What does TODAY (15 June 2021) Mean to ME?"... #ccc 3.52

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I missed the sunrise today although I woke up at 6AM. To see the sunrise, I need to go to either my kitchen window or my bathroom window, both facing the east and as I was distracted with catching up with my emails on the phone, one of the things that I need to remind myself not to forget. Every sunrise is different. Some days are more colourful while some others are quite monotone.

Today was a good one I thought. I woke up feeling quite pumped up, unlike yesterday. Some days are just so blegh (sorry if it is not a word). Nothing moves, and even when I force myself, I only get a little done and by the end of day, the day felt wasted.

While I was preparing breakfast of egg sandwiches with coffee and a bowl of cut papaya and apple, I set my mind to mop the floor and fold the laundry. As I fried the eggs, two half done and one well done, I felt good somehow.


Everyday, I have a little debate in my head – should I mop today or tomorrow, should I do the laundry today or tomorrow, should I wipe the dust of surfaces and et cetera. These little voices would disappear after the chore was completed, and they return the next day.

After folding the laundry, I had to return a parcel of vitamins which was sent to me just two days ago with leakage. I suspected some of the capsules burst. Luckily the seller agreed to replace them without any argument. I wrapped them up into the box they came in and put on my mask before driving out to the postal office.

As I was out, there was no need to prepare dinner today. We went to a bakery, bought some cheese sticks and buns for breakfast tomorrow, and to a restaurant to takeaway some fried rice for dinner.

When we returned home, we had dinner and chilled until night time and here I am, typing for @freedomshift’s contest on what today means to me. Quite frankly, my days are quite similar having staying home everyday. But today felt like a better day compared to yesterday.


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Thank you for your entry #59!


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Thank you!

Did it feel better because you went outside? Better weather makes me feel better plus I skip cooking if I am in town. Yesterday I bought bread and ham and yoghurt. I always have spoons, forks, knives and cups with me. A bottle of water too because I need to keep drinking.

Bleh is a word 😉 and I know what you mean.

In my bedroom I never see any sunrise it's always darker than the small living. The bathroom has some light at the end of the day which means not during Autumn, Winter and a part of Spring.

Wasted days... I wonder why we feel a day is wasted. Is it the way we are raised? Skip the laundry and mopping floors for a change, fight that voice inside tell it you need to write or better go outside to breathe!


 7 months ago 

It did. It is good to go out sometimes. Ah that is a good idea to bring the cutlery along. Yes, a bottle of water is a must for me too. Else I have dry throat.

Thank you for confirming the bleh word. I shall use that spelling :D

Good point. I think it is our upbringing. The mind conditioned on how a day should be, or else it is wasted. I try to fight it and so far, I manage to skip every alternate day :D

Thank you dear <3

 7 months ago 

Good to see you. !
Sometimes days at home get very routine.

 7 months ago 

It does. It is nice to change the routine. Good to see you too!

A veces se necesita respirar un aire diferente al de la casa para sentirse mejor. Saludos

 7 months ago 

Muy cierto. Es bueno poder salir de vez en cuando. Saludos.

Very true. It is good to be able to go out once a while. Greetings.

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