Always Check your club Status from time to time - plus something special for club75/Club100 users!

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If you have been on Steemit for some time now, you will definitely know about club5050, club75 and club100. These are various levels of commitment long-term to the Steemit Project. For newbies, your mentor will definitely tell you about the clubs if they have not already done so. However, here is a brief explanation again of what the clubs stand for.

  • Club5050: The first of these 3 clubs is club5050. Users in this club power up at least 50% of their earnings over a 1 month calender period. This ensures that the funds they transfer away from their wallet is the same amount or even smaller than the funds they power up. If you are in this club, you are free to use #club5050 as one of the tags in your posts.

  • Club75: Users in this club show greater commitment to the Steem Project by powering up 75% of their earnings over a period of 2 months. The funds powered up by club75 members is 3 times the amount they transferred from their wallet. If you are in this club, you are free to use #club75 as a tag.

  • Club100: Club100 users are the ultimate believers in the Steem Project. All their earnings over any 3 month period is completely powered up. If you are in club 100, feel free to use #club100 in your posts.

Which ever club you belong, you stand a chance of getting some support from the Steemit team. However, if you join club75 or even club100, you greatly increase your chances.

3 Reasons to Check your Status Regularly

Some users may simply believe they are in a certain club, only to discover that they are not. So there are at least 3 reasons to check your status every few days to ensure your are still in at least club5050.

  • Time: Remember that you club status is measured over a period of time - at least over 30 days period. So each passing day make your initial transfers and power ups fall outside the calculation period. Time flies really fast and before you knew it, days or weeks have passed. If you do not check your status regularly, you might find yourself not in any club because your last power up is now beyond the calculation period.

  • I have not made a transfer This is another big mistake, especially with regards to the time issue discussed above. Whether you have made a transfer recently or not, the calculation window for the clubs shifts with time. So you might find yourself outside the clubs even if you have not transferred funds from your wallet.

  • I need Support: Perhaps the biggest reason to check your status regularly is to retain support both from the Steemit team and from community admins. The Steemit team checks the tags and votes users that are in the clubs (votes are random). Besides, Steemalive admin checks your club status before recommending you for booming support. If you are not at least in club5050, your post will not be recommended for booming vote. So if you wish to continue getting votes, always check your club status.


How to Check my Club

Its very easy to check your status. Just click the link below to check in Steemworld

Check your status in SteemWorld

We are planning something special for club75/Club100

We are putting together an interesting package for those that have upgraded to club75. Kindly check your status and reply to this post if you are in club75 and club100. Remember 2022 is business unusual, and we would love to step up our game in every respect.


Do not leave the clubs by mistake.Always check your status and plan to move up. If you are in club50, consider moving up to club75 or club100. Lets work hard as a team and the results will be amazing. Shall we?


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Thank you @steemalive for this valuable information, this is very helpful.

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much for this kindly update. We really appreciate your efforts all the time.

Shall we? OH YES SIR!!!
Let's do this and do it over and over again...

Thank you @steemalive for the exposure to this, I can now check my status effectively

 2 years ago 

Hi @steemalive thanks for always giving us good encouragement and enlightenment

 2 years ago 

Steemalive always coming out with Innovation that makes life easy. Thank you for this, I will not fail to share with my group members.

This article has just reminded me that I need to check my club status because I might fall a victim of thinking I'm still in club5050 not knowing I'm not. Thank you @steemalive. This is timely and helpful

 2 years ago 

Problem for those not in club5050 and double problem for those like me that are not in club75 or club100 but i will try and upgrade as time goes on.

This is really enlightening...

I am so grateful for reminding us to sheck our status if we still in club, thanks sir

I will check immediately if I am in the club

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