SteemAlive Engagement League week 1 - (Monday 8th - Sunday 14th November, 2021)

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We are delighted to kick off SteemAlive Engagment League (SEL) for the first week. Just as we announced 3 days ago, SEL is a project which will enhance the level of engagement in our community. We want to encourage more quality engagement by rewarding our members that engage other member posts through quality comments. This post is for the engagement links for this week which runs today Monday 8th to Sunday 14th day of November 2021.


How SEL participants will start.

Each participant that has been labelled SEL will make a post today and drop the link of the post as a comment on this post. The post will be used to update the comment links of the participant through out the week. The post will have two major sessions - Introduction and Comments table.

Introduction: the introduction which is at the beginning is where the participant will explain in their own words what SEL is. They will also explain why this project is really important maybe with two or more reasons. They are free to tag some of the other participants that are part of the project. The introduction should be at least 2 paragraphs long or 200 words.

Comments table: This is a table where the actual comments by the SEL participant is updated day by by. We will provide a template of the table so that the work is easier. Here is how the table will look:

Engagement comments on 8/11/2021

S/Ncomment recepientComment link
1.@patience90put link here
2.@tripplemput link here

Engagement comments on 9/11/2021

S/Ncomment recepientComment link
1.@patience90put link here
2.@tripplemput link here

The table for each day should be added at the end of the day. The SEL participant will continue to update their post till the last day which is Sunday.


Rewarding SEL participants

Because engagement matters to us, we will take participants of this league serious. At the end of the week, we will announce the result of top participants and reward them with some unspecified tokes. We will also ensure their posts get support ahead of those that are not participating.

Where to find posts to Comment

There are many places where you can find SteemAlive posts to comment on. They include the following:

  1. New posts in SteemAlive community page:
  2. Community account posts:
  3. Steemalive Post Promotion on Telegram.
  4. SPCV group on Whatsapp
  5. Personal pages of known community members

Note: Only comment on *verified member posts. You can see the label on each person's username.


How to become a SEL participant

  1. Drop a comment on the SEL announcement post to indicate your willingness to join. Make sure you have been verified in Steemalive
  2. We will consider those in club5050 first.

If you qualify to be in the SEL project, we will label you SEL.


  1. Copy and paste comments will not be allowed. All comments must be unique.
  2. Short comments will not be counted.
  3. To qualify for prizes, the engagement should be 7 days complete



We hope that as we kick off this project today, it will contribute to a greater or increased engagement level. We will support both old and new members that take this project serious. Thank you all in for the huge support you give to SteemAlive community.


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 3 years ago 

Thank you all that are making meaningful comments on SteemAlive, thank you

 3 years ago 

It's really nice to engage in other people's post. It gives them moral and joy

 3 years ago 

Thank you for this beginners friendly explanation

@steemalive, are we to comment on any post in steemalive community?

I mean, does it have to be a specific post?

 3 years ago 

Hi @steemalive

Thank you for this update well noted.

I keep to the rules and work hard to come up top.

I sincerely want to be part of this project and i promise to keep to the rules.

Thank you for this new project, would love to be part of it

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