar. Kahit di mo ma complete ang novena, ang dalangin mo ay dinggin basta galing sa puso.

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