My Entry to the giveaway - "What does TODAY (May 23, 2021) Mean to You? - #ccc 3.49"

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Whit Sunday 2021

To be honest I have no idea what exactly is celebrated or why today and tomorrow are Sunday. Whit Sunday (we call it Pinksteren) is good for an extra free day if you go to school or have a job. Just like Christmas and Eastern. Each good for one free Monday called Sunday.

Today started grey and rainy. At 7 a.m. it looked as if it had rained the whole night. No need to mow or work outside were my first thoughts of the day. Good since I feel tired and I don't feel to it so an excuse is welcome. So today is the day I tried to safe energy because yesterday was a busy day. I am still working on the window frames and try to repair the old window in the bathroom. All frames need to be painted and so dus the front door at the outside which will hopefully be dark green soon.


The kitten I promised to my son for passing his driver's license arrived. It's a bit skinny and the owner isn't sure if he can drink. The first 24 hours are behind us. So far it all went good. He learned to use the litter box over night, ate a bit liver and some kitten (dry) food. Most of the time he sleeps.

I did the dishes and hung the laundry which was still wet back outside. On rainy days the only option is to hang it in my bedroom at the foot of my bed. Since my room is cold it will not dry fast plus the humid atmosphere isn't very healthy.


My son made 'peanut rocks'. It's an old Dutch treat which can be bought in supermarkets but expensive. Melted dark chocolate (au bain marie) with unsalted peanuts stirred through it you can easily make yourself.

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 8 months ago 

Here it also rained surprisingly last night. In the morning I noticed my plants wet.
Your new kitty is cute.
I hope you will post the chocolate peanut recipe soon.

Hello dear friend, how delicious that chocolates, that has that new member of the family.
It is also very good that you are able to give affection to your house.

If I don't care about the house it will be gone soon. It's sand, gips and wood. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day dear @sarix

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