SteemAlive presents: Our Roadmap towards achieving 100K SP by January 31st 2021 - also announcing PLUS1kSP Club!

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As a community, we are fully commited towards promoting the Steem project using the limited resources at our disposal. We have rolled out several projects that are helping us to achieve results in recruiting, rewarding and retaining users. We are really thrilled at the recent announcement of @whitestallion and @bright-obias as country representatives of Nigeria. These and some other great achievements show that we are really making progress. However, we have not really arrived. More work needs to be done.

With this post, we are announcing our ambitious project to you @steemitblog, steemcurator01, and to everyone here on Steemit. We plan to achieve a cummulative 100k SP by January 31st, 2021. We also announce the formation of SteemAlive PLUS1kSP club which is one of the programs to help us achieve and surpass 1000k SP. How are we going to manage this huge project?

Achieving a community high 100k SP in 80days

We have 4 major ways of achieving this feat. They are as follows:

1.. Doubling up on recruitment and retaining users: One easy way to achieve a cummulative high of 100k SP is through recruitment. We already have structures on ground to help us increase the number of people signing up from our region. For example, the training center in Aba, Abia State Nigeria, has been an invaluable tool for recruitment and mentoring. People walk in everyday to ask about Steemit. It also serves as a place to conduct trainings and seminars. When people come to the center, they have this confidence that Steemit is not a scam or something that will not stay long. We will continue to open the center on daily basis and run our trainings.

The announcement of city coordinators have been a great addition to our recruitment efforts. All the city coordinators are working hard to foster local networking and promoting of Steemit in their city. We wish to use this opportunity to thank all the coordiantors - @samuel20(Aba), @ngoenyi(Uyo), @talktofaith (Lagos), @iamlyxie(Abuja), @beckie96830(Abuja), @henryglowz(Asaba). We unfortunately do not have all the resources to reward them for their hardwork, but we believe @steemitblog is taking note of their work. We will continue to support them in whatever way we can to continue their work in each city.

We have other plans to promote recruitment. We are planning to do a road show for Steemit. We will need branded Tshirts, face caps and fliers. As universities and other tertiary institutions are gradually re-opening across Nigeria, we have a solid plan to take Steemit to these institutions of higher learning. If we are able to penetrate the schools, then it would be easy to hit the ground running. We are also planning to raise funds to run weekly Radio shows where we will talk about the opportunities that joining Steemit presents. We are also planning to approach teachers unions, trade unions, friends clubs and other associations to promote Steemit to the large number of people found in these places. With these efforts, we hope to gather as many new people as we could. Recruiting many new people is closely related to our second plan to achieve our vision - Curation trail.

2.. SteemAlive curation trail: We are not planning to have 100k SP on @steemalive account. We are planning to accumulate 100k SP as a community. That is only possible through a curation trail. If you are a new person reading this post, you may want to check an article we wrote about curation trail here. But basically, a curation trail is a way to link an account to another account so that the account which joined the trail automatically votes any posts voted by the main account used to set up the trail.

Shortly after we started this community, we set up a curation trail with the community account. As we speak, the train has 53 followers and ranks 13th in the overall ranking of trail accounts. So we are going to work massively to increase our trail followers. Many of our new members have not joined. So we are going to educate them on the importance of following the trail. We use this opportunity to invite anyone and all members of SteemAlive that have not joined to please join our curation trail. If you do not know how to join, this article will assist you to do so.

So the plan is to have at least 100 users in our trail that has a minimum of 1000 steem power by January 31st, 2021. We hope to achieve this feat using the other plans and programs outlined in this publication. Below are followers of our trail:




3.. Massively promoting Power ups: We are going to encourage our members to support the Steem project by investing in Steem power. There are many ways we plan to do this. For example, setting post earnings to 100% powerup is a great and easy way to invest in Stemm power. We are going to come up with incentives to motivate our members and other users to power up their post earnings. We may run weekly powerup contests, or do give aways. We may even present gifts to members that powered up for an entire month. These are ways to encourage setting post earnings to 100% power up. There is more

We are going to massively promote #SPUD4STEEM organized by @kiwiscanfly and promoted by @stephenkendal. In fact, we already have an ambitious plan to have SteemAlive members claim all 5 positions in the upcoming December edition. We are going to run massive comapigns for all #SPUD4STEEM contests, beginning from this december edition. We hope it goes as planned. Finally, we are encouraging our members to buy Steem with fiat and powerup. It is based on this that we are planning to have at least 5 persons massively invest in SP using fiat, and contesting for this December edition of #SPUD4STEEM. In these and other ways, we hope to drive the eagerness to want to invest in Steem power.

4.. Announcing a brand new program - PLUS1kSP: We are thrilled to use this opportunity to announce a program within our community called PLUS1kSP. PLUS1kSP stands for PLUS 1000 Steem Power. This is a club of STeemAlive members that have achieved a minimum of 1000 steem power. The main aim of forming this group and encouraging people to join is to help us achieve 100k SP by January 31st 2021. We will also base our other future programs on this club because these people have demonstrated their complete belief in the Steem project by achieving at least 1000 Steem Power. We hope to have 100 members of SteemAlive join and become members of PLUS1kSP by January 2021. Here are a few of the things we hope to accomplish through PLUS1kSP and benefits.

  • Members support others to get to this level by promoting #SPUD4STEEM
  • Educate others on how to achieve 1k SP
  • Members will receive special support from the community
  • Members are considered first beneficiaries of any future SteemAlive program (For example, we plan start a crowdfunding program in the nearest future)
  • Support the Steem project in other ways

We are going to make a separate post and explain more details of SteemAlive PLUS1kSP Club



This is really a huge project on our hand and we hope it goes as planned. We are very grateful to @steemitblog for its massive support to our programs. We hope to continue receiving such assistance so as to enable us execute this and other future projects.

We are also massively grateful to our community members and others that have given us assistance in many ways such as @shortsegments, @cryptokannon, @stephenkendal. Together, we hope to achieve our wildest dreams and take Steem to the moon!

Learn about SteemAlive and its Projects

Read about some of our other projects


Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 3 years ago 

This is a great road map and I'm happy to be among the 1k plus steemians that's helping to skyrocket our community trail to 100k plus by 2021.

All hands would be on deck to help achieve this. Thank you for this information and I'm proud of my steemalive friends and family.


Thank you so much @beckie96830. Your support to us has been amazing. Together we can achieve our Roadmap.

 3 years ago 

This is really amazing, 2021 is gonna be a full package .

Everything is possible, with team work and one mind we can achieve all these and more.

This is a great project, we really have a massive load at hand.

Bast wishes......!!

Thank you for your support so far. We hope to achieve this roadmap.and surpass it. Everything is possible @marydexplorer

 3 years ago (edited)

Woah that's some news
Two of ours have been given the role of country reps, that's great news for steemalive.

Considering the collective commitment and dedication, our plans have proven to be more attainable by the moment
Steem on!

@doppley. Yes we are happy to make this progress. Thank you for all the support you give us.

 3 years ago 

This is nothing short of a community with a vision and the will to achieve it. We are doing a great job as a community and with this laid out Plan of achieving better things. We will surely make steemit one of the best decentralised network of blogger.
Great job team.

Congrats once again @whitestallion. We are happy for the way you have supported us. Keep working hard. We will achieve more together.

Congrats once again @whitestallion. We are happy for the way you have supported us. Keep working hard. We will achieve more together.

 3 years ago (edited)

This is well detailed @focusnow, steemalive community is growing mightily and there's no doubt that the aforementioned target will be achieved. I am so glad to see the city coordinators do their work.

I am very happy once again to become a country rep, i have you and the steemalive community member to thank, you guys were the source of my hard work on steem. Keep up the good work sir, i remain a steemalive member and pledge to work with you guys till any level.

#onepercent #nigeria #affable

Congrats @bright-obias. We are happy for the progress you have made. Together we achieve this roadmap and more.

 3 years ago 

Thank you @steemalive

@steemalive these are all amazing projects.
We will definitely get there.
I believe together, we will attain greater heights.
I believe in steemalive and Steemit, as for recruitment, I am all in for that and as you can see, I am doing my best and I know all other of my colleagues are working tirelessly on this.
I can't wait to hit 1000sp to join this new club.
I have to start powering up 100% to achieve this faster.
Thanks for sharing this project with us, I'm 100% in for all the moves.

@talktofaith. Thank you so much for all you have done in Lagos. We appreciate your work and count on your support for this project.

Wow its such a great announcements .
Really amazing .
And very motivated this for all of us
So now lets ready all members for the achive the target and win the 100k sp.
Thanks steemit community for give us that kind of such a great and motivated announcements and targets .

@jemisteem. We are happy you want to be part of this project. Let's work together and achieve the roadmap.

 3 years ago 

This is so amazing with a well structured plan on how to achieve our goal and make the community grow. The idea is so brilliant @focusnow and worth partaking. The PLUS1KSP goal is going to blow the entire network. I can't wait for this to begin. Long live the @steemAlive community.
#twopercent #cameroon

Thank you so much for supporting SteemAlive. Let's work together and achieve this roadmap together. @tenguhatanga

 3 years ago 

Yes for sure Together we Grow, Together we Achieve
#twopercent #cameroon

Impressive and comprehenaive vision to make community fly. Ready to join and aid in every step . Keep it up, we are here always for you.

We are happy to have your support. Let's Steem to the moon together!!! @drqamu

 3 years ago 

These is a well thought agenda, a Roadmap towards achieving 100K SP by January 31st 2021 is doable.

I love the fact that it is motivating and I can't wait to among the Plus1kSP.

Thanks for the metion and drive @steemalive, together we would get there.

#twopercent #nigeria

This is a well though agenda, a Roadmap towards achieving 100k sp by january 31st 2021 is doable.
Thanks for the metion and drive @steemitalive, together we would get there
#soloben #nigeria

@soloben. We would definitely get there. With the power of all.

You have been supporting as as a Coordinator in Abuja. Keep up the great work. @iamlynxie. Let's put hands together to achieve this roadmap.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for the support @steemalive, I would continue to give my best to aid us achieve the said road map. Thanks once more.

#twopercent #nigeria

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