SteemAlive Presents: The Value Contest - What can 1000Steem buy in your Country (0.5 Steem for each entry + Upvote)

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One great thing about Steemit is that it is made up of people from all walks of life. This global audience gives us the opportunity to get to know what is happening in other places. The main purpose of this contest is to encourage engagement through comments. Also, this contest will also give us insight into the economic situation in other countries. So we want to know the value of 1000 Steem elsewhere.


The contest

It is simple, tell us what 1000 Steem can buy in your country. It could be a single object or a collection of goods.


How to Join

Drop your entry as a comment under this post. Simple. If others from the same country have stated a particular set of goods, mention other things.


The rules

  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. State the name of your country
  3. Tell us the equivalent of 1000 Steem in your local currency.
  4. State one object or a collection of goods that 1000 Steem can afford.


The Prize

0.5 Steem for each entry, plus upvote from Steemalive curation trail. If we receive any support for this contest, we can increase the prize to 1 Steem for each correct entry. This contest is open for all to join until this post pays out


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the prize of this contest by donating Steem or SBD. Send your donations to @steemalive and indicate its for "The Value Contest" You can also give a valuable vote. Or join our curation trail. Thank you so much in advance for supporting this initiative.

Once again, we thank @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, and @crypto.piotr. For their continued support. We are grateful.


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 2 years ago 

I admire the consistency in the weekly contests and I'm always happy to participate.

I'm @doppley from Nigeria and with conversions from the crypto-bot created by @justyy. 1000 steem is an equivalent of NGN 115380 and it's just enough to get a very decent HD television set without having to cross the line of extravagance.

We thank you @doppley for this valuation and entry. Kindly interact with others as they make their own entry.

Hola amigos de @steemalive muchas gracias por brindarnos a todos la oportunidad de ganar estos 1000 steem.
Yo usaría los 1000 steem principalmente para llevar a mi bebe de 4 meses a unas consultas medicas que debe ir, el costo aproximado de las consultas es de 10.000.000 BsS el equivalente a unos 146,87 steem, dependiendo de la evaluación de los médicos deberíamos gastar 15.000.000 BsS aproximadamente unos 220,31 steem en medicinas podría ser un poco mas, otra parte la utilizaría para comprar una cocina eléctrica que tiene un costo de 9.300.000 BsS unos 136,59 steem, compraria alimentos por un costo de 15.500.000 BsS unos 227,65 steem, el restante que serian unos 268,58 steem, los repartiría entre mi mama, mi papa, mi abuela, mis tías y mi suegra que siempre me están apoyando con los gastos del bebe, la casa y situaciones difíciles. Hasta el día de hoy esos 1000 steem representan en bolívares la cantidad de 68.085.590 BsS. esta es una suma algo grande dinero aquí en mi país y a mi y cualquier persona residente en Venezuela nos podría ayudar muchísimo.

También quisiera compararme una bicicleta que tiene un costo de 65.000.000 BsS unos 954 steem, para poder salir a pasear con mi esposo. jejeje


Soy de Ciudad Bolívar - Venezuela


 2 years ago 

Waow thank you for your entry to this contest @belenc. 1000steem is really a huge amount in #Venezuela and can be used for numerous purposes as you have just enumerated.
Thank you.

Hola amigo @njiatanga si es aquí en mi país Venezuela es una cantidad considerable de dinero con la cual una familia podría resolver varias situaciones y hasta unos tres meses de comida y insumos para el hogar. Saludos


Brazil 1000 steems = 200 beers

Thank you for participating @pepelopez. However, we want you to be more specific. What is the cost of 1 beer? What is the equivalent of 1000 Steem in Brazil?

1 beer in Brazil ~ 2 USD ~ 1000 STEEM

1 USD ~ 6 BRL
1 BRL ~ 1.5 STEEM
1 beer ~ 12 BRL ~ 2 USD ~ 8 STEEM
1000 STEEM ~ 125 beers in Brazil

Dear @steemalive, @focusnow

Another amazing contest. I hope you will find some great audience to join it.

It is simple, tell us what 1000 Steem can buy in your country. It could be a single object or a collection of goods.

I'm recently trying to put some money aside to purchase second-hand play station 4 (PS4) and cost of it is close to 250 usd. It seem that this is roughly as much as 1000 steem is worth.

So if you ask me - this is what I would buy if I had 1000steem lying around and I would like to spent it.

Once again, we thank @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, and @crypto.piotr. For their continued support. We are grateful.

Pleasure is mine.
Post upvoted and resteemed. I'm from Poland.

In the future I would be glad to support your contest with some solid upvotes. I could allocate 3 upvotes (100k SP each) for 3 best entries (comments). If you're interested then DM me via Discord and let's talk about it.

Enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr

 2 years ago 

@crypto.piotr. Thank you my friend for participating in this contest. Your support has been immense. Am grateful.

I'm recently trying to put some money aside to purchase second-hand play station 4 (PS4) and cost of it is close to 250 usd. It seem that this is roughly as much as 1000 steem is worth.

Gaming is fun and PS4 could be a nice way to catch some fun. Hope the second-hand one will be in good condition. Was wondering the cost of a brand new one.

In the future I would be glad to support your contest with some solid upvotes. I could allocate 3 upvotes (100k SP each) for 3 best entries (comments). If you're interested then DM me via Discord and let's talk about it.

This would be absolutely lovely. Will get in touch with you definitely.

Thank you specially for giving us your time. I know how busy you are. To use your time and resources to support us in this way,we are forever grateful.

@crypto.piotr. We appreciate your participating in this contest. We hope you will get 1000 Steem soon to buy PS4. It's a popular game, a way to spend free time and have fun.

We thank you once again for supporting our contest.


Here in Brazil, 1000 STEEM is equivalent to 1367 reais, more than the minimum wage of most workers, you can pay the rent of the house, for example, or buy a good smartphone from Samsung or Motorola.

Could you be more specific @ivonei. How much rent can 1000 Steem pay, and for how long? Or What model of Samsung or Motorola phone can that amount buy?

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A20s 32GB Dual Chip Android 9.0 Tela 6.5" Octa-Core 1.8 GHz 4G Câmera Tripla 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP + 5.0 MP(UW) - Preto


Casa com 3 Quartos para Alugar, 60 m² por R$ 1.000/Mês


@ivonei. Thank you for adding the details. We appreciate how much 1000 Steem can afford in your country. Your entry is acknowledged.

Interesting contests here. However, the value ion fiat would vary with time of the user's entry due to price fluctuations. I'll love to have my recruits and trainees be a part of what you do here:

Cc: @Cherrypee @Gabby20 @Tomlee @Eldecor @Amplegeologist @Evegrace @Glotokens @Obrisgold1 @Nsioscar, @Imadear @Imaluv54, please inform others.

@uyobong. We will be happy to have them in our growing community. I admire your effort in promoting Steem in Nigeria. We can team up to achieve bigger things faster. Here is a link to our WhatsApp group.

SteemAlive on WhatsApp.

Name of my country is Nigeria and equivalent of 1000 steem at the moment is 89,594.58 naira (eighty-nine thousand five hundred and ninety-four naira, fifty-eight kobos).

This could be used to buy an Apple iPhone 7 with a feature of 4.7 Inch 2GB + 32GB 12MP + 7MP Finger Sensor 4G LTE Smartphone from Jumia trading site. The price is ₦ 88,490 and the with 1000 naira as a shipping fee.

@lebey1. We know you love iphones, isn't it? Thank you for giving us that valuation of 1000 Steem. Your entry has been acknowledged.

I don't really like iPhones like it's not my first choice but it's worth using though

Ok. We understand it now. Ya it's not a bad brand.

This time the value of 1 steem is 11.57 php....1000steem is equivalent to 11570.00 php at my country Philippines it can buy 4 and 1/2 sack of rice, it can feed 10 people in two months. It helps a lot at times like this.

Good luck to everyone and more power @steemalive

We thank you for joining our contest @sweetcha. We are glad you showed us what 1000 Steem is worth in your country. We hope you will join our future contests.

pleasure is mine, I'll try my best to do so...more power steem alive😊

Hola @dulzura muy buena tu propuesta valdría mucho la pena que con esos steem ayudaras a tanta gente en estos momentos tan difíciles que estamos pasando. Saludos


I am from Bangladesh,here 1000 steem=20000 BDT.
In my country 1 family of 6 members can pass their 1 month very nicely with this 20000 BDT. And if you ask me what can i buy,i will reply many things. But i have a thinking of buying "Realme 6"mobile,which is a trending model in Bangladesh. I am using mobile since 2016 and using the same model. But this phone has become old,so i am thinking to buy Realme 6 and giving my old phone to my mother. Realme 6 price is about 1000 steem in Bangladesh.

@sonualam. That you for your entry. Realme 6 must be a popular phone in your country. And you have a good heart to give your mother a phone. We hope you will be able to do that soon. Your entry is acknowledged.

 2 years ago 

I'm super excited for this simple fun contest thank you for bringing this contest up. It's so simple to understand and I'm gonna be part of it.

When will you make your entry @marydexplorer

 2 years ago 

@steemalive anytime soon

Hola, soy de Venezuela, 1000 steem equivalen al cambio de hoy a 68.085.590 Bs, parece una suma grande; pero no lo es al ir de compras en Venezuela.
Con 1000 steem podria cubrir la alimentacion de mi casa por un mes, sin lujos ni excesos, solo lo basico e indispensable.

Saludos y mucho exito para todos.

Hello, I am from Venezuela, 1000 steem is equivalent to today's exchange rate of 68,085,590 Bs, it seems a large sum; but it is not when shopping in Venezuela.
With 1000 steem I could cover the food of my house for a month, without luxuries or excesses, only the basic and indispensable.

Greetings and much success to all.

Thank you for your entry @genomil. We know about the inflation in your country and the difficulty it causes. Hope you are coping.

We want to get a clearer picture of what 1000 Steem can buy. Since you talked about food for a month for your family, you could use footsuffs to make it clearer. For example a bag of rice, milk, bread, and other things. So that we can get it better. Thank you

La comida es la prioridad del venezolano y en vista de que detallar el mercado de un mes seria una gran lista, te voy a decir que me encantaria poder gastar esos 1000 steem en mi pasion que es correr, me compraria un reloj garmin para medir mis ejercicios y un par de zapatos ascis gel kayano, correria mas feliz aun jajaja.
Saludos amigos.

Food is the priority of the Venezuelan and considering that detailing a month's market would be a great list, I am going to tell you that I would love to be able to spend those 1000 steem in my passion which is running, I would buy a garmin watch to measure my exercises and a pair of ascis gel kayano shoes, I would run even happier hahaha.
Greetings friends.



Hola tía @genomil es bastante lo que se podría hacer con 1000 steem se podrían invertir en comida que es lo esencial en estos momentos, pero también seria bueno que nos pudiésemos dar unos gustos en nuestros pasatiempos y actividades.

Saludos @steemalive


Hola @belenc pues si, es que a veces solo pensamos en lo que es prioritario, pero tienes razon, tambien podemos pensar en nosotros y darnos un gusto.
Gracias por comentar, un abrazo.

Claro que si tía @genomil así es algunas veces nos merecemos un gusto. Saludos

 2 years ago (edited)

I am @dlioness , from Nigeria

1000steem is equivalent to 98,000.00 as at today

With 1000steem, i can purchase an apple laptop ; it has been my desire to have a laptop for my content creating and designing .

@steemalive is indeed doing great in bringing out contest ; and i am proudly a member of @steemalive

@dlioness. Thank you for joining the contest. We hope you will get a laptop soon for content creation. Your entry has been acknowledged.

Soy de Venezuela, 1000 steem equivalen a 69.500.000 Bs ya que según la tasa de hoy el steem esta en 69500 aunque es muy variante pero aquí todo es muy caro pero pudiera comprar comida, pero un mercado bien completo incluyendo las proteínas eso es lo que en mi país compramos porque para nosotros ante otra cosa lo mas importante son los alimentos.

Muy buena su iniciativa con este concurso

 2 years ago 

I am @samuel20 from Nigeria.
Currently 1000 steem is equivalent to NGN 91000.
It can purchase a LAPTOP (HP-Notebook,4gb RAM,500gb) via KONGA.

Thank you for your entry @samuel20. That evaluation with a HP laptop makes it more understandable to many. Keep on Steeming!!!

It's very interesting contest.
I am from India and in current price of steem, 1000 steem is equivalent of 17880 rupees and in this amount i can buy a very good mobile phone of xiomi and also buy power bank of MI.

@ro-hit. Thank you for giving us that valuation. We now understand the value of 1000 Steem in India. Your entry has been acknowledged.

 2 years ago 

I am @bright-obias Currently 1000 steem is equivalent to 115,000NGN when coverting it with roqqu app and this can help me to achieve one laptop and a smarter android phone for easy steeming here

@bright-obias. We understand it is easier to type on a laptop than a mobile device. Thank you for that valuation. Your entry is acknowledged.

 2 years ago 

Thanks to @steemalive for the opportunity to participate in such a contest.
I am @craxywriter from Cameroon. Just like @njiatanga, 1000 steem is equivalent to 100,000FCFA in my country. With this amount, I can buy more pressing detergent it will cost about 30,000FCFA, for my pressing, and use 50,000 FCFA to open up a different collection point around town then the remaining 20,000 I will have change of closet. 😊.

Thank you @craxywriter. We loved how are spread the money on different things. You would look nice on a change of closet, isn't it? Your entry has been acknowledged.

Hey i am from pakistan and 1000 steem is equal to 40000 rupees in my country i like football so in 40000 i will buy myself some football training equipments in 10000/12000
And to stay fit to play good football i would buy a mini treadmill machine in 28000/30000
Here is how i would spend my 1000 steem

Thank you for @moohsin for your entry. We appreciate your valuation of 1000 Steem. Remember to resteem and vote this contest post. Thank you.

Already voted and [email protected]

@moohsin. Thank you so much

 2 years ago (edited)

Greetings to you all. I am so excited about this game. I am @ngoenyi from Nigeria, Uyo city in Aka Ibom State is where I am posting from. 1000 Steam is the equivalent of NGN 91000. Such amount can pay for the following items :
3 (50kg) bags of rice at the current price of NGN25000 each
And about 10 tubers of sizeable yam.
Thank you @steemAlive for regular bringing up games or contests to keep us active.
#onepercent #nigeria

Food is really important now and we understand that this amount can buy a sizable amount of foodstuffs in your country. Thank you for participating in this contest. @ngoenyi

 2 years ago 

Thanks my able admin @focusnow of @steemAlive. I am happy u have noticed my post.
#onepercent #nigeria

@steemalive thank you for this beautiful contest, this is a good contest engagement.
Here is my entry...

As at today, 1000 steem is equivalent to #98,000 Nigeria currency...
With this i can purchase a good samsung phone for my steemit business.
Currently i use an infinix hot 6 phone, and basically my phone and external memory is filled up, i have deleted virtually every app i have on my phone safe a few, so with #98,000 i will get a good samsung phone with good camera quality and larger storage system for my steemit contents.

@talktofaith. You really need a good device as a content creator. We are sorry about your device challenges and hope you will find a better replacement soon. Thank you for participating. Steem on!!!!

 2 years ago 

I'm @beckie96830, from #nigeria, West Africa.

With 1000 steem I could rent a self contain apartment. Then I don't have to worry about shelter for a whole year.

I've always dreamt of living alone and if I get the funds that's equivalent to 1000 steem I could actualize that dream.


Content creators need time and privacy. So we understand why your valuation is based on getting a private apartment. Thank you for joining the contest. @beckie96830

Good day @steemalive,
I'm @samal from Nigeria.
With reference from a local exchange here, a thousand steems is equivalent to 81,200 Naira only.
This value of my country's currency is enough to get a registered fairly motorcycle for courier services, a way to be become self-employed.

@samal. That is a nice idea for self-employment. Thank you so much for doing the contest. Maybe you would like to join us on Whatsapp or discord. We have a growing number of authors from Nigeria and elsewhere.

Speaking from Bangladesh. In our country, the price of 1000 steem is 19,690 Bangladeshi Taka. A lot can be done with this money. Shopping is especially good. It is possible to have a very high quality phone with 1000 Steem... like Samsung Galaxy A30s –

If I had this amount of steem I wouldn't sell it. I would increase my power and gradually earn more in the future. Because I am very intelligent.😅

@rex-sumon. Welcome and thank you for giving us this valuation. Galaxy A30s would be great for content creation on Steemit, isn't it? And to power up is the wisest thing to do. You are really smart.

I am currently using oppo a37fw model phone. But the Galaxy A30s phone is much better for working. Especially photography is more convenient.

 2 years ago 

Wish to thank the #steemalive community for another opportunity to take part in yet another contest @thevaluecontest.
I am from Cameroon and in Cameroon 1000 steem is equivalent to 100,000FCFA.
With this amount i can use in purchasing a phone let's say Tecno spark 7 costing 80,000FCFA, Then the left over which is 20,000FCFA i use in paying my canal plus subscription for two months
Thanks for this opportunity once small @steemalive.

#onepercent #cameroon

@njiatanga. Thanks for the valuation and making your entry. Techno Spark 7 is really a popular brand even here in Nigeria, although there are more common designs such as Cannon 15. Thank you for giving us an idea of how much this phone costs. Canal plus is a TV subscription, isn't it?

 2 years ago 

Yes CANAL PLUS is a TV subscription. Thanks for this opportunity again #steemalive

 2 years ago 

I come from Indonesia, with 1000 Steem, if calculated into the Indonesian currency
IDR 3.429.000,00 and the goods can be purchased with this money a 36-inch polytron brand television.

Waooh @muzack1. Thank you for participating in this contest. We are happy to see that 1000 Steem can buy a good television in Indonesia. Keep following our contests and winning.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you very much

Hey, i'm @vaibhavsan from India. A 1000 syeem equals to 17640 rupees which is a pretty good amount. I can purchase a good smartphone with this amount.
Thank you @steemalive for these interesting contests to keep us busy.

@vaibhavsan. Thank you for participating. Please, what particular brand of Smartphone can that amount purchase?

I'm from India.
Here 1000 steem is equivalent to 17081 INR.
I can purhcase Canon PowerShot SX540HS 20.3MP Digital Camera with 1000 steem.

@sahilgupta. Thank you for your entry. Canon cameras are some of the best and content creators like you need it. Thank you for participating in this contest.

Amazing contest.

Resteemed and upvoted already :)

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for much @steemalive for organising this contest. And 👇 my entry.

My name is Nelson and I am from Nigeria,1000steem according to current exchange rate is approximately $250 dollars,which is 112,000 Nigerian Naira.
I have been having laptop issues for the past few days I would love to get a a fairly used dell laptop.

images (17).jpeg
This laptop cost roughly $200.

I also want to get a new pair of boots for my football training.

I will buy these boots and a jeresy at the rate of $26. Basically if had 1000steem I would purchase these items for my use.

Am from nigeria #kegwukings12 . 1000 steem which is equivalent to $250 can buy samsung a36 which is the phone i admired to have .
#life #contest #steemalive # steemexclusive #steemit.

I will need 1000steem inother to help my family to survive this hardship.
Its not easy but i know you friends can help eradicate poverty for our betterment.
#life #contest #steemexclusive #steemit

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