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Hello everyone!!

Healthy Steem is the platform which provides you informations to live healthy. For contest I choose the topic Home Remedy From Ginger

Ginger is enriched with antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties. Ginger has numerous health benefits, including aiding digestion, reducing nausea, fighting inflammation, boosting immunity, and possibly even helping with weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels.

I want to know from you

  • describe health benefits of ginger
  • tell us home remedies that you use at your home from ginger.
Rules Of The Contest

you must be eligible for #club5050 or #club75 or #club100

  • Post must be written in Healthy Steem Community.)
  • Invite your 3 friends to comment on your contest post.
  • post must have at least 250 words.
  • Plagiarism or AI generated posts will not be tolerated.
  • Post can be written in any language.
  • Be sure to drop the link of your post under the comment section of this post.
  • The first tag should be of your #club then #health , then #steemexclusive, and name of your #country.
  • Please upvoted and resteem this post.

Deadline to give your entry is 1st May 11:50am Pakistan time

Rewards of the contest
First placeBooming Vote
Second placeBooming Vote
3rd Place2 Steem Power

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 3 months ago 

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 3 months ago 

It is very interesting contest. I will participate soon. IN SHA ALLAH

 3 months ago 

This is good contest, my mom always gave me ginger in cold, cough and there are many other possibilities to use ginger as remedies. I will post my entry soon thank you for launching this contest.

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