Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.40

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This writing contest is open to anyone. Your entry counts if you stick to the rules.
Good luck and a great weekend to all of you.

Today was shopping day. The last time I went for groceries was two weeks ago.
I made omelettes, served it with 2 crackers (glutenfree) for each of us and some soup made out of the bit tomato paste left and added the last macaroni and dill to it. The late brunch was good enough though I kind of burned my omelette. I wonder why it always happens to my food. I guess because I am the last one eating but it sucks. At least it was still fluffy and I learned I can make soup out of half of the tomato paste I usually use.

I drove to town and the youngest came along. I made a list but didn't take it out of my handbag. What is written down I remember unless I am very distracted plus I only have a certain amount to spend which means I have to buy what is most necessary which is food, low budget food.
Low budget means, cheese, meat, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, desserts, cookies, candies, et cetera can not be bought. Since we have to eat I bought cheap toast bread (soft for a change), glutenfree crackers and oatmeal (good for breakfast or our first meal of the day) plus a package of tea, some milk (no fresh one since it's more expensive), five bananas, baked beans, french fries (food for three days) and a small package of butter.
Looking back this is for sure not what I call healthy but there isn't much more in it for the next six days. At least we still have vitamin and mineralpills (C, D3, Zinc, Iodine, iron). In six days I go back to buy something for my child's birthday. I have some decoration, candles and will find a way to make it special.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what you look forward to or look back at.


  1. Write about the theme
  2. 200+ words are required
  3. Use your own pictures or mention the source.
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  5. Use "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 3.40" in your title or text.
  6. Use the invitation.
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  8. Prize winner 2 Steem (the winner is randomly chosen)

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This contest is hosted on Steemit. Deadline: March 27, 2021 at 6 pm UTC Paris time.

  • Anyone can join.
  • Feel free to write in your own language.

Entries not answering the question or which are too late do not participate.

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Life is difficult even if we are in different parts of the world, each one has their magic to make their day more bearable and overcome difficulties.

I did not know about the existence of this contest and I am going to participate, I will take the template that you use and I hope there is no problem for that.

I quite like this initiative and I think you will start to see me frequently ☺️

Thank you for sharing this genius with me, Johana, many people join this initiative that I think is very good!.

You are welcome to join us. Have a look at @team-ccc and @freedomshift too. Both host a contest/giveaway too.

I will be looking at you, thank you very much for the information, it is very positive and I will go over to review.

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I am glad that you are doing well!

It is not something I count with but at times I do and it feels good.
I noticed you and team-ccc are doing well too.


You are in time. This contest runs till tomorrow 6 p.m. although the next one is already posted.

You have #2.

Good luck

Thank you very much.

This contest is closed!

You can join the next one if you like. It's already online.