We are officially announcing club75 and club100 to SteemAlive community. Its time to go up!!!

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Growth should be a mark of all living things. In SteemAlive community, growth is our culture! We all have seen how successful club5050 is in the last few weeks. Some thought it was not possible, but we have seen that it is not just possible, its now the norm. Many of our members shouted when they saw a large vote on their posts. A few even gladly confessed that this is the first time ever they had such a large vote on their post since they joined Steemit. Such is the happiness and progress of #club5050. Now its time to grow and move to the next level - club75 and club100. Lets see how you can do both


How to join Club75

There are a few rules that changed with the unveiling of club75. Here are they:

  • Amount to Power up: As the name suggests, club75 members must power up at least 75% of their earnings over the accounting period. Or we can put it in another way. Aspiring members of club 75 must be ready to power up at least 3 times the amount of Steem+SBD transferred from their wallets. Here are teo examples to explain it.

Example 1: If I transferred 200 Steem, I should have power up 200 X 3 = 600 Steem

Example 2: If I transferred 150 SBD, I should power up 200 X 3 = 450 SBD

Basically, the ration of transfers to power ups in club75 is 1:3.

  • Accounting period: The accounting period for club75 is 2 months or 60 days. So while checking your wallet activity to see if you qualify for club75, you must set the date range to cover 60 days. Its a little different from club5050 whose accounting period is 30 days.


How to join Club100

Club100 is the real deal!! This is the best way to show your commitment and full confidence in the steem project. Club100 also has a set of rules different from club75 and club5050. Lets look at them.

  • Amount to Power up: For club100, you must be ready to power up everything. Yes 100% of everything earned within the accounting period must be powered up. That is we we call it the real deal.

  • Accounting period: The accounting period for club100 is.... 3 months or 90 days. Yes for a period of at least 90 days, all steem/SBD earned must be powered up.

So we have seen how to join the club75 and club100. The next thing you should do after getting this information is very very important.


How to plan to upgrade to club75 and club100

Control your spending: If you have not been working with a budget, now is the time to make one. You have to distinguish between wants and needs. We can learn to be more disciplined with our spending and that could be another positive thing to learn from the club5050, 75 and 100. So make a budget - a weekly budget, and try to stick to it. Identify your needs and have a scale of preference. The most important needs like food and shelter should come first. If you avoid spending on things that are unnecessary, it will help you do less of transfers and more of power ups.

2. Try to balance your account: For those that are not yet in club5050, we know you are already working hard to join. We are out to support you achieve that goal. We have already suggested 3 things that can help you balance your account. If you missed them, lets remind you below:


How we will support you if you join club75 and club100

We are already picking 5 posts daily from those that have joined club5050. You no doubt enjoy the votes. If you decided to upgrade to club75 or club100 as we would like you to, be sure of additional support from us.

  • Top 5 picks: Club75 and club100 is bigger than club5050. So if you join these two clubs, we will pick your quality posts ahead of club5050 posts. In this way, you are sure of getting the support, aside from using the club75 tag

  • Community votesWe will vote you with our community trail +$4 worth. We will also think of other creative

  • Other ways: Our team will brainstorm of other creative ways to support members that join club75 or club100



We have every reason to believe that club75 and club100 would be successful. Enough evidence has been seen with the success of club5050. So please our community, memebers and friends, BE POSITIVE!!! Do not write off the club75 or club100 as unrealistic. Infact, some of us are already in or close to being in club75. Go no and check your activity for the last two months and see if a little more step can make you join club75. From there, you can plan club100.

We wish you success as you work hard to invest more in your SP. It is for your good, the good of the community and the long term success of Steem as a blockchain. Lets dot it, SHALL WE?

Note: Please include club75elite or club100elite in your posts once you join. We are already using #club5050elite to track your posts in order to support you more.

To @steemitblog, this is the mark of our initial efforts to join club75 and club100. We are ready to do more. Planning has already began. Thank you so much


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 3 years ago 

This is really what many nof want to know, thank you @steemalive for waking us from sleep of power up thinking it is not possible to join club100 but with this update we are ready to raise the bar

Oh my God. This is so interesting, I can't wait to be a part. More powerups coming @steemalive always a step ahead

Sure we can always plan to do more. Lets power up more and join the clubs. We can actually join club75 and club100. Impossible is nothing. @jovita30

This is a very nice initiative ...
Actually I have a question.
When using tag, should we also add the club5050 tag or we should just use the club 75 or 100 tag?

Just use the tag where your status falls. If you are in 75, use club75 @ederra

 3 years ago (edited)

I'm warming up to join this club and I commend @steemalive for always coming up with great initiatives to keep all members on check..
Joining the ongoing club5050 and also advancing to club75 is a welcome idea.
Let's go power up

 3 years ago (edited)

This is a nice initiative. I use power up more than 50 percentage of my earnings and still tag it #club5050 now I have batter understand I will switch to either 75 or 100.

Meanwhile, when can I start

Also another question? I thought 75% is earnings 3portions out of 4 and not multiplied by 3

 3 years ago 

This is a nice suggestions that will help us to grow. From the calculation I did last week, I believe I am already in #club75. I should be warming up for club 100. Thanks you @steemalive for always encouraging your community members to invest in the steemit platform

Lets dot it, SHALL WE?

Yes we shall..this is going to be really interesting. Am planing seriously. More powerups coming. Am already excited about this. #club75 and #club100 here we come. Thank you @steemalive for always having us informed, updated and growing!

 3 years ago 

So please our community, memebers and friends, BE POSITIVE!!!

Yes l believe in posibility ,l can do it , l will love to join club75 and club100

I'm a club 75 already and I will definitely continue this month

This is absolutely impressive. @steemalive, thank you so much for your daily update to help us in winning.

I still remain a club100 member

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