Entry: What does today (July 12, 2021) means to you? 4.05 #ccc

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Today I like to have time for me.

Guess what? Right after I wrote this it was over 1 p.m. and my youngest called I jad to pick both up!

The past week was filled with misery caused by bad luck. Last weekend I stayed home and mainly in bed. I let the kid drive (first time) and hoped for the best. Enough bad luck to wipe out the bit of positivity. Thing got broke, my Steem was stolen which I noticed days later and in between I struggled with my health. Three days in pain, three or four days recovering and with some luck a few days being well enough to do something.
I mainly do small things and drive my children to their jobs, do some house chorus and pick them up again.

This morning I did some shopping alone, pulled some weed and spoke with my eldest about the birthday of my grandson. A birthday partly cancelled because of a trip of class 1 and 2 (both kindergarten classes) because of a student who joined. A student tested positive with the coronavirus. What a joke. Positive doesn't mean ill but the WHO wants to see tests. Tests which turn out to be wrong in 90% of the cases.


I bought water with extra minerals. It tastes terrible even mixed with 50% mineral water and even after drinking another 300 ml of water I still tasted it. Salty, bitter thick water. After an hour or so my intestines hurt. It felt exactly the same as at the time they gave me infusions as I stayed in hospital. Infusions that didn't make me feel any better like stated.

I ate chocolate alone and had a rather good day. A day that passed by fast with not even 5 minutes of rain at 6 p.m. The thunder took longer.

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