Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 (Week 5) Contest Summary and Announcement of Winners || "What if you are a Superhero?"

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Have a Blessed day Everyone!


The fifth week of our Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 was indeed another successful week and we thank God for all who have participated as we received a total of 112 Entries from all over the world.

We have also started our sixth week for the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8, and for us to know about the new contest, please click the link below 👇.

👉 Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 (Week 6) || "What's on top of your bucket list?"


Ever wished or dreamed you are a superhero? This is not unlikely when you are still a young child. Children always have times when they pretend they are one with super powers! I am sure this occasion happened to you too! We are no longer children now but one time or another, I am positive that you wished you had extraordinary powers.

This week we are giving our engagement challenge participants a chance to pretend and imagine to be a superhero! This week’s theme is “What if you are a superhero?” here


We have finally concluded the week five of our Steemit Engagement Challenge with the title, "What if you are a Superhero?" We just received another record breaking number of entries for we have a total of 112 Entries received from all who have time to participate in our contests from all over the world and individual.

Here are the summary of entries by countries. (Based on the official tag #steemitphilippines-s8w5)

CountryNumber of Entries
Sri Lanka1
TOTAL112 Official Entries


Selection process for the winners of our contest was indeed very hard because the entries of our participants were extremely amazing and a lot of them explain well and shared their experience while facing problems or issues in life and how they overcome it as their silver lining. And for whoever be selected, we ask everyone to accept and be happy for them.

We have been given the freedom of choosing the winners but we wanted to consider what Steemit Team wants us of how to choose. We are looking for bests contest entries in terms of quality and how they have done in terms of engagement through comments, upvotes and other factors. We've also checking ChatGPT Generated Content or what we called AI generated content.

Here are the Winners of our Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 Week 3.

1st Place@albenisVenezuela5 SteemLink
2nd Place@theatrorveVenezuela3 SteemLink
3rd Place@chiomzy810Nigeria2 SteemLink

All prizes has been sent to the Winners 🏆


The contest created by @me2selah and @loloy2020

Cover photo: @julstamban

To God be all the Glory! 🙌☝️😇

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It's my pleasure to be among the winners. Congratulations to us all, more wins and greater heights

Contento por estar en el podio. Felicitaciones a todos los que conforman el podio y a quienes participaron en esta dinámica.

Hasta la próxima...

@steemitphcurator, Thank you for supporting my participation.

It is an honor for me to be selected among so many good publications.

Congratulations to all the other contest participants.

I say goodbye wishing you have a happy day.

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated.

Congrates to all winners

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Congratulations to all winners

 last year 

Congratulations to all winners and to all participants as wekl!!

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