LID reporting for today Saturday 8/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Glass Window/Door shop (Amaco Glass))

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Welcome to our LID reporting today and a very good morning to you. How was your night. LID on a weekend is a great thing. Whether you want to relax at home and do some chores or you plan to go out and attend an event, LID is there for you. Find something really useful to report. Make it educative or informative too. We are waiting to read your LID reports in the comment section of this post.


You can improve your LID reports

Here are 3 ways to make your LID reporting better

1.. Make a plan: As you schedule how your day will run, also include LID in it. For example, will you start taking pictures in the morning or much later in the day. Choose the locations or events that you will capture in your LID report. Be sure to execute your plan accordingly as the day goes by.

2.. The First Report: Start with a morning selfie. Write about how you will spend your day, including the things you will do and places you will visit. Make it fun and informative too. You can still talk about how your night was and the current morning situation. If your first LID report is great, others will follow.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Glass Window/Door shop (Amaco Glass). Capture a business that makes or sells glass doors and windows in your area. We will pay you extra 0.1 Steem for a great spotlight.


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Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 3 months ago 

First LID report
Location: Abia State


Good morning lovelies....
Trust your night was awesome.
I went to bed last night so early because I was too stressed during the day.

I have a wedding today... But before then I will have to finish up my garri frying this morning, the have my meals done, probably do some laundry and other chores before leaving for the wedding.
I will not be attending the church service, just the reception.

This morning is a bright morning, the sun is out already.
although it rained here last night. Most people are still on bed, because it's weekend.
I can hear the birds singing outside, am actually on a tour in my small farm....

Will keep you posted on more updates...,

Morning to you and have a great day also,we need more update for you..

 3 months ago 

Thank you, @smarto.
You will definitely see more updates....

Sister @ninapenda you need to calm down with this your farm o. You want to take my work from me?

 3 months ago 

@akcares,,,, lol.
It's the season naw,,,, I have to benefit from it.

Morning to you, and do have a splendid day!

 3 months ago 

Thank you.... @goodybest

Yes ,I'm so exited it's already weekend

 3 months ago 

Yes oooo, @solar-star

Good you all
Location Abia state aba
First lid report

Hello good morning steemworld! I just want how you guys are you guys doing !I know your night wen't well today I woked up early around 4am and I had to pray till 5am then I stop praying and rifht now am heading to school of health for a program starting by 6:30am....then when I come back i will head to church for choir rehearsal ...I was about leaving the house so i had to take my selfie for my kid report
Update later thank you all



 3 months ago 

Good morning @udgospel. My night was awesome.
Do have a great day ahead

Good evening dear

1st lid post
Date....08 MAY 2021
Time... .7:03am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Good morning my fellow steemains.
How was your night? Hope your night went well.
I thank God for my life and for seeing this great day may his name be highly praised.

I was was woked up by my uncle this morning around 6;30am
And we had some Bible discussions and after that i went and took my bath then later log into steem for updates.
Around 6:50 i was served my breakfast.
Morning Selfie


My today plans.
On my way to work,i wll go insearch of glass window- door shop-amaco- glass. From there i will go to my boss house to collect the office key.

Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.

Do enjoy your day ahead

Location IFA

my first lid report today

My morning selfie


Good morning my fellow lid reporters

How was your night trust you all had good night rest.
Today is weekend full of activities and events, please remember to stay safe always,
Today I will go to Etinan for the burial of late Mrs Udo the mother of my business partner,
I will make sure to capture what is happening and most importantly today's sportlight.
On my way back i will enter market to buy few things for tomorrow.
Have a lovely day

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 7:25
Date 8/5/2021


Good morning my friend's how are you and how was your night my night was so good because I really enjoy my night, I also wake up this morning with strong and healthy,right now I want to boil hot water to take a shower I need to go out for work because today is Saturday I need to go earlier and also come back earlier, I also pray for God to Grant everyone of us as we are going for work today and have a great day. Stay tuned for more updates..

Hello bro good morning to you, hope your night was cool, hot water is cool waking up this morning everywhere was cold. As you step out this morning please stay safe and observe all covid19 protocols, stay safe @kingcent cares

Yes bro.. and you too have a nice day

My Friend,you look great this morning,be safe at work

1st lid report
Location: Ilorin


Good morning stewmians trust your ni was awesome, if so glory be to God.
Currently am at my uncles house to spend the weekend and me and is son is chill here,just to catch little cruise before taking breakfast.
Wish everyone a sweet weekend

Thank God you have an uncle to visit dear,make sure you have enough fun and gist me later OK.



Time: 8:04am

Good morning lovely friends and all steemians,how was your night?
I believe you all enjoyed your night test because for me cryptoacademy homework took all my night and because of that I couldn't get enough night sleep.

Still am up and grateful this morning,already heading to work to hustle believing that today will be the best day for me.
Wish you all an amazing day today.
Love you all.


 3 months ago 

Good morning @ladyofpolicy. I can really see sleep in your eyes. I wish you the best in the crypto academy. Hopefully God will bless your day and your achievements will be great. Nice day my friend
#twopercent #cameroon

Good morning dear, u captured your morning selfie very well. Today will surely be the best day for you, looking forward to see more update from you

my first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 8/05/2021

Time: 8:02am


Hello steemians welcome once again to my blog, Good morning to you all and Happy New day. Good morning to you all I'm very excited today to write again today I woke up at about 5am, in the morning and quickly went to my morning work-out exercise, I ran from #NTA junction to #Rumuokuta all in portharcout city.

As we all know that exercise helps in building the body composition, muscles and all the rest. Each day I emback on morning exercise my body is usually flexible and today wasn't an exception. I really like exercising my body it helps me alot. My #spotlight awaits you stay tuned

Nice post, it good to have an exercise everyday and it have in body system.


TIME: 08:25AM
DATE: 8/05/2021


Good morning good people of steemalive, How was your night? hope you had a nice dream last night.
So glad that today is Saturday, a day to rest for those white collar workers. I woke around 6:30am, did some laundry and home chores.
Am already out of the house, heading to a special meeting program that would be taking the day.

May Your Saturday Be A Blissful One And A Cause For Joy.

Catch you later for more updates.

I see you feeling fly this morning.
Best of luck on this new day

Amen brother
I cant wait to see more updates from you.

Amen brother
I cant wait to see more updates from you.

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 8th May, 2021
Time: 6am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, I hope we all enjoyed our sleep? The weather has been helpful in having a sound sleep, everywhere is just cold.

Tis another wonderful weekend, it shall be a restful one for us.
I woke up early today but couldn't disengage from my bed until 6am. I need to clean my room and do laundry. I have a wedding program I want to attend.
Let's get the day started, I hope for a great day Today.

I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


 3 months ago 

Good morning, @holayemine. The weather is too Cold, I thank God for that.... My weekend is not a stress free one oooo am too engaged with activities.
I wish you a successful day ahead....

Thank you
I finally have a successful day

Good morning @holayemine,it good to hear from you this morning, stay safe

Surely, it will be a greatful one, I would love to hear the gist about the wedding you will be attending.

The wedding was averagely okay but not well coordinated.
Thanks for checking up

Big brother @holayemine I think you still need some sleep from the way your face is.

Don't mind me, I really need to sleep

First lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 8:48am
Date: 08/05/2021


Good morning my fellow reporters, am sure you all woke up good, I hope y'all are doing fine this morning, yesterday night so cold just the way I wanted as the night rest was comfortable, it's another new day to report, the sunset was early this morning.

I hope we all find interesting activities to report,
Stay tuned.

#twopercent #nigeria

Hello dear @olabillions,am glad you're strong and looking good this morning,please do have an amazing day today and do well to take proper care of yourself ok,@ladyofpolicy cares

 3 months ago (edited)

first lid report
Uyo, Akwa Ibom state


Good morning steemians, hope u had a good night rest, i'm very fine over here. The weather is very bright over here, the fields are green.
Today i will wash my clothes, carry out house chores, cook, then i have an appointment by 12pm.
Thats all i know for now, stay tune for further update.
Have a lovey day!!
Remember to stay safe!!

First lid report
8th May
Immaculate road, Aba Abia State.

Good morning was your night,
Trust you slept well?
I did sleep very well, no heat, no mosquitoes.
I woke up by 5:30am.
Since then I have been busy with my phone, at about 8am I prepared indomie and boiled eggs for breakfast, had my bath and left for work


 3 months ago 

1st LID report
Location: mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 8:55am
Date: 08/05/2021

IMG_20210508_085157.jpgmy humble self

Good morning to you dear friends. I presume you all had a nice rest and the day has started off well? My night was good and I slept like a baby too. I woke at 6:00am and immediately brushed my teeth then went for prayers with my family. After prayers I went straight to my room to get settled for my online class this morning. Thank God it's on WhatsApp as network has really been disturbing so using zoom or meet won't be good for me. The class begins from 7:00am to 9:30am. We are still having the class and after this I will see what makes the rest of my day. Happy weekend my friends

The chat on WhatsApp for the class
#twopercent #cameroon

1st Lid Report
9:50 a.m
Location: Uyo
Hey Great Steemians,

Happy weekend guys. I trust you had a wonderful night rest. I had a great night myself. I actually slept off on my report yesterday. I felt bad when I woke around 2 a.m to this sad realization, but there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe if I had supernatural powers, I would have reversed the time, but now, I have to accept my fate.
So, I woke and ran some errants on my phone. You may not understand. I actually slept back but as usual I woke again by some minutes past five to attend morning devotion.

Rest assures that this face and smile will not disappoint you ever.

From the Church, I went back home to arrange my itinery for the day.
So since it is weekend, I am going to have some space to myself. There is no work today and tomorrow so this is what is called freedom. Sadly so, I will have to do a lot of personal stuff. But first, I will have to go for clean up at the worship hall. The grass has so over grown and needs to be mowed. When I get back, probably I will make a soup which at the moment I have no idea of what to cook though. Cost of living here is becoming quite unbearable. Imagine that if you cook soup, to get garri or fufu that will be satisfactory cost at least five hundred naira. Still making soup is a better option as it will last longer than rice or beans or any other food. It is not easy for a single man o.
I think I should find time and sleep today.

Afterwards, I will need to go help a friend with an assignment which will take a greater part of my day. That's about the outline I have for today unless something urgent comes up. Whatever the case, you will get to here it. So, I will catch you later, hopefully I will not dose off prematurely today. Have for yourself a wonderful day ahead. Godspeed guys.

First LID report
Time: 10am
Location: uyo

Hello friends!
Hope you all had a wonderful night, mine was peaceful.
Today I woke up around 7am

Me when I woke up
I'm already done with my morning chores,
But I'll go to the market, when I come back from I'll cook, after that I will have lessons with my children then I'll do my own personal studies. Stay safe, and do have a nice day!

My 2nd lid post



IMG-20210508-WA0009.jpgpicture location

Today spotlight is so very sweet I love it cause why I said I love it, is that's what my dad did for a living and also my senior brother so I have to trek with my two legs to go to there shop and captured my amaco glass, thank God I find my spotlight. My day is going great what about you guys, stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️✌️

Abi this is wonderful
You really captured it @smarto

Yes thank you

This is great, well captured its good u reach your brothers shop today. Waiting to see more update from you

Yes thank you so much I really appreciate




Good morning friends,still reporting live from umuahia.
On getting to work,I went to buy food but when I got to the place they are selling food, I saw crowd that gathered around the food seller arguing,so I didn't proceed to buy the food but instead I stayed calm to find out the whole details of what was happening.

Its too bad how Agboro people will be molesting the poor masses every now and then,how can a woman that sell food pay 400# everyday to two different agboro groups even when she haven't sold anything yet,nawaooo
Bad governance.


Stay tuned for more gist as ee dey hot for umuahia.

Pls its been long I at Mama put, will you buy for me?

Yea dear don't worry I will buy yours ok

Ok, I like to get involved in this LID job. However, I am not able to that now because of my present circumstance. I used to enjoy those beautiful pictures taken from some special places, joints, cross roads, eaten places, etc.

2nd lid report
Location... Ikotekpene road aba
Time 10:08am
Date 08/05/2021 window- door shop-
amaco- glass.

Hello my fellow steemers.
Hope your day is going well,
I promised to update you guys earlier,
Here i present the spotlight for today.
I'm excited for supporting this great community @steemalive with my lid reports.
I snapped the picture when i was at my boss house.


Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

Wow!! Nice shot, still waiting for more update

Yessooo you did it @ready247

First lid report

Good morning everybody,I'm here again ,I woke up very early to do my chores ,today is Saturday well I'm so excited it's already weekend , today is going to be a great day.....

So ,After doing my chores I take my bath and rest of the sun was too much so I had my share so I want to show off I brought my stuff inside and swept and clean everywhere... I was happy and decided to make My spotlight aut


Second lid report
location: Uyo, Akwa Ibom state
After my breakfast, and house chores, i'm out to meet with a friend who invited me to come over to her place and assist her with something.

On my way out

I captured this shop door glass on my way to her place, at osonama steet, Uyo Akwa Ibom state.


I will soon be going to oron road, when i get there i will give you more update.
Stay tune
Stay safe
Remember to have your lunch.

Nice post dear I like this your picture and you are looking good.

Thank you for going through my post

You look So beautiful here!

1st LID report
Time: 12:40
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 08/05/2021


Good morning all to members of this platform I'm grateful to be among.
Well my night went well and I slept well.
This morning I woke by 5am for morning devotion at home and also prepared my younger brother for his exam at Uyo before 6:30am we his out with my mother and I was still at home before 6:50am I'm done preparing for shop but I don't go to the shop direct u went to where I went to register for my jamb and the woman that said that I should come before 8am is not yet here and I haven't opend the shop😒 this almost 9am before she came before she started the registration I was there till 11am. I'm done with everything
You all should have a wonderful day.

First lid report
8th May
Immaculate road, Aba Abia State.

Good morning was your night,
Trust you slept well?
I did sleep very well, no heat, no mosquitoes.
I woke up by 5:30am.
Since then I have been busy with my phone, at about 8am



Second lid report
Factory Road, Aba
Abia State

Good afternoon dear friend.
How is your day going?

After I left home, I went to the market straight, to buy fabrics for work.
The shop is located at tenant road by mosque. They sell only Italian cashmare.

The market wasn't busy as usual.
When I leave here, I will go buy generator, the one I have in my shop is very problematic.
That's the update for now.



Nice post bro, this material isn't for native cloth.

They are the best materials for senator wears.
Good afternoon sir

Ok sir


my second lid

I am at burial the place now
The name of the village is Ikotudobia in Etinan local government area.
It is so painful to lost a beloved mother to death.
Watching what was going on,I remembered the day I did my mother's burial,no wonder the Holy book said ,it is good to go to the house of mourning than that of celebration.





I will soon leave the village,

TIME: 2:26

Hello friends!
Hope your day is going on well, because mine is nice so far, as I did mention in my first LID I went to the market

me in the market

The market is called Anua market it is name after the village, it just a small market that deals mainly with food stuffs.

I came back and about to prepare food, so stay tune and safe!

LOCATION: Aba ,abia state
DATE: 8/5/2021
TIME: 6:35am

Good morning everybody's on steemit reporters hope you slept well tonight just woke up as early as 5:00am and did my morning devotion with my family shortly 30 minutes I took my birth off to shop .
Have a wonderful day 🙏

 3 months ago 

Have a great day ahead.... @ebusneh

Thanks dear ♥️

Morning to you and have a great day

 3 months ago 

Second LID report
Location: Abia State


Have been doing the needful since morning,,,,
Am tru with my garri frying and am on my way to wedding ceremony.....

I will get you updated......

Location: Clifford road aba.
Date: 08/05/2021
Time: 09:44am
1st lid report

Hello guys,
As i arrived in my office, I have to rush mama put to have my breakfast and I ate rice and petoates with meat, mean while after taking my breakfast I will be going back to my office, well stay tuned for more update.

Location: Cameroon road aba.
Date: 08/05/2021
Time: 12:09pm
2nd lid report

Good afternoon my fellow steemians,
How is your day going, I hope is going well.
We have a management meeting and the meeting took up to 3hours and after the meeting we have a merriment that is item 7, well stay tuned for more update.

Location: ikot ekpene road aba
Date: 08/05/2021
Time: 01:12pm
3rd lid report

Hello guys,
As i finish drinking my akid and pepper soup and then I went to our branch at ogborhill aba to go and test run all the generator that will have parked in the store since last year November the stop sim card registration and reaching there the security man told me that there is no light there due to the power failure and there inverter is down and I was there to check on it but finally I discovered that the battery is down and it need to be charged, stay tuned for more update thank you.

third lid
Location; Uyo, Akwa Ibom

I captured this glass door at Oron Road by shelter, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.


Thank you so much for going through my lid entry.
Stay tuned for more update
Stay safe
Bye for now

Location: ikot ekpene road aba
Date: 08/05/2021
Time: 02:52pm
4th lid report


Hello guys,
As i help them and also put back the light in the office and before I start test running all the generator and it 7 generator but 4 generator is still good and 3 need servicing meanwhile the servicing will be continue from Monday,well stay tuned for more update thank you.

Location: Cameroon road aba.
Date: 08/05/2021
Time: 03:49pm
5th lid report

Hello guys,
As i was in the office, working and then I have to take a selfie, and although today is weekend and I don't have much work today and then I have go look for my spotlight task for today.

Spotlight task showcase glass door and window.

So this is all I have for today and thank you for taking your time to read my post.

Second lid report

So at my side, people usually sell amaco glass there ,so when I was coming back I rushed down immediately to snap my glass and go home ....

I saw. A friend that I knew we hugged and was very happy to see each other, we talked about a slot and we hugged then went our separate ways...

I was so happy because I know I would report a lot of glasses today as my spotlight....but I'm very happy...stay tuned..





 3 months ago 

Wow those pictures are really lovely. These Amaco glasses are really making waves and they beautify structures when used. Look at how that building in glowing with the effect of the windows. Nice evening my friend
#twopercent #cameroon

Indeed they are beautiful ❤️, thank you very much, good evening

 3 months ago 

You're welcome my dear

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210508_194136_876.jpgpicture location

Good afternoon everyone how was your day going, my day is going great but everywhere is so dry no work so I have to find something to capture to post for my lid , some of my engineer, are busy playing game some are not doing anything. Right here for me I'm sitting down browsing,and also watch movies on my phone,also to give more updates today, stay tuned for more updates 😎😎😎

My 4th lid post


IMG_20210508_200825_406.jpgpicture location

The weather is too hot I find somewhere to stay like cool place I stay inside @solar-star shop to take some rest, so I find one guy who is selling ice cream he is a businessman,and you will see one girl and one boy they're buying ice cream because of the hot weather,I feel like licking ice cream now but I will wait till tomorrow being Sunday.. so that I will enjoy myself... stay tuned for more updates.......

 3 months ago 

2nd LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 4:33pm

Good day friends. Hope the day is going well? Mine is sweet oohh!! Hhhmmmmm... Fortunately the online class ended 20 minutes earlier than the time so I got happy and steppes out to do other things. My work was centered around slicing vegetables to preserve. They were of three types; amaranthus, pumpkin leaves and cabbage. This took me about two hours to finish. Immediately I finished and was famished I made some roasted plantain and ate with palm oil.

IMG_20210508_132643.jpgmy food

This particular food brings back good childhood memories to me. It's do delicious my friends. At the moment I'm on my way to see a special friend in town. See you guys soon
#twopercent #cameroon

1st lid post
Date...8 may 2021
Location.. Abia State

Hello friends, how was your day? Trust is going as planned.
I didn't post early today due to some activities i had.
But I'm done with it.
Today i woke around 7am, said my prayers and went straight to the kitchen for preparing breakfast.
After that, i ate, bath and wait for today's meeting, we are connecting through zoom,so no work today.
I was at home throughout.
Morning selfie


We were at meeting from morning till 4pm.
So, i decided to go in search of today's spotlight.



I might still update you guys

DATE: 8/05/2021


2nd lid report
Location: Ilorin kwara state



Good evening steemians ,I came back this afternoon from my uncle's place after a lot of fun.just to prepare for tomorrow's church our day was awesome also.

 3 months ago 

Good evening @olawole111, I believe that your evening is going well after so much fun at your uncle's place. I wish you a restful evening bro. Thanks for sharing.

#lidreport #nigeria

Thanks for replying..

 3 months ago 

Spotlight: Glass window/Door shop (Amaco glass)

Arriving at commercial avenue at my friend's shop I spotted a building which has is required for the spotlight so I took a picture as seen below
Building with Amaco Windows and doors

Here's another shop with the Amaco glass window and door

glass door

IMG_20210508_172220.jpg Amaco glass window

#twopercent #cameroon

Good for you, I see you spot the spotlight already

second lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 5:35pm

Evening my fellow reporters, I have been less active today due to the fact that am feeling myself a little less, I think am feeling sick but I will be making necessary arrangements concerning my health ASAP. I have been resting all day, but I just stepped out jez now to spot my spotlight.

#twopercent #nigeria

Nice work. Its encouraging

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 8th May, 2021
Time: 6pm

Second LID Report

Good evening all, the day has been a great day so far. I left the wedding reception I attended around 3pm because the program was badly conducted. Though I ate before leaving but the way Mc coordinated it was so poor.


As I was returning, I snap this small amaco shop. One thing I know with this people is the noise they make without them using any ear protective.
The advent of this aluminum brought a good trend in making entrances, windows, boxes and many more.
These people make a good return for their job.

My day has been a pleasant one!
It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


 3 months ago 

Third LID report
Location: Abia State

I arrived the event,at 2:30pm, when I got here, nothing has started, everything is still begining to start. The DJ is just giving us the beat......






While waiting,,, we decided to take some pictures, since the event is still gonna kick off, lets do the needful.....

I will keep you updated when the event starts....
More updates loading...

Enjoy the wedding to the fullest

Hi pretty nice reading your post at this time. How was the wedding today hopefully by this time next year we will be planning our wedding ceremony..

my spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 8/05/2021

Time: 6:14pm



Hello steemians welcome once again to my lid report for today (spotlight) to be precise. This is a glass shop in my area here I took a nap and took this great picture I really enjoyed moving around in order to get my spotlight for today.

TIME: 6:17

Hello steemians so I went out to get something from my friend and on my way back I find the spotlight for today

I captured the spotlight at mbak road, uyo

It's someone compound, the compound is very neat and the flower really beautify it.
Watch out for my next Lid!

Wow! The flowers are lonely, you captured it well

 3 months ago 

Fourth LID report

Location: Abia State

Still on the wedding matter.....


The MC is doing a great job here..... He has called in the presence of God to come and take his place in the occasion. He has also called in the high tables. Occasion has started.

The ashebiss has just been called in, and he asked them to go and get for themselves a man they will dance with....
They have all done that and returned to their seats.... It's now the bride and the groom's turn to come in




I attended the wedding because of the groom, he is my colleague at work...
The wedding is moving well. I bless GOD for a cool weather.
Will still update on more reports....

This wedding is really gorgeous
Mine is the decoration for me
I love the green color.

Beautiful bride, may she have a blissful home




Good evening everyone,hope we all had a fruitful and amazing day today.
Frankly speaking today was really hectic on me,gosh the work was so hectic that I didn't even have time for my phone .
This will be my last LID report for today as i present my spotlight.




Note.... All pictures was taken with my colleague's phone as mine was being charged
Thanks and love you all.

Nice one bro, you did very well to find time out of your busy schedule to report your lid. Well done

Fourth lid
Location; Uyo, Akwa Ibom state
Hello steemians!!
Hope your day is going fine, i'm good over here.


On my way back from Oron Road, i captured this door glass at Mbiabong, Uyo Akwa Ibom state, a tailor shop.
I'm on my way home now but the weather is gloomy, let me rush home.
See you guys when i'm back, take care

4th Lid
Time: 6:50
Location: my home

I just finished having lesson with my children, I taught them numbers, sounds and shapes today.

I captured them after the lessons

After the lesson I went out again to buy something then I saw this window and I decided to captured it.


I also captured a makeup artist shop that is located along my street


Love u all

fifth lid report
Location Uyo, Akwa ibom state
Hello my wonderful friends, how are you doing? I got home safely.


On my way home, it started drizzling so i stopped by my friends place @goodybest, since i was passing by her street. I captured this glass window when i got to her house. After eating, i finally reach house.
I'm home now, took my bathe, I have some books to read before going to sleep.
Thank you so much for through my lid report, i really enjoyed doing this together with you, have a wonderful night rest.
@eloany cares

 3 months ago 

Fifth LID report
Location: Abia State




Just went to a friend's house along my street, and took pictures of some of his almaco working equipment, because he works from home....

Beautiful, u captured it well

TIME: 7:46

have finished cooking and and I had my dinner and freshen up

my dinner
I'm about to have my personal studies now,

I captured in on way to market

I really have a nice day! Hope you also have

My 5th lid post

IMG_20210508_225507_205.jpgpicture location

IMG_20210508_225435_453.jpgpicture location

I'm back to my house so I need to Barb my hair but fortunately there are so many people there and I can't wait so I have to go back to my house then tomorrow being Sunday I will come back to Barb my hair, I really thank God for today how he guide me and protect me from my enemies thank God for that, I'm in my house now with my family..I have to sleep early and also wake up early tomorrow morning, good night everyone.....

my third lid today

Good evening everyone
It was not really easy with me today but in all things I give God the glory.

As I left the burial place I checked time it was already 2:15pm and our zoom meeting will be by 3:pm,
On way back i tried to join the zoom meeting when I saw a message by our leader that time will be by 4:pm, I was like let me rush to market and buy things before 4:pm.
In side the market I was checking time immediately I came out of the market I joined the zoom meeting with minding that I was on the road.
I love training is the life of every business and source of success

Our dynamic leader @ngonyi ,a lady with a Gold heart.


###₦ Another powerful steemians



on my way back


I thank God for a successful day today and I hope you all had a great day today too.
Good night to you all.

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4th LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 11:15pm

Meeting my friend today was one of the best things that happened today. We had a great chat together and a stroll in town. Unfortunately my phone was switched off due to low battery and I couldn't capture some sweet moments. I returned home by 7:00pm but was held up by rain at the junction so I had to hide and wait for the rain to cease. I finally got home at 8:36pm, took a shower and ate some sweet goat meat while watching a cartoon with my brother "Justin and the night of valour". My junior brother loves it so much. Unplugging my phone from charge after the movie I realized it was late and it's time for bed. But Lesley won't let me be as he wants us to take a picture together.
IMG_20210508_223608.jpg My sweet little brother and I
Good night to you all from my side and see you all tomorrow
#twopercent #cameroon

This is my lid report of today is the link ..thank you steemain for caring for one another God bless you....