@Steemalive City Cordinator's Report for Uyo and Every other City Where there is no Cordinator at the moment (week: 23rd -29th May, 2021) Presented by @ngoenyi

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Hello my wonderful friends and fellow steemians in @Steemalive and @steemit as a whole, it is my delight to present to you once again the activities of all of us in Uyo city and all other cities without cordinator for now. This week has indeed been a fruitful one with a lot of new developments. You will certainly not want to miss out on this report.please seat back and read how this week went.

Arrival of promotional materials

This week, promotional T-shirts, fliers and Roll-up stand were ready and I brought them back. The t-shirts were partly sponsored by @stephenkendal to the tune of 100steem. I am mostly grateful for that massive support. I was able to print up to 36 t-shirts.








These are the fliers and Roll-up stand



I have been sharing this fliers both to individuals I meet and on my Facebook status. And as a result, I got the attention of some people who have made further enquiries and 2 have even signed up but yet to make their Introduction posts. They are @joyjeff and @mayrose.

Meet ups

This week took a different turn. Instead of the Regular zoom meeting that we do have, I initiated a new idea. I shared this idea with my people and the result was massive. I told them that I will like us to meet in our various cities this weekend. I understand that physical meet ups can create a wonderful impression on the neighborhood. I use the instance of the training center I opened as an example. Ever since that presence is there, a lot of people have been coming in to make enquiries. I recently signed up 2 newbies as a result and they are @samuelidiong59 and @esthyfassion. They are trying their best to pick up. They have already made their Introduction post

From right to left is @samuelidiong59, @madilyn002, @esthyfassion and @benton3.

With this in mind, I told all in their different cities to meet up and tell us how they did it. To my greatest surprise, the idea was adopted and today, those in Calabar, Awka , Akure and Nasarawa met.

Nasarawa state

These are members in Nasarawa led by @peachyladiva. Those in attendance includes
@trendywendy(yet to make her introductory post)




@angeljanny64 Steemit⁩
And as @rosd-o

This pictures were sent in by @rose-o




@Phenomenal1052 didn't know anyone in Akure, but look at his statement below

Since I don't know anybody in Akure, so I went to meet my friend, he promised he would join steemalive next week. I also spoke to some of his friends to join steemit, they also promised me next week

This is quite commendable

This picture was sent in by @Phenomenal1052

This is him and his friend

Awka, Anambra State

And @uche4god.
The others are new, not all have finished their sign up.

These pictures were sent in by @kinkymiee



We at Uyo met and a good number of us came out. We met at Doctors mess, located at Udi Udoma Avenue, Uyo, Akwaibom State Nigeria. See our pictures below

From left to right are
@ijelady, @emyekanem, @madilyn02, @essybrandy, @mexacliff(back), @esthyfashion(recruited this week), @benton3, @ngoenyi, @rich9090, @akcares, @goodybest, @davosimple, @eliany and @ddwosky.










The following persons were in attendance

@mexacliff (previously inactive)

We took a little refreshment of Malt and egg roll.

You can see the effects of meeting up physically. There are others who had exams and they couldn't meetup. Hopefully, in our subsequent Meeting, they will be present. I am very happy the way most of us met. We were all encouraged and people around were making enquiries. I believe that this Meetups will surely draw people to steemit.

This has surely strengthened the social bond among us. We received testimonies about the goodness of steemit from @eliany, @goodybest, @ijelady, @benton3 and others. And we learned that we should be consistent and keep making quality contents and comments. I also encouraged them to set up a promotional office wherever they are so that steemit will be seen and known by everyone in Uyo and beyond. I am looking at a situation where we can even buy things with our steem. It will be awesome.

This week's Recruits
The following persons were recruited in Uyo and other cities without cordinator

  1. @osunlakj was recruited by @fredquantum

  2. @samuelidiong was recruited by me, @ngoenyi

  3. @esthyfashion was recruited by me, @ngoenyi

Pre-launching and funding of @citycuratoruyo account*

It is my pleasure to announce that within the week, @steemalive, under the leadership of @focusnow announced our new project which is to have an account that will be managed by each city were we have cordinators and that account will be used to support city members. The account is to be funded by the members and the fund will be locked up for at least, one year. It sounded very good to us. Finally, the accounts were oped including the one for Uyo city known as @citycuratoruyo. Check this post link

It will officially be launched on June 1 but we in Uyo already have started funding the account. We agreed to send in 5 steem each week to the account, but to my surprise, we already have 2040 steem in that account. The members really did amazing work and all these steem were gathered just in one day. Some sent in more than required. We can't wait to be supported with that account.

Regular Contest*

I host contest weekly to encourage activiness. This week, I announced the result of the last week's contest tittled who is your steemit hero/heroin and I announced a new one for this week with the tittle, hit your target steempower, save, how?. The essence of this newest contest is to enable us build our steempower and as well fund our @citycuratoruyo account. I believe that it will really help us to think along the line of saving instead of just withdrawing all our earnings.

List of steemians in Uyo and other cities that I am cordinating

I have been able to update the list of steemians. The newbies usernames and their cities including their Achievement posts have been added. The old steemians that have made progress in their Achievement tasks have also been added. Please check below.

S/NoUsernameCityAchievement post levelStatus
2@benton3UyoAchievement 5 task 3Active
3@holayemineOyo State - OgbomosoAchievement 5 task 1active
4@ochangCalabarAchievement 2Active
5@lhorgicIbadan,Oyo stateAchievement 4active
6@vhenomIlorin kwara stateAcheviement 4Active
7@mykhell007IlorinAchievement post level 1Active
8@simonnwigweTaraba stateCompletedActive
9@rose-oCalabarAchievement 4Active
10@Phenomenal1052AkureAchievement post 2Active
11@yuceetoriaOko, AnambraAchievement 3Active
12@ndufirstUyoAchievement 1active
13@ijeladyUyoAchievement 2Active
14@mamaroseUyoAchievement 2inactive
15@davosimpleUyoOld userActive
16@OlabillionsOgun state abeokutaOld userActive
17@yaroharuna68Nasarawa State-Active
18@tomleeUyoOld UserActive
19@eloksjosephIlorinAchievement level 1Active
20@kinkyamieeAnambraachievement 5yask 4Active
21@abariNasarawaAchievement 1inactive
22@obrisgoldUyoOld userActive
23@gentle101-Achievement 3active
25@elianyUyoAchievement 4Active
26@citysilver45UyoAchievement 2active
27@inoukotUyoAchievement 1active
28@ajunwa12UyoAchievement 1inactive
30@yakspeaceTarabaStateAchievement 5 task 1active
31@evegraceUyoOld useractive
32@uyobongUyoold steemianactive
33@mhizerbeeUyoOld Steemianactive
34@onos-steveDelta StateAchievement 4active
35@zellypearlUyoold steemianactive
3-@ojoyceomaNsukaachievement 3active
37@madilyn02Uyoachievement 4active
38@ayomide1110Kadunaachievement 4active
39@amplegeologistUyoold steemianactive
40@delightsome1Uyoachievement 1inactive
41@sunday1UyoAchievement 1-
43@goodybestUyoachievement 3active
44@sunshinemendyUyoachievement 1active
45@flozysammUyoachievement 1active
46@etiboy56Uyoachievement 2active
47@kemfonUyoAchievement 1active
48@utibeoeffiongartUyoOld steemianactive
49@fredquantumOsun statePro Newcomer Verifiedactive
50@ezeemmanuelorlu imo stateAchievement2active
51@emyekanemUyoAchievement 2active
52@utyalbanUyoachievement 3Active
53@PaulyounguyoAchievement 3active
54@rich9090UyoAchievement 1active
55@proxybUyoachievement 2active
56@distinct001Bayelsaachievement 4active
57@ddwoskyUyoachievement 1active
58@akcaresUyoAchievement 2active
59@benson6UyoAchievement 3active
60@amycablepeaceUyoAchievement 3active
61@nwangaUyoAchievement 1inactive
62@ejwilliamsUyoAchievement 1active
63@marvicomUyoAchievement 1active
64@supo1Oyo stateold useractive
65@ify.lydiaNsukaAchievement 1active
66@uche4godNsukaAchievement 1active
67@shulidinoUyoAchievement 2active
68@peachyladivaNasarawa Stateold useractive
69@johnpatrick12-Achievement 1active
70@chichiezeUyoAchievement 2active
71@essienuUyoAchievement 1active
72@olawole111IllorinAchievement 2active
73@emyekanemUyoAchievement 3active
74@joelmaxwellUyoAchievement 1active
75@encztouchUyoAchievement 1active
76@delightdearUyoAchievement 1newbie
77@essybrandyUyoAchievement 1active
78@edidiongeffyUyoAchievement 1active
79@glopyUyoAchievement 1active
80@harpieUyoAchievement 1newbie
81@gracyakanUyoAchievement 1newbie
82@obijosUyoAchievement 1newbie
83@msquaretkOyo StateAchievement 1newbie
84@bammyteeOsun stateAchievement 1newbie
85@ohia576UyoAchievement 4active
86@ubongudofotUyoAchievement 1active
87@esthyfasshionUyoAchievement 2active
88@charis20Nasarawa StateAchievement 2Active
89@patience90Nasarawa StateAchievement 1Active
90@olorunfemi20Achievement 1Nasarawa Stateactive
91@samuelidiongUyoAchievement 1Active
92@osunlakjOsun StateAchievement 1Active
93@angeljanny64CalabarAchievement 4Active
94@ojerindejoelIlorinAchievement 1active
95@akinlola1812Ekiti stateAchievement 1Active

I am happy that @mexacliff Is back. She joined us in our meetup this week. She was inactive as a result of her engagements in school, it was actually her final year in school as a midwife. I am happy that she is through now and back to activity.

Summary of Steemit users in (City name)

Total Users in all the cities I am cordinating95
New users recruited this week3
Users that joined usnil
Users transferred to other cordinatorsnil

More users are yet to join us. Active users are in line to receiving supports from the community. To become an active user, the person must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You make at least 2 posts in a week, 1 of which is published in SteemAlive

  2. You make a comment in the post made by your city coordinator every saturday

  3. You drop links in General post Promotion

Future plans

I will like to go for radio advert. I have made enquiries from inspiration FM Uyo and found out that they charge 21500NGN (93.5 steem at the price of 230/steem} for 10 minutes. I will try and meet up with it because it will surely create more awareness.

I will try to host Regular trainings on a weekly basis. Following the radio advert, Regular trains will follow. Though I am already holding it bought online and offline but I will like to make it more regular. Steemalive already has a training class in telegram group where we train every member on topics that are vital for our survival in steemit. For instance, this week,we held one.

Image credit to @focusnow. It was awesome.

More of these plans will be unfolded subsequently.


I am grateful to all the steemians in my group who have been very active and supportive. I pray that they continue to find joy being in steemit. Thank you all for making out time to go through this report.
@steemalive, @steemitblog, here is my report made as a city cordinator for Uyo and other cities without cordinator.

Special mention


Written by Me, @ngoenyi

For: @steemalive


This is my introductorypost here

:::Whatsapp :::join trail :::Steemalive Website



You guys really had fun ,welldone for all the good work. I really want ti be more active but my phone has issues and is not helping me at all. Nevertheless,I'll keep doing what I can until I can save up enough to get a new phone . Slow growth is still growth they say. Well done ma @ngoenyi for all you do

I appreciate the vote. Thank you ma

Thank you for this great work you are doing @ngoenyi.

The T-shirts look very smart.

 4 months ago 

Thank you @steemcurator01 for your kind words. I will keep up the good work without let up. I don't want to look into any other thing but to focus on what I am doing here. I consider it as an honor to serve in any capacity here in steemit. I appreciate all your supports

I wanna this type of t-shirt. I love steem too much. because i learn something new from this platform and this platfom change my life.

In fact, sir, the t-shirts are very beautiful. It's much more beautiful to write Steem on a T-shirt, sir.

I think the T-shirt will play a big role in promoting Steemit. This is a big initiative and we should welcome these good aspects.

Thank you @ngoenyi for this detailed weekly compilation of events that goes on in our community and in our cities. It goes to show that a lot of things are taking place in our cities and we are moving forward. I liked the idea of the cities without coordinators under your stewardship, have a meet up in their respective states. This brings about physically meeting other people on this platform as opposed to just WhatsApp chats, and it also brings about bonding which is a good thing.

I also like the idea of having a city curation account, where members save on it. This is a very solid idea from our community leader @focusnow. It helps the cities depends on themselves, it makes the city stable, above all it makes the city grow. And I'm glad that the members of Uyo & other cities without coordinators were able to spot the vision and key into it as quickly as possible. We shall only be moving upwards. Cheers!

Wounderful,we really miss the meet up at see what you guys did we became short of wards because the occasion was so organized and also the new t-shirt well done for th e fine work.

 4 months ago (edited)

Wow! This is beautiful, well done ma.@ngoenyi

 4 months ago 

Great idea! It was really nice to see everyone in person. Weldone MA.

Its was really nice seeing Steemians around me I really enjoyed myself thanks ma for initiating this gathering

Wow this is amazing ma, may God continue to strengthen you @ngoenyi

Uyo is making waves. Kudos my astute coordinator.

 4 months ago 
 4 months ago 

A job well done ma'am. You have been such a great motivation to many of us and I'm glad I belong here. I love your zeal, definitely, you've looked beyond the present and have planned effectively for the future. Thanks for all you do and for keeping us abreast, ma'am. More strength.

Wow this week Is so great people in Uyo and others are really trying and kudos to you ma'am @ngoenyi you are doing and extra work. We are also trying to get get recruits here in Ilorin also but that will be next month because most of the students have gone home. But as soon as everyone is back we are going to lunch a marathon recruit program.

Amazing effort and projects in Uyo and environs led by @ngoenyi. We are really impressed with your work rate and commitment. Uyo would soon become a hotspot for steem. We are really impressed. We will support you as always and wish you all the best in your efforts.

It was so nice meeting some of the steemians in uyo. You are really working to ensure that steemit is heard. More blessings

The meet up was amazing, interesting, educative, informative and encouraging, the T- shirt really make us to look smart. thanks for your commitment

Wow, what a wonderful activity for "PromoSteem" and for the Steemit promotion. I am happy to see your wonderful activities. Hopefully I can follow in your footsteps. I will try to do a Steemit promotion like this in my country.

Kudos!!!!! Ma
For the job Weldone

This is nice . Well-done ma @ngoenyi

You are my inspiration ma'am ...well done!

We are making progress...yea!

 4 months ago 

I was at the meeting that Saturday,it was really amazing and full of information,@ngoenyi we are with you,our @curatorcityuyo account will soon hit 10,000 steem

 4 months ago 

I miss this meeting oooooo because of my Ill health , l can't wait to attend the next one.

The meet-up was quite an amazing one
Thumbs up @ngoenyi
I learnt so many things I never knew.
You are so wonderful a city cordinator and country rep.

 4 months ago 

The saturday meetup was very unique. All present made it a success. Together, the city would be painted with steem color.

 4 months ago 

Am speechless,but that was super cool,you are really doing a great job,i really admire your commitment towards steemit and steemalive community,ypu are really making history,more awelldone