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We are delighted to announce that Save2Soar has kicked it off today as earlier announced in our introduction post. We hope that this crowdfunded powered up savings project will provide a steady and incremental platform to build on our community voting power. We also hope that all participating members would smile with profit at the end of the 1 year period. We are very grateful to all SteemAlive members that supported this project to launch successfully. Because of the amazing support we got in less than 1 week of announcing the project, we are kick-starting with an impressive 2,090sp. This is our very first post and here is a breakdown of how we realized the startup funds.

The Startup funds and members

We created awareness for this project within our community and we were impressed with the support it got. Originally, each member was supposed to send just 10 steem for the starting week. But because almost everyone loved the idea, just few sent in 10 Steem. The overwhelming majority sent more than 10 steem to cover for weeks ahead!. At least, 1 person sent in 520 steem, which is 10 steem times the 52 weeks in a year! So the images below show how each member sent in funds for the project.



The Savings for week 1 ending 6/2/2021

Although many of the members sent in funds ahead of time, we will still arrange the funds 10 steem per week until the entire period of 1 year for easy accounting. So here are the members and a placement of their 10 Steem each for this week:

S/NUsernameWeek 1Week 2
1@beckie9683010 Steem
2@focusnow10 Steem
3@benton310 Steem
4@doppley10 Steem
5@samuel2010 Steem
6@emjeak10 Steem
7@ijgood10 Steem
8@sammylinks10 Steem
9@ngoenyi10 Steem
10@talktofaith10 Steem
11@val12310 Steem
12@bright-obias10 Steem
13@justice255010 Steem
14@meymeyshops10 Steem
15@soloben10 Steem
16@alegnita10 Steem
17@ceendy2010 Steem
18@tenguhatanga10 Steem
19@maggystar10 Steem
20@chizikky18710 Steem
21@jenykel5610 Steem
22@davchi10 Steem
23@mato44510 Steem
24@afunkycares10 Steem
25@whitestallion10 Steem

We will do the same thing next week for week 2 which starts now and ends 13/2/2021.

The total 2090 Steem has been powered up

Just as we wrote in our introduction post, the total funds collected at the end of each week would be powered up and accumulated for at least 1 whole year. So in keeping with that, here is the funds before and after the power up.




Crowdfunding has been one of the easiest and most modern method of raising funds.So, we hope that this project would help us create a self-reliant community in the nearest future by building our Steem power. @save2soar is following steemalive curation trail. We welcome new members that are willing to join Save2Soar provided they are willing and able to save at least 10 steem each week for 1 year.

Thank you all for supporting this project. Lets see how far we can go with this.
cc: @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal

Written by: @focusnow
For: @save2soar


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This is amazing, am really glad am among the start up members of this great initiative.
I will continue to do my best to support this community, May God help us all.


this is amazing, am really glad am among the start up members of this great initiative.

Nice job with this.
I just sent my 2 weeks payment now.


@save2soar, this is a very beautiful initiative. I am also glad to be a part of this initiative.
You had always had the interest of your community members at heart, that is the reason for this savings @focusnow. Thanks for your selfless services.
Best regards

Nice one from save2soar.

 2 years ago (edited)

Wow! Great to be among the startup team. It will be of great benefit to me. I working very hard now to meet up with the savings. Its a nice game nd will fully work with it till end..


 2 years ago 

Its a great pleasure to be among those to launch this wonderful project. It's a great one and it's going to bring in so many positive impact to the community. @focusnow I really appreciate the efforts you make for us to always have something sweet in the mouth. I'm bringing my efforts to make this project work.

Together we grow
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago 

I strongly believe we can go farther than expected soonest @save2soar

 2 years ago 

Wow, I am happy to be among the starting members. I will work hard to complete my own contribution. Thank you so much @steemalive for this wonderful initiative

This great and creative initiative is having a big successful starting, from the very own beginning! 😃 What about the final of the year period? Would be even humongous! 👍🏼 Let's grow together... With this new project it's easier to work as a team in order to get benefits for all of us. Cheers from here 👋🏼
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

 2 years ago 

This is among the best project ever to be seen in this community. I know it is going to soar higher and higher. Together to the moon.
#twopercent #nigeria

Wow... What an initiative this is. Pls forgive me, I have not joined. It's just that I have been busy with school work. I SHALL SEND IT SOON.

This is a great move for financial growth in Steemit. I'm glad to be a part. Keep up the good work sir @focusnow.

This is a very wonderful initiative and I promise to work hard to contribute my own part in this project. I hope in the nearest future this seed will make us soar.

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