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You dare to join #hasil2020.

It is very easy to join.

Write your goals / objectives / achievements that you want to achieve. Plan approximate time and how you plan to reach them. Post them don't be afraid of having people behind you pushing you to achieve them. Don't forget to use the # hasil2020 tag. It is not so difficult to dream about achieving your dreams.

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Sometimes I get crazy ideas, such as how many posts you can make in a day. You could make a publication one per hour or 24 publications in 24 hours

At least two to three daily posts are my daily goals. And I think I'm doing it.

Comply with publications with the communities to which I belong.

I must learn to make delicious cookies. Already in the kitchen I managed to make rice pudding. Do you know that sweet Venezuelan recipe?

Thank Professor @felixgarciap for the support received and for the reminder to @wakeupkitt participate. I use a translator sorry for the difficulties.

Thank you @davidke20 for the project to achieve goals.

If you want to participate and tell us your goals and projects here is the link



Thank you for your participation. From what I see, many of the goal you're already halfway through. The idea is, having set new goal for this 2020 and try to achieve it before end of the year. So we will be reviewing our progress every first week of the month. Like I wanted a new television by this year. It's a 52 inches TV that cost me $600. So I am going to save money got it. If I start saving now, I need to save $50 a month, so in 12 months time I will have $600 to buy the TV set. So each month I will check my piggy bank, first month $50, second month $100, third month due to emergency did not save any remain $100, but fourth month I doubled my savings by working extra hours to make up to $200 in the savings.

That way, we will be able to achieve and keep us on track 🙂 nevertheless, congratulations on the cookie making. How I wish I can have a chance to try it. Here's my little contribution to your effort in participation !tip 1

I think she should write 2020 posts in 2020

Bake 2020 delicious cookies and 20 different kinds.

Grow her SP with 200.

She has 366 days (- 10) left. 😁

I like the planning method, with the situation in Venezuela the goals are very short but we are managing to stay in the network and that is an achievement. Thanks for the advice, I don't need a 52-inch TV, I have it, maybe I need to travel to visit my children in Spain, it's just one maybe. @davidke20

Keep learning on steemit and leave my stories and
stories to grandchildren when they arrive.


Good. The 52" TV was an example. Set a real goal, an achievable goal, I will try to help you in terms of #steem. From now on, all the post authored by you, you'll receive a small token from me, directly sent to your wallet via !subscribe

If I realized that it was just an example to see that it is something understandable. Grateful with these topics they are very interesting and we learn to organize ourselves better @davidke20

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Gracias muy amables @tipu

@gertu bakes great butter cookies I have recipes too but a lousy oven.

So your goals are:

  • 3 posts a day for 366 days = 1098 posts!
    Will you make a list and give an update of each post you wrote once a week or month?
    -Baking delicious cookies..
    How many, what kind of and who will judge them?
    Will you show photos of the cookies in your update?

I think you set those two targets now and you should add one more.

How about powering up a certain amount of SP this year?

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I had not seen it like that, I have no such order in my head, ha ha. Very well let's see, if the internet lets me publish three daily posts. Make a publication where I reflect them a week. Good idea Making cookies I have the recipe ready, I only need time. My sp goes up and up. @wakeupkitty

@sacra97 Great you grow here! That is the idea. Soon you belong to the big fish. 👍❤️

ha ha a super little mermaid @wakeupkitty

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