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Save2Soar kicked off last week with a big pull of 2090 Steem from 25 SteemALive members that joined this savings scheme. Between last week and today, we have received more steem both from a few new members and old members that sent 10 steem last week. So here is a breakdown of the steem received.

Total Steem received as at today - 260

We have received a total of 260 Steem. We received them from the following members:

Total: 260 Steem


The Savings for week 2 ending 13/2/2021

S/NUsernameWeek 1Week 2
1@beckie9683010 Steem10 Steem
2@focusnow10 Steem10 Steem
3@benton310 Steem10 Steem
4@doppley10 Steem10 Steem
5@samuel2010 Steem10 Steem
6@emjeak10 Steem10 Steem
7@ijgood10 Steem10 Steem
8@sammylinks10 Steem10 Steem
9@ngoenyi10 Steem10 Steem
10@talktofaith10 Steem10 Steem
11@val12310 Steem10 Steem
12@bright-obias10 Steem10 Steem
13@justice255010 Steem
14@meymeyshops10 Steem10 Steem
15@soloben10 Steem
16@alegnita10 Steem10 Steem
17@ceendy2010 Steem10 Steem
18@tenguhatanga10 Steem10 Steem
19@maggystar10 Steem10 Steem
20@chizikky18710 Steem10 Steem
21@jenykel5610 Steem
22@davchi10 Steem10 Steem
23@mato44510 Steem
24@afunkycares10 Steem10 Steem
25@whitestallion10 Steem10 Steem
26@botefarm10 Steem10 Steem
27@xkool2410 Steem10 Steem
25@kingcent10 Steem10 Steem


260 Steem powered up for this week

You can see the before and after screenshot of the 260 Steem we have powered up:




A few members are yet to send their savings for the week. We give them 24 hours to do so or risk loosing their position in the program.

Thank you all for supporting this project. Lets see how far we can go with this.
cc: @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal

Written by: @focusnow
For: @save2soar


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 2 years ago 

@steemalive. We are really soaring. @focusnow save 2soar is a brilliant idea. This fantastic project has my full support. I love it .

 2 years ago 

Still very in love with this project, looking forward to many other joining the train. This is a very smart move.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 years ago 

Still very in love with this project, looking forward to many other joining the train. This is a very smart move.

#twopercent #nigeria

Steem is increasing day to day... At the final part of the year, would be another great story. Let's save right now in order to get a good harvest. Regards. 👍🏼 #venezuela #affable

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