Steemit Philippines Community Top 5 Posts Picks of the Day and Recommended Posts for the @steemcurator01 Support (10-20-2021)

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A Blessed day all Steemit Philippines Members!!!

We've chosen a new set of recommended posts for steemcurator01's support. Though it is not guaranteed for upvotes, we're hoping and praying that all of the featured posts will be taken into consideration.

We really thank God for this opportunity our community has received and we will do our best to do better for our members, our community, and the Steemit platform itself.

A reminder to all our members to produce quality posts either an entry to all our contests or to a usual content you want to share based on the theme and proper tagging we created, and be sure it is a #steemexclusive posts. We expect improvements to all our member's content as we already have steemcurator01 support.

Here are our Steemit Philippine Community's Top 5 Posts Picks of the Day:

by @christianyocte: Hello, Steemit Philippines!
May I present to you my "Steem Art" Business. This is also my participation to the contest entitled "Steemit Promotion Through Livelihood Branding" in our community.
Identify your niche!
1.One of the most important factors when making a business is that you are passionate, dedicated and focused on your preferred product or services. You need to identify your niche...see more

by @jmaxswivel: Magandang araw po sa lahat, nawa'y nasa mabuting kalagayan po kayo ngayon.
Ngayon, pahintulutan n'yo po akong ibahagi sa inyo ang aking "Diary Game Entry".
So sisimulan ko na po...
Noong mga nakaraang taon, naging isa sa mga OFW po ako sa bansang Japan na kung saan nagtatrabaho ako bilang isang "Dye Caster". At doob napagtanto ko po na hindi madali ang buhay na malayo sa pamilya. Peru hindi ko po iyon inalintana sapagkat ginusto...see more

by @glennamayjumaoas: Howdy my lovely community! 20% of this post goes to @steemitphcurrator!
Saturday is almost over but I am quite impressed on how our day turned out. Usually, we spend the whole day either sleeping, cuddling or watching movies as our way of recuperating from a week of hard work and stress. Nevertheless, the sweat was all worth it after seeing our babies' new home.
So guys, you might be wondering who or what I am referring to as "babies"...see more

by @itsmejos: Pandemic brings a big impact to us people in all over the country especially when it comes to our Livelihood as we've known until now we're still sufferings on it. A lots of people,including me are affected especially in terms of the source of our income.There are many companies are closed and even other business transactions are sacrificing too just to overcome this kind of challenges.
I've been thinking severals times on how to be more practical and gatherings some ideas on how to handle poverty....see more

by @maris75: Mabuhay ang Steemit Philippines!
How are you all? I hope everyone are in good health always as we faced our daily challenges in life.
To earned money is one of our motivation to do hardwork in everything we do. When I joined Steemit 6 months ago and earned SBD, it helped a lot in my financial needs. As a bread winner of the family I need to look for other source of income. The reality is, my regular income is not enough for our needs. I also made a homemade peanut butter and sell it to my neighbors and co-workers....see more

Thank you everyone for sharing such an amazing and quality post of the day and it deserves the steemcurator01 support program of the Steemit Team.

A reminder to all our members that it is not a guaranteed upvote from steemcurator01 but to have bigger chances to be upvoted, please share with quality content with at least 300 words and must be fully verified, and remember to all posts you share please include the #steemexclusive tag and this means it is exclusive only on Steemit platform and please never repost it to other community or platform.

Please also keep in mind to be always active in the comment section to our community account's daily update, your own post's comment section, and even do some engagements to all member's entries and contents too.

Everyone can consider also participating in all our contests, the Diary Game Contest, Photography Contest, and a lot more contests are coming.

This will be all for today and I am now looking forward to more quality content from our members to be considered as one of the top 5 posts picks of the day.


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Many Thanks to all and God all the Praise and Thanksgiving !!!

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Maraming salamat!

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Congratulations sa lahat ng napili. 👏

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congrats bebsy @glennamayjumaoas

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Bebsyyyy! Omg! Thanks! 😍

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Congratulations to all top post creators

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Hope to see some #club5050 posts among your selections soon so your community can get higher rewards.

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We will. Thank you very much.

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Yes, sir...maybe they've just adjusting with #club5050 project.

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Congrats to all selected post. Mabuhay #steemitphilippines

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thank you very much! 😊

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Congrats po sa lahat!

Can anyone welcome me here, im new here send me some Pinoy love .

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Welcome to steemit philippines!

Welcome thank you!

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congratulations po sa lahat ng napili at Mabuhay Steemit Philippines!

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