SteemAlive Presents: "My top 10 Mobile apps". Lets see your first choice and mostly frequently used apps. 30 Steem Contest Prize

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Goodmorning friends and welcome to the start of a brand new week - its a Monday! From this moment moving forward, we will publish our weekly contests every Monday. We are really delighted to start with this interesting contest called My top 10 Mobile apps. This contest is something you would love to do since many people now use android phones. Apps have become a necessity as a result, so lets get the details of this contest.


The contest - My top 10 Mobile apps!

My Top 10 mobile apps is a contest to showcase the 10 apps you use most frequently. Everyone with a smartphone uses one application or the other. Apps make it very easy to access important services using our smartphones. So in this contest, we want to see the 10 apps that are very very useful to you - so useful that you open them everyday or sometime within the week.

You can feature top 10 apps in categories such as social media, lifestyle, health, banking, games, productivity, etc. However, utility apps like camera, calculator, phonebook, SMS should not be included in this contest. Apart from those ones, you are free to write about the 10 apps that matter to you and most frequently used.

For each app listed, answer these 3 Questions:

  • What is the app used for?
  • Why do you prefer this app over others (at least 2 reasons)?
  • How long have you used it?

KIndly include a screenshot of each app and the app name.


The rules

  1. Publish a post as your entry for this contest. Your title should be: "My Top 10 Mobile Apps - and why I choose them".
  2. Submit the link of your entry as a comment on this post.
  3. You must Subscribe to Steemalive Community
  4. You must upvote and resteem this post to help create awareness
  5. Publish your post in Steemalive community and use the first tag top10apps


How winners are selected

We want to see original entries. Please app images should be your own screenshots, and not downloads from the internet. We will check for plagiarism. Format your post well and write in paragraphs too.


The Contest Prize - 30 Steem

The total Steem Prize is 30 steem. We will send 2 Steem each to the first 15 entries that contested according to the rules.

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)


Support this contest.

Send us SBD, Tron or Steem to support this contest. You can also give a valuable vote or resteem the post


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 2 years ago 

Beautiful contest. Il surely participate.

I like this contest,i am already participating

 2 years ago (edited)

This is my entry for the contest, my top 10 mobile app.


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