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We are delighted to announce yet another project initiated by our lovely SteemAlive community. This Scheme or Project is called Save2Soar. We care a lot about community development, which is why we are constantly brainstorming to initiate projects that will help us grow. We believe that the future success of Steemit lies in building strong and self-sustaining communities where each member is adequately supported. We see SteemAlive as one of such communities. Our think-tank and resourceful team has come up with Save2Soar. We are very optimistic that this project will be a valuable addition in our efforts to make SteemAlive stand strong on two feet. To begin, its nice to explain what Save2Soar is all about.

What is Save2Soar?

Our community is growing in numbers everyday. Through our recruitment and marketing campaigns, we drive member ship growth in numbers. All of these people make posts and need votes. Unfortunately, we are still growing our curation trail which currently votes at nearly $1. We have stressed the importance of members powering up their posts to grow their Steempower. Many are doing that. However, our curation trail is not sufficient to curate all member posts. So in a bid to grow our Community voting power, we came up with Save2Soar.

Save2Soar is a scheme where willing members of SteemAlive save some Steem on a weekly basis. This Steem is accumulated in an account we will setup. At the end of the week, this crowdfunded savings is immediately powered up. We will repeat the process each week until at least 1 year. Gradually, the crowd is able to pull resources together by sending an agreed amount of Steem to the account each week. This account will not be powered down until 1 year. Since the account will follow SteemAlive curation trail, the accumulated steem power will help SteemAlive voting weight to increase, there by giving out more valuable votes to members.

8 Important Questions about Save2Soar answered

  • How much are subscribers of this project to save weekly?
    SteemAlive leadership (@focusnow and all City Coordinators) met yesterday (28/1/2021) and discussed the project in detail. We analyzed how to launch and sustain the project . We decided that each week, those that are willing to join the Scheme must be able to save 10 steem weekly for at least 1 year.

  • How will subscribers get the 10 Steem to save?
    The first choice of earning would definitely not be through Steemit posts. This is because most of our posts are already powered up, and there is no gurranttee that anyone would earn 10 steem from making posts weekly. So, our first potential source of getting the 10 steem is through buying steem with fiat. If anyone is able to earn 10 steem from Steemit, then fine. But that would not be the major way to get the 10 steem. At current rate, 10 steem is a low amount that even students of higher institutions can afford a week. We carefully agreed on an amount that wont be too difficult to earn.

  • After 1 year, what happens to the accumulated funds/Profit? We want to see how it goes in the first year. But for a start, members are free to take back their savings for the year with the profit if they wish. Since everyone is saving exactly the same amount, it is easy to calculate the profit and share equally.

  • What if a member is not able to continue due to unexpected events: As we are starting, everyone that joins the program has agreed to lock up the funds for 1 year. If a member stops saving because of unavoidable future events, we will still leave the contributed funds there and release them to him/her after 1 year.

  • What if the price of Steem goes up so high that contributing 1 steem is no longer possible for majority of the members? The leadership will meet again and analyze the situation and propose a way forward.

  • Can someone join the program midway? Yes. Provided they have the funds to save from when the contributions started to when he/she met it.

  • Can Someone not a member of SteemAlive Join: Yes. we wlecome everyone to join, provided they have a means to contribute 10 Steem weekly for 1 year. Users that are not SteemAlive members must go through the community membership requirements before they are allowed to join.

  • What if I have other questions not listed here? Use the comment section of this post to send your question to us. We will attend to it as fast as we can.


When will Save2Soar kickoff? What else do I need to know?

We are kicking off this first week of February 2021. Each member must send their savings to @save2soar on or before Saturday 6/2/2021. Members are free to send more than a weeks savings to the account. They can send for 2 weeks, a month or more in advance.

At the end of each week, we will make a post to show that all members have made their contribution and the funds have been powered up. We will also include any updates that are necessary such as new members that joined the program or any other matters that concern Save2Soar.

Who are behind Save2Soar?

The leadership of SteemAlive came up with this idea. They are:

@focusnow - Save2Soar Initiator (SteemAlive Founder, Country Representative Nigeria)
@ngoenyi - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator Uyo, Nigeria)
@talktofaith - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator Lagos, Nigeria)
@bright-obias - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator PortHarcourt, Nigeria. Country Representative Nigeria)
@henryglowz - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator PortHarcourt, Nigeria)
@iamlynxie - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator Abuja, Nigeria)
@whitestallion - Save2Soar board member (Country Represesntative Nigeria)
@beckie96830 - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator Abuja Nigeria)
@samuel20 - Save2Soar board member (City Coordinator Aba, Nigeria)



Everything is worth giving a try. No idea comes out fully formed. We hope that Save2Soar would be a powerful tool to enable us achieve community goals and objectives. we are really grateful to all SteemAlive members that have always given our projects maximum support. We count on you again to help us make Save2Soar a success.

We also remain grateful to @steemcurator01, steemcurator02 and @stephenkendal for their continued support of our community. We are really grateful for all.the assistance given. Lets pull our resources together and Soar. Lets Save for the future. Lets Steem beyond the moon!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 2 years ago 

This is indeed a great concept, please sir @focusnow if I may ask, the powered up fund will it be used to vote for steemalive members or for the engaged 10steem weekly contributors when perhaps the fund is ready for voting, thanks.

We will naturally give bigger votes to members that support or are part of Save2Soar. @davchi

This is a very good development.weldone @focusnow

 2 years ago 

This is a great initiative, I pledge my full support to this program.

Thank you sir for being there for us in times of need. We can do more together @whitestallion

Good idea I supported.

We are happy to have your support. More wins together with Save2Soar. @val123

 2 years ago 

Great initiative! I've already bought the idea and willing to work fully with it. Let's keep on pressing forward...


@bright-obias. We can achieve with this project. It's a win-win concept once it works out the way we planned it.

 2 years ago 


A good initiative. I didn't see the interest people will get after the whole year. How would the interest be calculated? Weekly, monthly or annum? Whichever way, what will people get if their total savings is 100 steem (for instance) after a year?

Assuming we have 10 people saving and at the end, they got 1000 Steem. Then because the account is earning through curation, it made extra 500 steem, then the 500 steem is shared equally because everyone had contributed equally too. @smyle

 2 years ago 

@focusnow this is one of the best ideas I've seen in this community.. I am fully involved sir.. Let's make the community soar..
I honour your resilience to see that steamalive goes forward..

Thank you for getting involved. We hope to push this as far as we could and make it a great project. @godsbest

I support the idea and will send mine. But how much is 10 steem assuming someone is to send money for it?

1 Steem is 93 naira now. So 10 Steem is 930 naira current rate. @meymeyshops

 2 years ago 

What a powerful initiative. I am solidly behind this and I am in full support. I will surely make my contributions. I pray it workout as planned. Thank you so much @focunow for this great idea. I pray that all members remain loyal to this project till the end.


@ngoenyi, thank you for supporting the idea. We are very optimistic that this project will turn out very great. Remember to kindly drop the link in your Uyo WhatsApp group. Thank you so much.

This is a wonderful idea indeed. It's a means for everyone in the community to benefit. Please what is the price of Steem to naira? Thanks

It's 92 naira as we chat. @uchescrib

Thanks for the info

 2 years ago 

This is indeed a splendid idea. I buy the idea 100%, trust me I will be participating in this one. @focusnow. I pledge my support.

@kingcent. That would be so nice of you. We can be in a very great position in the next few months if we all embrace it.

Wow, this is a great initiative, I pledged my full support. Since it is a win-win concept.

Thank you @mato445. It's indeed a project with the community interest at heart. We will win together with it.

@steemalive, this is a very good initiative. I am glad that you have the interest of the community members at heart, this is true leadership.
I am 100% in for this crowd saving.
Thanks for this initiative.
Best regards

You have been a strong pillar for us, doing all the work or recruiting and mentorship at Lagos. Thank you so.much for all you do. @talktofaith.

Great idea indeed. Are we going to be given a wallet account where we send the Steem Or straight to save2soar account?.

The funds will be sent straight to @save2soar. Thank you for supporting the project @yuceetoria.

Wow... This is a very brilliant idea. I am in full support of this. Thank you @steemalive leadership for all you do in this community.

@afunkycares. We appreciate you supporting this program so much. We hope to attain to greater heights and more wins together.

 2 years ago 

I must commend the brain behind this idea. It's so overwhelming. I'm happy the community has such great minds who sees growth at every possible opportunity. The project is a good one with good goals been set and I trust we shall make it. Kudos #?@steemAlive
#twopercent #cameroon

We are happy to have your support as we continue to grow together. Save2Soar will take us to the next level of Community growth..we are eager to see it Excel. @tenguhatanga

Wow this is a great concept and it have my 100% support.

Sure it is @okoyejoshua. Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of it. More wins together.

"Users that are not SteemAlive members must go through the community membership requirments before they are allowed to join."

What is the community membership requirements?

 2 years ago 

@ focusnow. This scheme/project is absolutely great. Special thanks [email protected] and all Steemalive leadership for this wonderful initiative. I hope and pray it will definitely soar. That's a very good one. Save2soar has my full support. I also like the fact that non steemians can also participate 👏👍😀

We hope to really soar with this project. Thank you so much for being a part of it. We are kicking off next week. Let's make it happen. @emjeak.

 2 years ago 

Hi @focusnow @steemalive

I think this idea is good.It would help us maintain a saving culture.Not just saving,the saving will definitely bring profit via curation purposes.

I would be glad if it would stand the taste of time.

#onepercent #nigeria

We are really eager to make it work. Thanks for all the great work you do for us in Aba as the City Coordinator. Together we can!!! @samuel20

Kudos to @focusnow and your board members for coming up with this lofty idea. I am in for it.

This sounds great. I'm very glad to hear about this projects. @steemalive seems to thrive more than ever. Steem saving. I really like the sound of that.

Wow...Great idea! I'm ready to join the success trail and willing to work fully with it. I love @steemalive for result and Progress .

Wao! A very nice initiative to welcome. Together we stand @justiceanietie

This is a very good idea.
This will encourage savings, and growth on Steemit

We are happy you love it. Let's make it happen @botefarm

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