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Hello my dear Steemians, how are you all I hope you're all doing fine because in not. The truth is I'm not in the mood to write today because my monthly period is making my body feel bad and painful too. Sometimes I want to experience being a man, no need to experience menstrual cramps, dysnomerrea and so on. But I know God created us all equal even in a different way.



But because I did the selfie yesterday with the definite date i need to pass my introduction right a way. And here's a quick info about your humble newcomer. My name is Usagi Gallardo im 34 years old I was born on February 15. Im a young mom i was only 17 when I have my first born daughter. I was blessed with three more, 2 more boys 12 and 7 and my very youngest daughter Jeffria. If you will took a closer look my daughters have a large age gap, my eldest is 16 and my youngest just turned three this last May. So my eldest had a lot of dreams for her younger siblings specially for Jeffria. (I named her after her dad's name) you can check how responsible my daughter is just by clicking this Link.


We lived in Bulacan Philippines, proud Pinay here well I was born and raised on Manila, I'm a pure Filipina with those chinita eyes. But i was send away in this province and never expect to found my true love which is my husband. We're not yet married but we're together for almost two decades. My husband works on Manila for five consecutive days then has two day off to spend with us. And I'm a full time mom, (stay at home). My hobby is my passion which is writing when I have a spare time. Having four kids with the house chores is crazy LoL.

I met steemit because of ate @jurich60 and nanay @olivia08 they thought me and guide me about this wonderful platform Steemit. I admire them because they are here since a long time and I want to be a veteran too. I have only few posts but in our Philippine community I already enjoyed our very own The Diary Season III Everyday I have the chance to share my events in life because of that. It's like my open diary and this kind of diary i feel not ashamed to share my thoughts.


Thank you so much everyJuan
Love, @usagigallardo15


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Thank you so much po sir @juichi

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Thank you so much po @steemcurator09 God bless you po

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Thank you so much @ace108

You're welcome

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