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Namaste Steem Family,

I am very excited and delighted to have the opportunity to apply for this excellent opportunity that we Indians have been waiting for months for. The Indian community does not have a country representative and as a result, we have been lagging behind. I believe this opportunity will boost our community's excitement and energy.

With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Considering the number of individuals who are likely to join Steem from India in the future gives me great excitement. Even if we are able to attract one percent of the population to our blockchain, we will have 13 million people from India using the platform. However, the question is who will bring this large number of users from India to Steemit? Yes, you are right. Promoting the platform is the responsibility of a country representative, and the promotion should be conducted in such a manner that most users will remain active once they have joined.

Steemit: My presence on the platform

I have been a member of the platform since September of 2017. I have been actively involved in the platform for the past one year, and before that, I was active on the platform in 2018, so I am no stranger to the platform. For the past few months, I have held the position of Moderator of the Steem India community (@steemindiaa), which has been an excellent opportunity to learn about guiding newcomers and growing the community.

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I have also had the privilege of being a part of the Community curation team as well. My team, the Sevengers, have been fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to have been chosen by the Steemit team to be the curators for two categories. During the first two months of this initiative stated by the Steemit team, our team was responsible for curating the Science and Technology category, and now for the past two months, our team has taken on the responsibility of curating the Learn With Steem theme category.

Fulfillment of Criteria for Country Representative

Amount of Steem Power Owned

The amount of SP I own currently stands at 6,253 SP, out of which I have delegated 4,000 SP to @steemindiaa, the official community of India.

Effective Steem Power.png
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Since the initiative was first introduced by the Stemit team, I have been following the #Club100 club status, and I will continue to follow the club in the future as well.

My Reputation

Reputation, Voting CSI.png
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The current reputation of my profile stands at 67.201, which is a respectable number, but I will be aiming to take it up to 70 as soon as possible.

Country of Residence

Currently, I am living in the Junagadh district of the Gujarat State, which is the westernmost state of India, and this is the region where I am from. My family and I have been residing in Junagadh for the past five years and I intend to continue to do so.

The nature of my father's occupation, which was serving in the Indian Army, meant that we could only live in one place for a maximum of 5 to 6 years before my father's battalion would automatically move to a new location. Since I have lived in many different states throughout my life, It meant making new friends, learning a new language, and experiencing a new culture. Throughout my life, I have lived in Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Odisha, and Gujarat, to name a few states.

Languages that I am familiar with

Since I have lived in many different parts of India, I have learned a few languages as a result of having lived there for many years. I am proficient in a number of languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Odia, among others.

Voting CSI

When it comes to voting, I always try to make sure that I use my voting power to support new users and my community members, but sometimes I also give my votes to users that are not members of my own community.

Reputation, Voting CSI.png
Source: SteemWorld

Since I have been a part of Steemit for such a long time now, I am well aware how important it is to vote for others in our community. I have been a part of the Steemit platform since before there was a concept of communities on the platform. There is no longer any difficulty in tracking users and giving them votes as a result.

It is my goal to increase my Steem Power as much as I can, but as part of that effort I will also ensure that I support my country members and this is evident by the voting CSI figures I have posted.

The reasons why I would make a good Country Representative for India

As I mentioned earlier, I have been doing my best to support new users, and this is accomplished in a number of ways, such as guiding them in the comment section, voting on their posts, and taking personal Google Meet sessions with them.

Steem India Google Meet.jpeg

Aside from that, I have contributed to a number of posts that, I believe, are of particular importance to newcomers. I have included a few examples of these types of activities in the list below.

Post Title & DescriptionPost Image
A new Guidance and Investment point has been opened, and is now ready to welcome new users and investorsTaskGarud Investment & Guidance Point
Now is the time to speed up the curation process - by @cryptogeckoCuration Process Speed Up Suggestion
Comic Style Guidelines for Newcomers - Achievement #1 by CryptogeckoComic Style Achievement #1 Guidelines
Comic Style Guidelines for Newcomers - Achievement #2 by CryptogeckoComic Style Achievement #2 Guidelines
Tips & Guidelines for Steem India Community MembersSteem India Community Guidelines
Steem India Community Contest - What actions would you take if you knew you only had 24 hours to liveSteem India Community Contest
Where to get copyright-free images from and how to compress them to load the article quicklyCopyright Free Images
Positive News for Steem and Indian Users - India's Finance Budget 2022India's Finance Budget
New t-shirt design for the promotion of steem and getting more people to join steem blockchainSteem T-Shirt Design for Promotion

It is very important for me to have the opportunity to be a Country Representative because I seek to promote the growth and development of Steemit in India through the creation of valuable content and contests that encourage engagement. I am looking forward to this wonderful opportunity and I cannot wait to get started.

You can find my Achievement Task #1 here

 9 months ago 

You have guided newcomers in the past as well through your quality posts. You have made a strong application and I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much brother.

You are already a great figure in Steem India. You have been representing your country in a great way. I guess it is time to make it official as a CR for India. I believe you are the right driving force to develop and promote Steemit in India.

I wish you all the best with your application.

Thank you so much brother. Your wishes and kind words are really inspiring and I wish that we get to work for our respective countries soon.

I appreciate your effort, enthusiasm, and hard work and wish you success

Thank you so much, I wish that they select 3-4 applicants from India as India is a huge country and we need more CRs.

Yes I agree with you that we need more CR definitely

Good luck my friend to grab this opportunity. My best wishes with you.

Thank you so much brother, your prayers and wishes will come handy when so many good applicants have submitted their application.

Bhut bdhiya mere dost ye aapne accha kiya kuki india ko badhane ke liye sbhi ka sath jaruri hai or hum sbhi milkar isko pura krengai..
Aapne iss platform ko bhut gehrai se smjha hai.
Hmm kamna krengai ki acchi khabar mile steemit team ki trf sai.

Haan bhai, aap sabhi ke madhur shabdo se mujhe aur bhi dridh vishwaas hai ki bharat se 3 se 4 logo ka chayan zaroor hoga.

Best wishes to all our indians .

Thanks for the wishes, Indians did not have any CR, and this time we might have more than a few.

mai kisi par bharosa kru ya na kru lekin Indian Army par aankh band krke ke bharosa krta hu or aap or @deepak94 isi parivaar se belong krtai hai to ye bhut accha rhega ki aap dono hmare country ka naititav kre.
aap ko subhkamnaye

Bilkul, main aur Deepak bhai apni taraf se poori koshish karenge ki community ko ab har taraf se support mile. Aap sabhi ka protsaahan karne ke liye bahut bahut dhanyawad.

 9 months ago 

Your dedication and passion drive me to stay on this platform. You've given enormous support to the newcomers and our country's people. It is no doubt that you will become a very responsible and heroic CR. I wish you the best of luck brother.

My heart swells with pride to hear these kind and inspiring words coming from a member of my community. In my opinion, I can see what the future might hold for our communities right now, a very bright future. We need to be patient and persevere in our efforts, because only patience and perseverance can increase the size and self-sufficiency of our community.

 9 months ago 

Absolutely Right Bro and I will try my level best to upscale our community.

Aapka chayan zaroor ho aisi meri kaamna hai
Jai Hind

accha kaam kr rhe hai aap or deepak ji mai dekh rhi hu aap dono samye samye par google meet kra rhe hai. umid krtin hun ki aap dono jaise country ka CR hona chahiye.

Dhanyawad nandini, aapke in shabdo se humein apne Community ke liye aur bhi dridh nishchay ke sath kaam karne ki aur bhi prerna milti hai.

You have been an active contributor since 2018 and your level of engagement is second to none.I have read a lot of your posts on Steemit and I can confess that you will make a good country rep in India.

Thank you so much brother, your inspiring words gives me more confidence and strength.

 9 months ago 

Found you as an extraordinary team leader. There is no doubt about your skills. No one can do better than you to inspire a team.Best wishes for you team leader.

Thank you so much brother. You are pretty good leader yourself.

 9 months ago 

Good luck on this application brother. You have done so much in this s platform

Thank you so much brother, I think this time all of the applicants are the owners of strong accounts and a strong will. The will to grow the steemit platform and steem blockchain as a whole.

 9 months ago 

Yeah that's right brother

This is a very good initative made by the steemit team and trust me, it will yield fruits because each new CR will try to bring in new developments. This is why I suggested about this initiative last time

Kudos to you brother for putting this in the team's mind. Both of our countries will get a representative now.

 9 months ago 

I'm happy most especially for Countries that didn't have a representative at all

Atleast I'm glad that your country alongside other countries will have a chance to have representatives now. This will be great because there will be huge growth along the way

Another strong application,
All the be greetings and good luck

Thanks for the kind words.

You are welcome

You have already proved yourself to be a very hardworking and passionate user here on the Steemit platform. Wishing you a very good luck for this application.

Thank you so much brother, your wishes means a lot.

hola amigo, estoy segura que harás un gran trabajo como CR. Exitos y bendiciones para ti

Tha k you so much for inspiring words. It means a lot coming from a person like you who has so much credibility on the platform.

Hello friend, you meet the requirements and skills to be a good representative of your country, I hope in God that you are chosen to carry the name of Steemit high in India.

My best wishes for you!

Thank you so much dear. I am really inspired by your words and I know that both of us will do our best when given the opportunity.

Hello my Friends, you are one of the best Steemian in your country and you have the capacity as a CR in India, I wish you success in being elected there.

We have been in the same team for so long. And when such inspiring words come from you, it makes my heart swell with pride. Thank you so much for the kind words.

You are welcome My Friend.
I wish you success

bdhaiya kaam karat bada log hum post aihi se na krila kahhe ki aima English ke jada promote kre jala lekin deepak bhaiya khat rahln Hindi mai bhi likhe ke tb hum socht baani ki hindi mai bhi likhi.

Haan bhai Hindi mei likho, bhojpuri mei likho lekin likho. Content mei quality hogi to rewards bhi milenge.

 9 months ago 

sir Ji your whole journey is very impressive and you doing great work. Hope we can see more than 2-3 CR for this big country.

Yes brother we need more CR as our country is large in both population and languages. It would be excellent to see atleast 3-4 mods from our country. And thanks for the kind words.

 9 months ago 

All the best brother

 9 months ago 

I appreciate your work on this entire platform for the development of steem.
All the very best brother.

Good wishes to you too brother, hope to see more activity from you. We need people to be active and in no time our community will be visible on the first page.

all the best cryptogecko bhai for CR .
iss baar Country ke CR bnn kar accha kijiyega aaplog.

Zaroor mere dost.

@cryptogecko aap jaise prabal bhartiye ko iss platform ki jarurat hai aap ka kaam dikhta hai iss platform pr . aap ko dher saari subhkamna CR ke liye.
Jld hi hum dekhna chahte hai bhaart se 4 CR.

Aur is platform ko hum bharatiyon ki bhi bahut zaroorat hai, bharatiyo ka varchasva dekhne laayak hoga kuchh samay baad.

 9 months ago 

Greetings, you have been supported by @steemindiaa account for your post. This is the official community account for our Indian community on Steemit. For more information, please visit our discord channel.

Moderator/Curator : @monz122

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i just see only few Mods are doing job in our community and you are also doing creative work for this community.

If more people become active and show that they are interested then we can onboard more mods to run the community, currently we are in the transition phase, from low activity to unmanageable activity. So it would be good if more people show their worth.

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